These choices drive me crazy


I’m not hating on a specific person or group of people. NO. I’m just complaining about something that I find extremely annoying. It’s nothing personal.
Also, I’m sure a lot of people already talked about this in their ways, but I feel the need to let it out. Please don’t hate on me, because I’m not hating on anyone. I’m not hating on this ‘thing’ either. I’m just annoyed by this.

So. Imagine this:
Actually, let’s NOT imagine, because I’m pretty sure you’ve all experienced it if you’ve ever read any featured stories.
Everything goes fine and the story is… Enjoyable, when all of the sudden,
THESE choices start to appear. What do I mean by ‘THESE’?
Something like this;

(A) - Uh, I really want to go to this party. I’ve always wanted to.
(B) - Yeah… I know… Unless…
(B) - Unless you find the PERFECT dress that would get you in!
(B) - I actually bought it yesterday. You can borrow it. Or even have it! It doesn’t fit me well. And you would look amazing in it.
(B) - Not only you will get into the party, you can finally show other people how beautiful you are and you will TOTALLY impress C in this dress. Like, TOTALLY. Just try it on.


(B) - WOW. A. This dress is amazing and you look gorgeous. You HAVE to wear this!
And now…
(A) - (B is TOTALLY right. This dress can get me into the party, and I can win C’s heart, not to mention, I will finally stop living in everyone’s shadow!)
Wear the dress and impress EVERYONE - 7933947 gems
Don’t wear it and be lame.

I know that no matter what you choose, story will go in a certain direction anyway, BUT! C’mon!
I want to make choices that I WANT to make. Not the ones I HAVE TO MAKE. Because I don’t have gems. What’s the point of giving any choices if we still end up choosing the ones that don’t cost anything?.. Of course the solution is just to not read featured stories, but if I do read something from there and it’s a nice story… Then… Well, let’s just say, it’s annoying.

I really hope I’m not the only one that noticed this and is annoyed by this.


Preach! I find this quite annoying and it’s one of the reasons I don’t really read featured stories anymore.


Yeah, me too. I think I will finish the 2nd season of PLL and not even look at featured stories anymore…


I feel you. :roll_eyes:
I’m not reading featured stories anymore. The prices of gem choices are ridiculously expensive and it’s annoying if you can’t make a choice you want.

Like I said many times, they should cost less or at least we should have these gems outfits in our portal after we buy them.


I hear ya girl !


I totally feel you. I think we all do.
I don’t have a problem with stories using gem choices. I truly don’t.

But at the very least, I wish they’d make it more realistic. Like maybe, A goes to the store and finds a dress for the party that they really like, but it’s $400. If that was a gem choice, at least it makes more sense than, “I’ll let you have my dress! … for the small price of THIRTY GEMS.”

What I’d really prefer is a choice not to go to the party, a choice to go in a normal, nice dress that won’t get you mocked by everyone else in the story, and a gem choice to go in an extra special dress that’d get you special attention and maybe a special scene (to make it worth the money).

Only being able to choose between the crappy regular option and the awesome gem option is really frustrating though.


I agree


That’s exactly what I was trying to say. When I have an option between good and better, I don’t mind it. But it seems like no matter what featured story I read, there is a choice between bad and amazing.


I’d be fine if I wasn’t bullied by every other character for looking ugly (mind you, they all wear the same outfits multiple times throughout the story) and if they didn’t word it in such a way that it makes it seem like I already own the outfit. If it’s a gift or a friend’s dress or something I already own, why would I pay for it?


that’s the weirdest thing of this all.
I MEAN when a character tells me ‘I actually have a gift for you’, then it is a GIFT.
Which means you don’t buy it. You don’t BUY gifts. I mean this is just stupid, sorry for anyone who makes these choices, but you don’t write ‘I have a gift for you’ and then make someone pay for it. Lol


Preach! This is why I avoid the featured stories BECAUSE THEY ALL HAVE THEM, starting in THE FIRST FREAKING EPISODE!!!


Since it’s supposed to be “Choose your story” and not “pay for you story”, ideally there would be at least three options: two free ones, but you don’t know which will have the good outcome, and then a gem choice with a guaranteed amazing outcome (because yo, people spent their real money on it and deserve something worthwhile in return).

I don’t think it’s gem choices that people really hate so much… I think it’s that the choice son featured stories are used in a way that means, unless you use gems, the story is very linear and none of the free choices really matter.


exactly… it’s even more frustrating when the choices are always about outfits. Like outfits rule the story.


They also make the outfit look so incomparable to the other. With all their choices as well. LIKE with Pretty Little Liars, the choice to save the innocent love interest from prison and a bad record or not… I felt like such crap. The non gem choices are so awful like the choice to wear a cute outfit or go out in sweats to meet Cameron Dallas then the characters shame you over it! Then also there will be choices with the gem choice that don’t even matter like to romance someone who turns out to be the antagonist later on in the story (it’s happened in a featured story). It’s taking advantage. That’s why I’ve always preferred user stories. They’re so much better.


when I was reading It started with a lie, I was turning Cameron down ALL THE TIME and also there was so much scenes when cameron was like
‘I have a dress for you!’
And of course, it was for gems. Same in I married a prince, it’s an amazing story, but there were gem choices when the prince gave the mc a dress and I had to reject them all the time. And in PLL, yes. I felt like crap either. I wanted to let bryan out, but I couldn’t. So what’s the point of these choices if I make ones I don’t want to make? lol


I hope users don’t start doing this in stories bc I’d have to leave episode. I hope it’ll be moderated. When they say “choose your story” they really mean user stories lol.


Preach I might have gem choices in my stories, but it would be for extra content not clothes and choices like kiss a boy or borrow an outfit so I don’t audition in Pitch Perfect in a towel


I saw already a lot of users planning to use gems in their stories…




I’m like I’m playing Episode on the lou don’t really want to pay money to kiss a virtual guy