There's more filters than the ones Episode offers?

I was wondering if there was more filters than the ones on the creator plataform… If there isn’t how would you recommend me to make one myslef if that’s possible? It would help me a lot if someone had a “memory” filter, like when the character is remembering something. Thanks a lot in advanced!!

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Hello! Maybe you can use an overlay? And make it big enough for the screen to fit as a filter?

I thought about that! I just don’t know how I’ll do it… I mean, of course I can use photoshop to paint to hole screen one colour and use the eraser to 70% opacity or something like that, but you’ll never know how i’ll turn out… I think it’s very complicated.
And also, as I wanted to look like a memory, it would be cool if the edges were kinds blurry, you get me??
Anyways, thanks so much for replying!

Thanks a lot sweetie!!!

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