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Taken much longer than I’d hoped:


Mercury in Cappy? :face_with_monocle: Wow. I’m with you.

For me?? You shouldn’t have :sob:
This paints a much clearer picture! Now I just need to compare with what I had. I think the Elemental plaza and Cathedral go on the left of the Castle and the Market on the right but I neeeeeed to check my backgrounds.

I also need to see to the transport stations :pensive:

But I LOVE IT. THE GATES, THE RIVER, THE SEPARATIONS and how did you know it was walled??
:sob: :sob: :sob:

Mars AND Mercury in Aquarius? Huh. I didn’t see that coming. But I see you don’t abuse it :rofl:


It gets better and better :woman_shrugging:

Blair is just- You want to hate her because she’s awesome but you can’t because she’s awesome. :sob:

I don’t know how many times I’ve died on this thread but you can add this time to the list. :rofl:
Honestly, I know many people aren’t into him but Jas is meant to be pretty dashing.

I loved this so much :sob: :sob:
I cried.

Our metaphors are not bad, thank you!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You, me, everyone…


No newspapers in the Mirror Realm but I might chuck the broken mini mirror at you, no promises :woman_shrugging:

Ummmm? Can we refrain from making the shadow cry, please?


And it has them, Spirit. The rights have been bestowed.

Wow… the self-awareness here is fantastic. I wish I could define what the hells I’m doing.

That’s rough, buddy…
Maybe start on the actual story and reward yourself with the menu later? :woman_shrugging: :rofl:

Me waking up this morning.

I am proud to award you the Doctorate of Spiegel University :pleading_face:

I- um. I can’t believe any of this and it’s taking me a while to process it.
I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully express how scared I was of this series and the first main characters in particular. I was pretty convinced that no one would like or understand Jasper or Vera. Especially Vera. And, honestly, she is so close to my heart that it is hard for me.
This means everything to me and I can’t thank you enough for defining my characters more than I can, Hibi.

I want to second, third and fourth this.

Same. My advice? Embrace the death :rofl: :skull:

Um, no :sob:
I hate my covers in general so this is-
Excuse me.

A thread of hope in a lost world.

Yess! Which is why we can’t separate the artist from the art but therein lies the beauty.
Art is so- difficult. Not because of the process or organisation or skill only. Also because you know, subconsciously, that you’re putting yourself out there for everyone to see and analyse and honestly if I had known that before, I may not have had the guts to publish.
Now that ignorance is no longer a blissful option, I must fight the fear. But that is the beautiful thing! Just like art can reveal bad traits, it can reveal very good ones that you didn’t even know you had and I’m tearing up again.

Haaa, you, me and Vera.

Spirit no-
Darn you all, when you start the Spiegel waterworks, they don’t stop!


No, just- Ugh, it’s a nice girl and well-meaning but you just can’t account for taste :sob: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


japser no ship 2

jasper no ship 3

I know I shouldn’t take it like that but I’m actually sensitive deep down :sob:






Oh now I’m ready to fight!! Not to be controversial but if you don’t want Jasper and Vera together you like neither Vera or Jasper for who they are!!! And I’m not the author so I can say that and I am right !! They are meant to be and the only ones who truly know and understand each other!!! They are IN LOVE. the audacity!!

I mean I like the other characters but there are no romance options for Vera and Jasper besides each other!! Not just because that’s how you’ve written it but because nothing else makes sense

This comment is a personal attack against me!


I didn’t think I could love you any more but I was WRONG

Honestly, that’s just it. I couldn’t plan it any other way. Those two would never allow me to. I don’t have that power!!


I know I’m chronically unhinged but like…I’m actually so offended! I’m!

Vera is number one but Jasper is only like a quarter step behind and they both deserve all the rights and they deserve to be together! Aughf


Honestly, I feel I can’t be too heartbroken by these things because the beauty of Episode stories is being able to choose and being able to see yourself as the main character. I really admire stories that pull that off and I have tried to open it more with CotC but it feels insincere for me to write.
That immersive writing is astounding to me and I can’t imagine the work that goes into it but it’s not TaT, because that plot line is not flexible, omg… Plus, I have no wonder if it’s just not ‘me’ either. I guess I should be doing novels but I like this format and there are so many stories that aren’t for choices in particular so-
Well, I can only be glad that people like the story!
But that’s why this thread and you people have all my heart and I’m definitely going to favour this group. Sorry, not sorry,


:rofl: :rofl:
I think they just haven’t really seen the characters as characters, just as a world to play around in and that’s great! But people who go beyond are where it’s at :100:


Oppressed Vera stans unite!!


I might be the only one but I don’t ever get the wish to see oneself as the MC in a story. I mean, all the MCs would have the same characteristics then. I, myself, am a control freak yet still don’t crave that power of choosing. Having an MC that is distinctive and original instead of playing as the MC feels like turning an inequation to an equation. Otherwise, it’d take away all the features and characteristics that MC has and no character deserves to get their personalities robbed like that. This should matter to any reader. :man_shrugging:

And about Jasper… :upside_down_face: He is literally :upside_down_face: the sweetest, :upside_down_face: most caring :upside_down_face: THE MOST LOVABLE!!! No offense to Alys as I love him TO THE MOON AND BACK. But my intelligent, witty little Doc doesn’t deserve this. :sob: :sob: :sneezing_face: He endured a lot, he went through A LOT. And he did a lot for the ones he love. I fail to understand how he isn’t praised to his core yet. :triumph: He is the most self sacrificing person in both action-wise and sentimentally. He lies to protect us all. I’d take him in any situation and never have a single doubt. If I call him to a fight, I’m never watching my back because he GOT MY BAAACK. PFFT. :triumph: :triumph: :triumph:


Yes! Or even worse. They just have to be suuuuuper bland so that they could be anyone :face_with_monocle: It makes the shadows tremble.

He’s smiling. Pretending he’s cool and chill but he’s not :rofl:
You can’t hide your happiness from me, Jas!

Spider Blade, Spider Blade. Lost his hand again but he ain’t afraid

I promise there’s a method to my madness


Makin’ him run?? :rofl:

This is… um TOO FUNNY


Wild guess :sweat_smile:

But I’m glad you liked :grin: it’s almost a fanart because I had little to work with, buuuuut I had fun imagining it :grin:

Whoever said Jasper is not dashing is lying to themself :woman_shrugging:

I’m doing all the dialogue and then putting the episode related stuff, searching for animations really makes me lose my rhythm :woman_facepalming:

Me holding Vesper: stay back :rage:

But well, at least she was polite :woman_facepalming:

I need to add more about the talking right now, but I’ll do it separated


:pleading_face::sneezing_face: that smile should never fade :sob:


Putting this here so we can console ourselves. :weary:


Jasper deserves the world :pleading_face: :revolving_hearts: :two_hearts: :dizzy: :heartbeat:


When I’m done with him he’ll wish he could run!!


Me: Blaaaaaade, Hibiscus wants to see you!


I was actually talking about this with @Superhuello the other day, I’m considering if my story should be with little choices or no choices at all, because, 1, both my main characters have a really strong personality, and I think everything that add choice would take this from them and 2, I love the story to much, I won’t even let people costumize them because just no, they are like that in my head and they shall remain so.

That being said, I started playing on episode because I’m a RPG lover, I love to roleplay, I love to choose different paths, but most of the writers can’t do it in a way that matters, so the characters end up being like the those y/n from fanfic that don’t have enough personality to fill a tea cup.

So I do prefere a good character then a poorly written choice mess, because I can only imagine the pain it must be to code a good personality into episode (I put CotC on this, I loved the personality that we could add to it, I felt like I was playing a videogame, but again, must be crazy boring to coding)