They are not in the correct spot when previewing my story

they not in the right spot when previewing my story, can anyone help.

here is my script
There he is Gabe Grant.

@zoom on 960 15 to 124% in 0
@cut to zone 3
@GABE spot 0.668 153 230
@RAY spot 0.659 236 236

but when previewing it shows
@GABE spot 1.280 50 0
@RAY spot 1.280 270 0

but it zoomed correct.

I don’t really see anything wrong, it must be a glitch it happens to me sometimes

oh, ok

maybe put it in zone #? I’m still not sure haha or it could be a glitch

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@Episode.Cheesecake agree… you need to specify where the character stands like the overlays because it will be defaulted as zone 1 if you don’t specify its zone


Thank you both for helping me. It works now. :grin:

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