They Ghosted Me on R4R. Beware!

Feel free to make a thread for that if you want. Just make sure that it remains civil, everyone follows the forum rules and everyone play’s nice. This includes no shaming people for not completing their R4R. Everyone has their own life issues and sometimes might not be able to fulfill a request. :nerd_face:

P.S Let’s please get back on topic. This isn’t a R4R thread. Thanks!


I can see why you have the Grinch as your profile pic.
Anyway, I was just informing folks, not trying to get ppl to read my story. …but I’m not going to deny anyone who wants to read my stories. Next time I’ll send through PM.
Good day.

Because I requested that people get back on topic because they were breaking the forum rules? Head’s up, that’s my job :wink: . If you would like to discuss this further please PM me, thanks!


I know how you feel. Honestly, I’m so done with read for reads as of lately. Too many people cheat. I would love to call them out, too, because it protects other people but I haven’t done that. There really should be a list though, for fake reviewers and read for reads scammers. No, we don’t need to hate on them, the list is just there so we are aware and can avoid them. Ugh, girl, I’ve been scammed way too, too, too many times lol-one girl even blocked me after I read her story. Her IG is still up and I’ve come across it on my other account. But then again, people have blocked me for weird reasons XD Life is unfair sigh. I don’t know how these people sleep at night but then again reads are the only thing that probably care about. Super shameful, if you ask me. It’s OK if they’re busy for a while but as long as they keep their end of the bargain, all’s good. However, if they back out, it’s like…why ask for something that you don’t have the power to do?! Ugh.

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Thank your for sharing! I totally agree with all you said!

I have experience this too…

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