They’re not reading the tickets

I’m pretty sure that this is the wrong category but I don’t know where else to put it.

I really don’t know who else to ask anymore so I decided to make a thread to see if anyone else is having this problem.
Every time a ticket gets answered in Italian, the answer has absolutely nothing to do with the initial question. This happens EVERY SINGLE TIME, when I see an Italian answer I already know that it’ll be completely useless.

I don’t know how it works, if they track location or if they understand the language by the name but it doesn’t matter in which language we send the ticket, the answer is always in Italian (for example I don’t have an Italian name and I get answered in English while my friend has an Italian name and she gets answered in Italian regardless of whether or not she initially wrote in English).

For instance: I was helping a friend of mine with her contest entry (she’s Italian), I suggested her to send a ticket to ask a question about it (she wrote in English) and she got answered in Italian that they’ll help solving her problems with the writer’s payments. It had nothing to do with the contest and she’s not even in the payments program!

I don’t know what else to do nor who to ask, we really need an answer for the question we initially had but sending tickets is useless.


Omg, yes!

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Update: apparently this is happening in German as well

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I presume that it could be something to do with a location automated system. I could be entirely wrong here, as I don’t know. But given that episode is available across the world in many different countries, they might have different team members who speak these languages, answering mail from the countries in question.
That would be my only thought as to how it’s happening. Aimed at being helpful toward users from different countries.

However, I am sure that @Arlene would know, as she knows a lot lol. Perhaps she might have an answer or suggestion to assist. :blush: