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by none other than @Spiegel.TheMirror

Description: Can you save your kingdom from a monster when you might be a monster yourself? Maybe you can if you ally with your father’s murderer and his shady band of thieves.
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I know a bunch of us are completely in love with this story, so here is a place for us to gather for all our TaT needs and yellins.

EDIT: You’ll probably see the same few of us here theorizing and losing our minds but whether you want to do that or not, please bring up any screen shot or feeling you have at any time! We would love to see what you’re thinking!! But indeed beware of spoilers if you haven’t finished through chapter 20 yet.

Wow wow owowowowow friends, we’re at the end of book two!! How are you feeling? What did you choose as your main goal or need?

  • Save the citizens and thieves
  • Become Queen
  • I need…everything

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How are you feeling about your choice and all the choices you’ve made thus far? What do you think is in store for Vera? For Nylora?

Can’t be bothered to make 9,000 polls but here are some other questions for discussion:

  1. Who are your favorite characters? Which thief is your favorite?
  2. Favorite scenes?
  3. How are you faring with your reputation / respect points? What about your points for Sol, Luna, Terra, and Ventus? Any element you’re leaning towards?
  4. Do you trust Jasper? Why or why not?
  5. FREESTYLE: Other thoughts, opinions, feelings, predictions, general screeching noises?

Feel free to share screen shots and discuss all things THICK AS THIEVES here!!!


Yes, a fan club for one of my faves. :blob_sun:

I really am fascinated with Vera. She’s so interesting, multi-faceted, and I like that I can play as a female MC who’s allowed to be mean. And… I’m a Jasper apologist. :pensive: They’re both just very interesting to me.

This one’s tough. I like a lot of scenes for different reason. The ones that connect to Spiegel’s twists on the fairy tale more strongly are pretty interesting.

I’m doing “okay,” I think? In the 90s range last time I checked, so we’ll see where that gets me. And I seem to naturally gravitate towards Sol points lmao.

I trust Jasper, but I don’t trust him not to lie. He might be a lot of things, but he’s quite loyal and does whatever he thinks is best for the people he’s loyal to. I don’t believe for a second that he’s telling me the truth about his eye, for example, but I believe he’s keeping that truth from me for as long as he can out of a sense of care.

I can’t wait to see how it connects with the other books. :sob:


I think this is the best way of putting it haha. I would also consider myself a Jasper apologist. I think one of the things I love most is the very VERY complex look into morality and duty. And I also love that Jasper in particular doesn’t really make excuses for or even try to justify the things he’s done. It just is what it is. That’s super refreshing. Like that scene where he says he’s a liar, a thief, and a murderer but is not a snitch? Classic.

I agree with you about Vera as well. Like, she’s had so much development but is still quite hard-hearted and it’s interesting to see what choices Spiegel makes for her in conjunction with the choices we make for her. But I kind of love that she’s like just outraged and bitter and angry and mean, but not in a like “mean girl” way. It’s such a poignant insight into some of the emotions we consider “darker” but that can really fuel change, whether we think the reasons for the change are right or wrong or somewhere in between.

I always like…actually yell when i see that it’s been updated because everything is just so immersive and it’s better than a lot of the books I’ve read, lately.

Also I know Blade is such a d*ck and I love when the other characters make fun of him, but I also…really appreciate his input sometimes. And I had a lot of feelings about him sticking up for Vera.


I mean two sides of the same coin, right? I think Spiegel said that at some point. Vera can do good things for the wrong reasons and Jasper can do bad things for the right reasons; I find them both very likable though.

Part of it is that even Jasper’s darker crimes are done with the right intentions, because the murder of the king was a mercy kill to him - and even in her father’s eyes. The king’s decision was set in stone, but more importantly, the king himself worried that he would be punished in the afterlife if it was suicide. Jasper didn’t kill an innocent man in cold blood. The king was, ironically, grateful to him. And he attempts to keep his vows to her father even now. Mostly because he does care for Vera, but I think there is a piece of him that tries to keep his promise for the former’s sake.

I do like to bully Blade lol, but I’m very interested in seeing what will happen in book two with him.


I should clarify I don’t think Jasper does everything with the right intentions or at least a clear head lol, but I think he actually does quite a lot out of loyalty and fondness. If Vera’s the head, he’s the heart.


