ThereISNoregrets request shop! [Requests Open]


Welcome to the ThereISNoregrets official request shop!

Who am I? I do many things including coding and other stuff as well. I share my love for the arts by creating and improving every day in a drama-free environment. I always love to learn new things and help the community one by one.

Your requests will be done in no time!! I will know each customer and treat them as my friend.


Here are some examples of art :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Cover Art


Profile Pictures




All you have to do is;

  • Pick: Cover Art, Splash or profile pictures.
  • What style do you want it?
  1. Drawn
  2. Cut out
  • What do you want the title to be?
  • Who is it by?
  • When do you want it?
  • Which characters? (screen shoot them)
  • What pose do you want them in?

I need a personal art scene artist!
I need some artwork for my story!
Limelight cover!
Any digital or photoshop artists?
I Need Someone To Draw My Character For My Cover!
Backgrounds needed (Bar, staircase, bus stop)
Picture over for phone
I need help making a overlay
Looking for someone who can draw me an outline
Need someone to make a few covers for me
Help with An Outline

Hey! I would like the splash with my instagram name. You can choose the background (I would like something funny).
-I want the sign “Thank you for reading! For updates, sneak peeks, follow me on Instagram kateb_episode”

This is my character.


Okay! On it! @KateB_episode


Thanks :blush:


I think that the background will not good for Episode





Thanks :blush:


@KateB_episode credit me @ThereISNoregrets

Happy early holloween!


@iqra.naseer Your cover is done.


Credit me @ThereISNoregrets


Hey could you make me a hair overlay ? My character gets her hair cut and I wanted to show her hair falling while she gets it cut


please can I get cover art?

the background is a fortune telling tent, and the character is doing flirt_wink_atcamera.
the title is: Everyone Has Their Own Happy Ending
can it also say underneath in smaller writing “a true story!” ?

this is my character:

if unsure, the eyebrow color is dark brow, the hair color is blonde medium and the eyes are deepset upturned wide

thank you!


and the skin color is rose 00


Sure thing!


thank you!