These stories are NOT okay



I am getting second-hand embarrasment.

And about the stories that include sexual abuse… they do not have to be graphic! It should not even be narrated, not in this app, at least. Just imply the event as much as Episode allows it, which is not much, and leave the rest for the readers’ imagination. I think these “authors are getting creative” in the wrong place.

Edit: bless your brave soul. I would not have been able to see that on my own. * cringes away *


I really should’ve just minded my business, no one forced me to click to read further on. Now i’m scarred for life.
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Also, why do INK butts look better than LL :thinking:


Has been escalated to the team for review. :peace_symbol:


I wouldn’t read those but I don’t mind the topic. I mean it’s fiction, everyone likes different genres and/or may have a weird fetish. If you don’t like these particular stories then don’t read them, easy as that. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I don’t think it’s right to bash other authors stories when they’ve put their time and effort into making it. I mean this in the nicest way possible.


I didn’t read any except for the one that I have read one episode of. I’m not critizing the authors themselves, I am saying their skills with coding and all could be used for much better topics if they do have such good stories.


There are children under the age of 13 using Episode. This is no place to expose children to such horrific glorification of such trauma. If someone’s “fetish” is to be trafficked and abused then by all means go to Wattpad.


Also, most of these stories are severely against the guidelines…


I see where you’re coming from, have you ever tried to reach out to any of these authors in specific? I mean I think it’d be great to share how you feel towards the topic to them.


don’t read it, simple.


I’m sure they would not care for my opinion. And I don’t feel like talking to them because I’m sure they already get lots of comments about their stories.


Like I said, I’m not talking about or for myself. I am talking about the kids on the app who are reading this.


Young people don’t know why it is that they shouldn’t read it, so they click it anyway, they don’t know any better, and assume from that one story that kidnapping is okay because the main characters have an exciting life, or they are okay with it…


I am generally an open-minded person. I understand your point; it IS fiction and it does not affect real life (you have no idea the kinds of books and stories in general I read outside this app), but Episode is not the place to write about these topics in THIS manner. Some children and young teenagers may not be influenced by these inappropriate stories, but it is very likely that MANY others will get the wrong idea. We all react differently to themes that are generally deemed disturbing, and that goes for the younger audience, too.

And the most important thing, honestly: Episode has guidelines. Once you begin to use this app, then you abide by its rules, no exceptions.

Yeah, I KNOOOW, apparently there ARE exceptions, but that is a topic for another thread and day :roll_eyes:




i hate when stories romanticize kidnapping, past abuse, etc.


tell this to @Tyler


Hey, you can DM me with these types of stories that break Terms of Service from now on :pray:
(We’ve been monitoring this thread for a while now)

I’ll have this investigated!


Thank you for letting me know.


Thank you, now I know.


O M G :anguished: How do people write this without cringing?