These stories are NOT okay


I read your thread and some of the replies are hilarious :joy: thanks for stopping by :grin:


Damaged goods is a really good story and not actually the way it looks by that picture don’t always judge a book by its cover


Have you read the story in full? He gives her the choice to leave a lot of times she stays because shes in love with him


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It was a fun way of shedding some on a serious issue :joy: might make another if I have time.


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That should definitely be removed :face_vomiting:


:flushed: :flushed: I feel uncomfortable! …and I’m 22

I get that kidnapping or buying main characters at auctions to become slaves might not be technically against guidelines, but more often than not, these stories have sex scenes that do break guidelines, case in point…


I just saw another story that got about 18,000 reads and it’s in Horror called Abused. The first couple chapters are her being raped in school and then raped by her father. And even though she has undergarments on and he has underwear she shows him raping her from behind.


why do people love to ignore big authors who do this? Buki whatever is a perfect example of problematic stories yet she has a huge fanbase. :roll_eyes:


SMH :angry:


Oh my :frowning:


I feel so uncomfortable looking at stuff like this


I think if you want to make a slavery story, okay great! Good for you! As long as you do it well, and don’t glorify it. Don’t make the mc okay with it, don’t make them fall in love with their kidnapper. Kidnappings are very real and scary, slavery is even worse. If you are going to make a story like that also remember to not make it a sex slave thing. INAPPROPRIATE! Don’t do it! I don’t mind if you put something sensitive along the lines of rape into a story, as long as it doesn’t go into graphic detail, it shows the damage done to a person, it isn’t glorified, and it’s not the main premise of the story. Just if you are going to write a kidnapping story, write the story well and realistic in the way of mental and emotional trauma as well as physical abuse, don’t glorify things that a terrible, and DON’T make the entire story about being used for sex That is not! PG13 and violates guidelines!


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I’ve never looked into these stories yet, but I do think that portraying bad things in stories isn’t problematic if done correctly. As long as long as they do not promote these acts and the purpose of portraying it was to bring awareness of how awful said act is. For example; shedding light on how these actions negatively affect others or consequences that you can face because of these actions. Maybe some authors have been through these situations in some way themselves which is why they’re passionate about bringing awareness to these issues and their severity. Lastly, it shouldn’t be what the story is primarily about that’s taking it much too far…

I do come across some that do not do this correctly and are straight up messed up. Just got through reading two actually :roll_eyes:


I need to bleach my eyes now.
That definitely doesn’t adhere to the guidelines lol.


Oh the one that’s top trending in horror?? I reported it after the first episode… but that was like a week ago :woman_shrugging:t4:


Thank you! Her stories are really messed up. I don’t understand why people like stuff like that smh


or why the people who find other things problematic give her “stories” a pass :thinking:


Woah :nauseated_face: