There's a error in my script

There’s an error in my script. What am i doing wrong here? Please help me.

you are writhing it wrong it needs to be like this

NAME (action)

here is a video to help

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Its Still saying the same thing

I can see you did it with more than one. evry sentene need to have a name before it

not a @NAME is Action

you don’t need to have the @ symbol in front of your characters name when talking or thinking something.

example :
CHARACTER (animation)
text here.

when you want your character to preform an action without talking, then you add the @ symbol in front of it.

example :
@CHARACTER is (animation)

Okay thanks , i got it. & i have another question? How do you fade in black when going into another scene?

you’re welcome!!

@transition fade in black s

s stands for seconds, you don’t have to add that but if you want to then I usually do 3

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Can i pm you more questions? If that’s okay?

ofc! I’ll try to answer all of your questions :blush:

Hi DM me on Instagtam @bubblexbro12_otw

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