They are pushing Dirty Dancing contest down our throats


Honestly? Who the heck needs a week extension? 3 days is enough for approvals! They are basically trying to make more people join the contest. Umm, hello? You only made it for 3 countries with a lot of restrictions, what did you expect? :roll_eyes:

Anyone else feels the same?


Me, kinda! Nobody’s entering because it’s so restricted that most people can’t enter lol. :raised_hands:t3:

But I’m not joining it because of all the restrictions and I’ve never seen the movie lol.


They are really trying hard with those new LL clothes and animations :rofl:


Yeah, exactly. All these LL updates, like the new dresses which would go with the DD contest entries. :joy:


I know the extension was due to the skin tone update, but yeah, I don’t know of a lot of people entering and I’m kind of just waiting for it to end anyway, so the extension is sort of a pain.


They extended too much time, honestly, newer images are getting approved faster than the old ones. 3 days the most would be enough imo.


It’s only been extended by a week.


It still feels too much… :persevere:


That’s probably because we’re not entering the contest and panicking about having our limb overlays suddenly rendered useless :joy:


I think Episode restricted it to only 3 countries just to save for the Hollywood Winner travel fees? :woman_shrugging: I dunno…and no offense to those who think they got offended :baby_chick:


You can only use the grand prize if you’re from US. The countries that can enter are US, UK, Canada.


I’m from UK. Nonetheless, I’m not entering because I’ve zero interest in LIMELIGHT (Pffft, sorry :sweat:)


I wish that was my case as well :joy:


I think I know at least three people entering?

As for the extension, I think only a couple extra days would have been needed (don’t forget they all have to redo their customisation templates if included) but a week is generous and I’m sure very much appreciated.


3 people? Wow, this contest is mess for a sure :joy:

I really don’t understand a week extension, people can finish an episode in a WEEK. Literally.

If you’re a fast worker, you can even write 3 episodes in a week…


I just want this contest to end, one of the most boring themes I’ve seen. :woman_shrugging:


I’m not joining this contest so I am waiting for their next contest theme which I know won’t be out until after this contest. But maybe the ones who do join need that time extension (for example, their backgrounds or overly won’t be approved and they have to make an adjustment to that particular scene). The contest restriction involving the 3 countries involves legal issue so I’m not going to get on their backs for that because their hands are tied. Who knows? Maybe we’ll get some interesting entries out of this contest.


only time will tell