I actually agree with you 100% and I find myself wondering if, in an alternate universe, I would be brave enough to make the same choice. what’s interesting to me is the difficult truth that doing the right thing, doing the merciful thing, doesn’t necessarily bring honor. And that’s the truth Jasper carries with him because he is quite good at looking at the bigger picture. What I really appreciate is that it’s the exact kind of nuance around both political systems and violence that I love and find necessary.

I mean, if you look at the larger context of violence in episode stories, most of it is gratuitous and doesn’t offer the reader a chance to introspect on the nature of violence or doing what’s best for the most amount of people. I think that’s a theme often glossed over in episode stories because it’s easy to say “I can’t do the right thing unless I’m happy and put myself first.” But much of doing what’s best for the greater good isn’t about personal happiness and we must carry that weight anyway.

I think it’s obvious quite early on that there are, let’s say, extenuating circumstances around him being the kingkiller because from a storytelling perspective it doesn’t make a lot of sense to put so much emphasis on a character who is “evil” just for the sake of being so. And more importantly, it doesn’t offer a complex view of humanity and personhood. But Spiegel has really fleshed out these characters to be so believable in their triumphs and joys and bitter rages so you just want to tag along on their journeys and root for them.

I think that’s another thing that’s so interesting about Vera. She doesn’t have the same depth of feeling and doesn’t acknowledge much of what she does feel, but will try to save innocent people because she sees it as her duty. But they all work together so well because their strengths and weaknesses are bound together. You take away one character and the story would be completely different, so you know the characters and their motivations and their development is what’s pushing things forward. Which is exactly how it should be.

Blade is interesting because I think there are a lot of ways in which he’s not exactly…redeemable lol. Is he likeable as a person? Probably not. Is he likeable as a character? Absolutely. I am definitely interested in his story. And I think there’s a lot of room to explore why people are the way they are without necessarily saying it makes their motivations or actions correct. But it really is fun to bully him lol.


Also, for the wholesomeness:


What’s interesting to me is that the evil queen is the one who ends up being the most vocal about Jasper’s underlying sentimental motives, mostly to taunt him or bait Vera.

I don’t know if she’s just shrewd and perceptive, if “stronger” hearts are easier to see for her, or something a little of both.


This line singlehandedly gave Basil some rights.


He had a lot of great lines in this episode and it’s one where all his anger is taken out on the right people. Both he and Vera are pros at the insult game.

Usually I feel very :face_with_raised_eyebrow: about Archer but I did love him calling out the guards for not leaving Hood alone because he’s anxious. Hood is such a treasure.


This episode made me realize very quickly how much I like Blade’s anger and threats when it’s aimed at the proper person lmao. But if he always aimed his ire at the right people, he’d lose some of his complexity.


Spoilers for episode 18, because… I’m soft. :pleading_face:


The scene where the queen stabs Vera another time just to get a reaction from Jasper is particularly telling. She’s no mirror, but damn does she know how to hit people’s sore spots… Then again, her skill at it might just be from knowing them (Vera and Jasper) for most of their lives.


Ugh she’s honestly one of the best villains ever. I mean, again she’s obviously not likeable as a person. But as a character and villain? Amazing. And I do love that she’s easy to underestimate and hard to outsmart. We’re battling with her on different fronts all along and I don’t have to worry about fighting with her being anticlimactic. Vera is extremely smart too and with Jasper & co at her side, they are all very capable. But I honestly love that they’re not always 2 steps ahead of Nylora and that they’re quite evenly matched.


It’s 1 am but tomorrow I am replying with a freaking thesis paper on TaT I love Spiegel’s writing so much ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ"

  • Who are your favorite characters? Which thief is your favorite?
    I like Vera how complex she is. I am not up to date but Blade because when he is not blinded with rage, he is reasonable.

  • Favorite scenes?
    Does the whole game to escape Blade’s sword count, because I outsmarted him eheh

  • How are you faring with your reputation / respect points? What about your points for Sol, Luna, Terra, and Ventus? Any element you’re leaning towards?
    Above 90 reputation points, for the elements I lean to Ventus and Luna

  • Do you trust Jasper? Why or why not?
    He gives me mixed feelings, as Blade once stated no matter how good are your intentions, if you lie, they will mean nothing. But Jasper does look into the bigger picture, so I am neutral.


