These labels are confusing me

Basically, there is an error saying that 'There is a { on line 3033 that does not have a matching } ’

My code is this:

WARNING: This scene might make you uncomfortable, press 'Skip' if you don't want to see it.

“Skip!” {
goto warning_abuse
}“Don’t Skip” {

I don’t know whether it’s my labels because I put the label that is called ‘label warning_abuse’ where I wanted the reader to skip to. I honestly don’t know whether that made sense or not. :frowning:

Can you please send a screenshot of the code? Probably you haven’t closed a bracket or maybe haven’t added a dialogue before choice.

Okay, I’ll send a screen recording!

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I just sent screen shots because it wouldn’t work.

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Yes you haven’t closed the bracket after don’t skip… put } where the scene is ending

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wait so instead of }“Don’t skip” {
I put }“Don’t skip” } ???

Everything is right… Don’t change anything else just put } on the above blank line before &zoom on 65 283 to 294% in 2 like this…

@NALA walks to spot 0.965 -44 111 in zone 1 AND NALA does it while run_cry_embarrassed_loop
&zoom on 65 283 to 294% in 2
label warning_abuse

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omgg thank you so much ;D

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Welcome :relaxed::sparkles: