They kiss in the wrong direction


What do i have to change



After: LIEVE is kiss_passionate
place AND LIEVE faces right.
So, the script should look like this.

@MARC faces right AND MARC is kiss_passionate_rear AND LIEVE is kiss_passionate AND LIEVE faces right


Thank you you are a hero,


waith, in the beginning of the conversation she stands right and he left so they have to kiss the other way or am i wrong?



Do you know ho i can let a video see on an iphone i know it is done with an overlay but i don’t know how…


Can you explain a little bit more?


like you see a real news on tv but then on a phone …


Do you mean something like this:



yes that’s it x


How to add an overlay into your scene:


To add it into your scene, you can write something like this:


*Note, you can have any background you want (I just used an example) and it doesn’t have to SELFIE FEMALE 3, there are like 11 others : )

An image of them:

A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

that i know, but i want to know ho i ad a previeus script that happend in it so it will show as a video.


You can just copy your previous script, paste it, and add the overlay to that background : )

Is this what you mean? :sweat_smile:


How do u put two scenes in it


What do you mean? :thinking:

Do you want two scenes taking place in the phone (two diff backgrounds in the phone) or two separate scenes that both use the phone and there are no pauses in between?

May you elaborate? :smile:


Two different backgrounds in the phone


Two different backgrounds in the phone


you can make a split screen background, or use half of the background as an overlay

For some examples click HERE :slight_smile: