There was a child abduction


I got this amber alert on May 17th 2020 that’s how frequent the kidnappings were. I got another 2-5 days before and 11-12 days before that one.

There is another child abduction and kidnapping, please look at the amber alert and look out for any signs of that type of car. 2-3 kidnappings have been happening in May. One happened probably like 11 days after another.

This one happened probably 2-5 days after the last one.

Please be careful with your kids take good care of your kids watch over your children even in coronavirus you can’t just let them be alone because not everyone has stayed inside apparently some people are going outside and kidnappers are taking advantage of the fact that many people are not around nor are outside at this time and are kidnapping more and more children.

These kidnappings may or may not have happened in Galveston Bay, Harris county Texas or just in Houston Texas itself and in humble Texas.




fuck kidnappers! they’re all pieces of shit!


Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I hope that everyone is safe!

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