Where you shove a dresser on top of him? Yeah that counts. And it was uh extremely satisfying. Lol

Blade is a fun character because he has a lot of misplaced (but funny) anger as well as righteous anger, which is what we saw in ep 20 for the most part. But it’s also clear has a lot of care and concern for his sister and for his family & legacy. Reading about him in a different book will be super interesting.


True, I believe Spiegel intends to do that on Book 2.
I have to read my spare episodes to be able to discuss episode 20 :see_no_evil:


I absolutely love Jasper. He is witty, bloody smart, loyal, heartwarmingly kind, quite thoughtful and selfless. His journey has been very unfortunate since the beginning, been going through a lot yet we’ve never seen him give up. He’ll always have anyone he loves’ best interest at his heart.
Apart from Jasper, Hunter is my favorite thief. I admire his pure joy. One might think he is soft but I can’t help but respect his bravery and power to stay this warm-hearted in such a mess. Might I add… his face is quite handsome?

Any scene with Blade’s dominant romance with his sword and/or his death stares. I live for his grumpy face.
Also… every time Jasper opens his mouth for a quick-witted comeback…

Guess I’m doing quite alright with the reputation points, I’ve 103 in total.
My element points are strangely balanced. However, I do try to lean more towards Luna and Sol and less towards Terra.

I trust him with all my heart. (Even though I don’t seem to have one, eh.) I know that he’d do absolutely anything in his power to protect people he cares about and keep his promises. But, will I like the consequences? I’m doubtful on that. It’s still not clear yet but his self sacrificing nature might have cost him an eye. Anyhow, we’ll see where it takes us.

I read every episode of this story on the edge. The more I read the more attached I become to the characters. I love each and every character, especially the thieves, way too much. It’s at such a point that I cannot decide which other book I’m more excited about. I don’t know how our fellow author lives with each of these exquisite and highly unique characters on a daily basis. I mean evena morning conversation of mine with Archer would take an hour and we’d end up discussing the aliases of Robin’s band.


Special extra: Enjoy Blade’s steely gaze


Wow, a fan club for my favorite story!!! That’s amazing!!!

Let me see… About the questions…

  1. Who are your favorite characters? Which thief is your favorite?

I think I love everyone, but my favorite thief is Hunter, I think there is a lot more depth to his caracter than this book let on, after him, I really love Blade, his anger issues are so fun to me.

  1. Favorite scenes?

Can I say all of them? I say all of them

  1. How are you faring with your reputation / respect points? What about your points for Sol, Luna, Terra, and Ventus? Any element you’re leaning towards?

I think I’m doing fine, even Blade suport me, and I never failed a reputation check. And I’m leaning towards Sol like, more than 30 points, while not more than 20 in the others

  1. Do you trust Jasper? Why or why not?

I do trust him, I think I knew from the start that he had his reasons, and I would love to see him and Vera end up together, but I have no illusions, if I must marry Vera and Alys for the sake of Caddelinn, I will.

  1. FREESTYLE: Other thoughts, opinions, feelings, predictions, general screeching noises?

So, hear me out, I have two theories that I would like to share, but I’m new at this whole forum thing, I don’t know how to censor words so I’ll put this warning


So the first one, I always thought it was strange the way Blade react when his sister was mentioned, but in the last chapter, he says that Ashton was the last person she was with when she disappear (and she was supost to marry him according to Vera), now considering that Nylora threatened Ashton when he tried to walk away with some “statue” that was hidden in his house, and the next book (Blade’s book) is inspired on Sleeping beauty, I think Blair is Aurora (just like Vera is Snow White), I don’t know if it was Ashton’s fault or Nylora’s that she end up like that, but something is definitely up. We will probably know more on book 2, but what do you think about it?

The other one is not so deep as the first, but I have a strong feeling that Hunter is a nobleman from Eraywyn, he is really diferent from Alys, so I do not think he is royalty, but it’s said that he was fleeing politics, but he was concerned about the future of Caddelinn e Eraywyn (when he spoken with Vera), and on the top of that, in the special features, it’s said that his real name was well known in Eraywyn, so, maybe he had fleeing Eraywyn and Jasper and Blade stumbled across his path, and he saw the best opportunity of stay hidden. As the other one, I’m not certain, but what do you all think?