These choices drive me crazy

One of stories I’m reading author already using gem choices although I don’t have to pay for them (yet) I think these needs to be updated for all of us too.

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I’ve only seen one community story use gems so far.
I think they must have received a lot of backlash though, because they updated the chapter and I had to do a re-read and the same choice was there again but without gems.

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Wow, that’s kind of unfair.
I think if users can use gems in a good way that allows them to get paid by Episode then that’s great. Gems CAN be used responsibly and in a way that doesn’t detract from the story. I wish people wouldn’t be like, “NO, GEMS, AUTOMATICALLY BAD.”


I would never… :flushed:

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I’ve seen them used well (e.g if you don’t have enough points for a bonus scene, you can “buy” the bonus scenes) and I’ve also seen them used terribly (“super awesome amazing option” vs really crappy option) in user stories.
I have no issue if users do it the first way :joy:

I think a lot of people see gem choices and automatically think “yeah nope” but if it’s been implemented well, I think most people are then okay with it, because they’d barely notice.
Like in Glitch Girl- those gem options haven’t bothered me at all! I’ve barely noticed them lol

It does annoy me in featured stories when it’s like “wear the dress you were given as a GIFT for 30 gems” vs “wear your coffee-stained PJs/old towel/stinky gym clothes to a fancy restaurant”. And then you get made fun of for wearing the free option…


I just felt bad for people who did pay for the gem choice and then in the re-read they could get it for free. I wonder if the gems get credited… :thinking:


Uhhhh, I don’t want to call out the story since it might sound like I’m shaming them. But it was a contest winner from the spotlight contest if that makes it easier to guess it…

The choice was to keep kissing (gems) or to end the kiss (free).

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It’s almost discrimination.
You’re telling me I’ll be ugly and won’t attract the man I’m into if I don’t wear this dress that in a real life scenario I wouldn’t have to pay gems to wear?
And if you’re wearing the free option all the characters make you feel like crap for not choosing the gem choice? But if you spend money then they praise you to the gods?
It’s an awful and degrading way to receive money from readers. I’m tired of my character getting harassed and bullied for not choosing the gem choice.
Gem choices should be used for extra scenes to maybe explain farther into back stories or give insignificant yet entertaining scenes.
That’s why, as a creator; I will never have gem choices.
It’s rude and discriminating.

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I agree, wasn’t that bad and I wasn’t mocked or shamed for not continuing to kiss so it was fine. But I saw in the fanmail people saying they weren’t going to continue reading because of the gem choices that would now be included.

Yes. I seriously hate those choices with a passion. Especially the ones in Pitch Perfect. Wear a green smoothie-stained outfit for free or some cute new outfit for a bunch of gems? Audition in the Bella uniform or in a towel? COME ON! At least make the free option decent, and them gem option SPECIAL, not 'the only logical option. I’ve had to stop reading stories because of that.

PLL had a lot of expensive gem choices that took the whole fun out of playing the game and discovering who “A” was. For example, SPOILER ALERTin the last episode of Season 2, when you find out that Lisa is one of the "A"s, in order to find out who the other one is, you have to pay a bunch of gems or stay in the dark about it forever. And don’t get me started on the fact that you had to always wear the same outfit or something hideous while your friends got to wear something nice.


I will never spend gems on just an outfit change. Never. Regardless of how much it actually somehow changes the story, it feels forced and unnatural.