These stories are NOT okay

Okay, I hope I’m posting this in the right section.

After reading the thread Y'all... what on God's green earth is this?!

I wanted to see how many stories were made on the lines of this.
So I searched “kidnapped and sold” on episode and this is what I got:

I’ve erased the author’s name because this is not about the author themselves. It is about the story being made. It is about someone being kidnapped and sold. Since when is that an okay-topic to write about?

But wait, that’s not all. There are MORE stories.

I read the first episode and at the start the author mentioned how the first three episodes might not be that good but it “will get spicy” after. Wtf? How can a story about being kidnapped and sold be “spicy”? or whatever the hell they said


Notice how I circled the description. That is a sick description. That should not be allowed.
And there are still more!

Do you see how many reads it has?! I can assure you that most of those people probably enjoyed reading it. And the description is just as bad as the concept.
And there is still more.

These stories are absurd. They should not be allowed to be written. I’m sure there are people that have gone through that before and I don’t think they’d appreciate someone going through that and then falling in love with the kidnapper.

And there are probably more stories like this. I’m not gonna waste my tickets reading these, but if any of you decide to read them, PLEASE SEND SCREENSHOTS. But make sure to have some bleach next to you, cause you might need it.

Note: this is not meant to hurt any authors. They made a mistake and hopefully they learn from it. I am not calling out any authors because this is not about them, it’s about the stories and the content the stories have. Thanks for reading, have a nice day/night.


I get what you mean, most of those stories are totally inappropriate. Mostly those who even mention “sex slave” in their description.
However, I’d like to go with “Never judge a book by its cover.” Damaged Goods, for example, is one of my favourite stories, because it’s not like the others you wrote about.
So I agree with you, that stories like “Kidnapped and Sold” should be reported, but at least give the stories a try before judging them. (unless their description is already totally inappropriate)


These stories are SICK :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:


It’s fine if you like one of the stories. But it showed up when searching “kidnapped and sold” so I automatically would not read it because that is not my thing. But if you like it then I’m not trying to say it’s bad. And it’s not necessarily the story itself, it’s what the story is about that I have a problem with. But don’t take this personally. :grinning:


Disgusting. :nauseated_face::face_with_thermometer:


@Jeremy can these stories be looked into please?


I tried to read that one “Damaged Goods.” It was bad, but it was not like the person kidnapped her, the story was that the person auctioned for her to save her from other guys, but the problem I have with it is that he never lets her go… And she seems okay? with that…

So, basically another gang story

But this doesn’t mean that I condone it, stories like that should not be in Episode… It gives the audience a wrong view of what it is, and might make them think that these people have a good life with a romance with someone rich.

I do think that this story is a little more realistic, because it actually shows her family looking for her.


The only thing I don’t like is that they put “fantasy” in it, and by fantasy I mean romance. There’s nothing wrong with writing about a serious subject, in a matter of fact people should know what’s happening around the world and try to find a solution. But when you put “love” in it, that’s just horrible because you’re joking around with a serious subject, but I don’t think it’s wrong writing a story based in a true story…I mean you never saw a movie based in a true story? :thinking: But that’s just what I think:slightly_smiling_face:


To me, episode is a place where I can go and read stories about things that might not happen in real life. So seeing these stories and reminding me of what happens in today’s world can be sad and also a bit scary. And the fact that they put love in the stories makes it worse.


I understand the fact that it can be a bit scary knowing those things are happening in real life but it will teach lessons to people. Maybe knowing what people are going through will make them help others or try to find a solution to stop it, I love reading stories or watch movies based on a trues story, I want to know what’s going on, even people that have been in human trafficking and escaped told their story not to get attention but to spread the word so people take action.


But these stories do not help bring people awareness. They fantasize about loving who bought you. And that is not how you bring people to know about these issues. I think these things are just better off not being on Episode.


Yeah, that’s what they shouldn’t do, they’re joking around a serious matter.
It’s like writing a story about bullying, it will make people know what those people felt inside and they will want to stop bullying (that’s why there’re many movies about it, so people take action)
But then there are those people that put romance in it like “falling for my bully” or something like that, that’s just stupid.


Escalated :peace_symbol:


Update: Still speaking to the team regarding what you brought to the table and this is what I have gotten so far. Regarding the topic of “kidnapped and forced into slavery”. Episode doesn’t like to censor the hard work that writer’s put into their stories. With that being said, the story topic of, “kidnapped and forced into slavery” does not violate any of the content guidelines. However the review team is still taking the time to check out some of the stories you posted in the thread to make sure that they don’t violate any terms of service or content guidelines.


The girls in these stories are being sold for sex, not just to be a slave, which is against your guidelines. Please, please make sure these stories get removed from the app. Episode is supposed to be PG 13, and no young impressionable teen should be reading these kinds of stories.


I agree that most of these stories do seem kind of inappropriate. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are violating the content guidelines.
I actually believe that the right author with the right mindset could write an excellent story about this topic because it’s just as real a problem as any other. The right author would expose the world to the problems of people being kidnapped and then sold or hold as slaves but not in a way that glorifies it.
So, since few of us have even read the stories, I think we should lay back on judging them just yet but I get why you’re getting upset at first sight.


This is a very good and fair point. Hypothetically, you could have 5 totally different and diverse authors each create their own stories about the same topic and it is very possible that only 1 out of the 5 stories break the content guidelines. Each author brings their own unique perspective to each story they make and Episode doesn’t want to restrict anyone from expressing themselves (as long as they follow the content guidelines)


Yeah, that makes sense. I just don’t like the way they express this since this is a very serious topic that I don’t think should be played around with. But I guess if it doesn’t violate any rules, it’s fine. But if these authors are trying to help bring awareness to these topics, I don’t think they are doing it in the correct way.


I think stories like this should be banned

I don’t mind if the ‘kidnapping’ happens during another story (gang) but not as part of the main plot


Thank you for tagging me and bringing more awareness to this issue!