Thesoulpunk's splash request thread!


So, only minutes ago, I discovered what a ‘splash’ was - those mature themes, sound, and ending cards that people put in their story! And, ah, I think I’ve got the editing talent for it, and my own splashes don’t look so bad. So, I thought I’d share them!

I’m not the most talented editor, so, I can’t make them entirely overly complicated, but I’ll do my best! Something a little more than simple… but not overly advanced? If they makes sense. Hopefully you can understand. c:

Just fill this out and I’ll do my best!

Story Title + Brief Description:
Themes (action, drama, fantasy, or things like emotional, nature, etc.):
Colors preferred:
Type of Splash:

… I think that’s all! Remember to give credit once you get it! c:

Here’s a few of my examples -

Sound + Mature Themes

This one is for a medieval fantasy story of mine that’s a WIP, meant to convey the sort of look of a ‘wanted’ poster!

Sound Only

Another for a story of mine, with a more ‘modern’ look.

To be continued..

For a published story of mine, once again, conveying a more ‘modern’ feeling.

Ending Card

Another for my published story! Shows a ‘superhero’ esque feel with the outfitted character, and those pixeled bubbles again, too!


Hey there!

Would mind just removing the background of my characters so that they’re png properly? ~(like no white lines around them, ect) reply back if u can! <3

Sure I can!

Story Title: Fantastical: Assassin’s Apprentice
Brief Description: 13 year old Luna is living with her abusive uncle when she decides to enlist the help of the known assassin, Tempest. Tempest helps Luna kill her uncle and decided to take her under her wing. Tempest trains Luna to be an assassin and how to fend herself. Meanwhile a secret society called the Everlasting Eye is gaining power. The king blackmails Luna into working for him. Will Luna find out the truth before it’s too late?
(That’s not the official blurb, it’s a work in progress)
Themes: Fantasy
Aesthetic: I really like the aesthetic of your sound & mature theme example. It fits into my story very well.
Colors preferred: Errrrr… No bright colors? I would love something having to do with the assassin part. However this story takes place in the past before guns were invented. So please no guns :sweat_smile:
Type of Splash: Can I please have an ending splash? My Instagram is @episode.kyra

… I think that’s all!

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haha, thank you! c:

here you go! hopefully the transparency/quality stays the same! ^^"



Hello! I’ve got an idea for your ending card, though, I need something!
Do you think you could create a version of yourself in Episode (INK or Limelight, depending on your story style) and send me the preferences? Thanks!

Here’s my details and the outfit i would like :slight_smile:

Another quick question! Would you prefer a darker or more light-hearted card?

Darker please! :slight_smile:

I’m almost done!
Quick question:
Would you prefer a credit on the image, or would you prefer to do that yourself in the story?

Credit on the splash please my Instagram is @episode.kyra :))

I understand that, haha. c: Of course your insta will be on the card.
I mean more, ah, in terms of crediting me for the splash? Would you like the credit on the splash, or, would you like to add in a thing about that in a readerMessage (or narrator thing)?

ohhhhhh!!! Sorry for some reason my brain didn’t register. How about the credit on the splash? I think it’s easier. And I can also do a reader message I don’t mind :slight_smile:

I added the credit on the card! I can remove it and give you the one without it if you think it looks bad!

If you don’t like the card, or want to tweak something, just tell me and I’ll redo it for you! Such as font size and such.

I made four versions - two with less filters (one facing right, other facing left), and two with more filters. You can choose which you like!

Less Filters

More Filters

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I absolutely love it!!! You are so talented. Just one thing (sorry :sweat_smile: ) Can you please move the “check out…” and my Instagram font line down a little bit?

Sure! Which one were you going for? More or less filters, and facing right or left?

I could also shrink the ‘wanted’ part down a bit and sort of fit it to that frame - it may look a bit better.
I apologize for so many questions and such, this is my first splash request and I want it to look perfect!

More filter, facing right. :slight_smile: