Thick as Thieves Fan Club

Don’t mind me, I’m not crying. :cold_sweat:

Fingers crossed! I have been working on them, so we’ll see!
But as far as I’m concerned if they ever get published, all active participants of this thread deserve free copies, Elements above!

I am always amazed by the speed readers on here. First of all, even tackling the thread is mad but I think the estimated reading time is… more than 8 hours, definitely.
Did you also finish Book 1 in a day? :rofl:

I really am a sucker for playlist flattery :sweat_smile: Mostly because the songs and styles are alllll over the place. Thank you so much :pleading_face:

:chef: I’m so glad you agree

You got it!! Indeed, it’s very much about that. Not word for word obviously, but it has the spirit for me. especially the chorus:

Chère amie, je vous écris ces quelques mots
Pour vous dire qu’il ne fait pas beau
Et que j’ai mal, seul, depuis que je vous ai perdu
Je vous écris ces quelques fleurs
Avec mon cœur à l’intérieur
Je vous fais toutes mes excuses

Dear friend, I’m writing you this couple of words,
To tell you that the weather is awful,
And that I’m suffering, alone, since I lost you.
I’m writing you this couple of flowers,
With my heart inside them.
I apologise to you for everything.

Why does this mean so much to me? :sweat_smile: Thank you!!

Plot killers! plOT KILLERS! :crazy_face:

Oh, I love these! I didn’t add these Blackbriar ones because I have them on another playlist for a different reimagining, but they totally match!
And I’ll definitely be listening to Roots :grin:

Hibiscus making me cry 24/7
I love Hold Fire :weary:


omg you actually replied to my posts!!! i am fangirling sooo hard rn :joy: spiegel, ilysm and thank you for bringing your stories into our lives!! :two_hearts:

i better not have just made my favorite epi author cry… oops :sweat_smile: but honestly when i found out that there were six more books planned i got so excited!! 6 more stories as fantastic as TaT? sign me up!

aaahhhh i am beyond excited!! having the story in a physical book (and as original vera lived it) would be so amazing!

lol, i’ve always been a quick reader and finding this thread was such a great addition to my TaT obsession!! (tbh book 1 took me 2 days and my screen time was… questionable but i couldn’t stop reading!! :joy:)

of course!! the playlist is so great, and the different styles all manage to fit TaT somehow and keep listening interesting! it was great to broaden my language intake as well!! (and i’d rather burn is still my top pick for vera… you absolutely nailed that one!)

omg that’s what the chorus means?!? the Google translate version was somewhat questionable :joy: that’s so beautiful… brb, totally not weeping over vesper while listening to this song again…

of course, i’m only speaking the truth!! :wink:

oh cool! honestly your playlist got me hooked on blackbriar and now my personal playlist has a sizeable chunk of their songs in there… :sweat_smile: roots was a song that was on my playlist previously, but listening to it again it made me think of vera and nylora!! so glad you appreciate my (super late) contributions :pleading_face:

yess, reading through this thread hibiscus’s posts made me tear up more than once… especially the vesper ones :cry: and hold fire is such a great vesper song!!

thank you so much for actually taking the time to read and reply to my posts… it makes me feel special to have the actual author see my posts on their book!! you’re such an amazing writer and i’m so glad i got to read your work :two_hearts:


Of course! They really meant a lot to read, especially after being away. It’s this type of encouragement that keeps everything going!

But yes, please refrain from making me ugly-cry :sob:

It’s definitely the plan, see if I can pull them off :grimacing: :laughing:
It’s just a… massive story.

Me, holding my manuscripts: :sob:

I wish I could read that fast.
Amazing to think that a year’s worth of writing can take two days to read :laughing:
But, well done! Impressive!

Okay, you’re too nice byeeeee :sob:

I love Blackbriar a little too much, so I’m always happy to share the obsession :upside_down_face:

Time is irrelevant to the Mirror :wink: Especially when your contributions are so great

Same :weary: Our threadmaster is a force of nature.

No, thank YOU for taking all the time to not only read the story but this… lengthy thread! I’m not sure anyone can understand how much it means to me that anyone could enjoy TaT to this extent.
I’m not alone with my characters anymore :partying_face: They’re a handful

Okay byeeee again :sob: :v:


Also, not important but I’m reminiscing:

There are another couple of songs that I really wanted on the playlist but I can’t add them because the albums aren’t on Spotify anymore :unamused:

  1. Heart in Danger by the Southern Sons - Vera

All of my life, all of my life
I stood outside the circle, right outside the circle
Being so wrong, somehow felt right
Who needs to belong, that feeling was so strong
Wearing me down, turning me round
The strongest of intentions fade into convention
I’m not sure if my heart still knows
The place where I wanted to go

Making me change direction
Taking my life every day
I feel my heart in danger
And I need to hideaway
Watching my best intentions
Fading away every day
I feel my heart in danger
And I need to hide away

Living alone, is always a fight
Why stand out in the storm
It’s so easy to conform
The highest of hopes slowly come down
Fearful of rejection satisfied with imperfection
And what I thought was truly mine
Is somehow slipping away

(Repeat Chorus)

Hide away from what the world can do
Changing everyone
Hideaway from the thief of time
Stealing what is mine

(Repeat Chorus)

  1. Always and Ever also by the Southern Sons - Vesper

A message from my heart
I am floating back to the place where I feel
So this is where you are
We are two bandits here to steal
We are climbing single handed
We are walking through these walls
Breaking down resistance
Till there’s nothing left to fall …

Baby you know I’ve always loved you from the start
I’m sure that my heart will be always and ever with you
And when you wake and in your dreams and when you sleep
You know that my heart will always and ever be

Always and ever with you
There’s someone out at sea
I am watching as the sky covers me
I’m standing in your room
In a world of mystery
Now something has been granted
Something here so good
Someone will be here tonight
Message understood …

Baby you know I’ve always loved you from the start
I’m sure that my heart will be always and ever with you
And when you wake and in your dreams and when you sleep
You know that my heart will always and ever be

You turned my heart around
Just turned my heart around
I’m contemplating the love that is waiting
Something that I know for sure
Everything is moving while we are lying still
I should chain this heart of mine
But I never will

I will admit I’m totally biased when it comes to the Southern Sons because my dad was part of the band and I grew up with the songs but I also think they fit very well :laughing:


aw spieg, you’re gonna make me ugly cry before i even finish replying :pleading_face: i’ll do my best to avoid causing ugly cries lol, although TaT made me ugly cry more than once so maybe it’s just payback :joy:

i know you can pull it off, i believe in you! reading through all the sneak peeks & tiny reveals in this thread have got me so excited to meet new characters (especially ala haddin!) & see how the originals change! and i am an absolute sucker for fairytale twists, so when i figured out that all 7 books are fairytale-based, that just sealed the deal :joy:

oops, i did it again… sorry spieg :pleading_face: but i honestly am so obsessed with your work and so excited for the physical books & future episode books!

aw, thank you!! when i get hooked onto something there’s nothing that will stop me from finishing it asap :joy: TaT did that for me, when i ran out of passes (and ads to get less wait time lol) i was so frustrated bc all i wanted to do was keep reading!

nooo, just telling the truth :wink:

well i share it now lol, i’d never heard of them before your playlist and am now in love :joy: their music is catchy & great, and the :sparkles:dark fairytale aesthetic :sparkles: of the band was it for me haha

of course, how could i forget :wink: :joy: aw, spieg you gotta stop complimenting me, i’m gonna melt :pleading_face:

i agree 100 percent, hibiscus is a master of causing feels (especially vesper wise!) :joy:

…totally not weeping rn :pleading_face: i honestly don’t know how anyone can read TaT and not get obsessed with it… the story, the characters, the fairytale twist, the fan base, i could go on! i’ve read it three times and every time i finish it’s all i can think about!! i feel so lucky to have found it and be able to share the loveable and chaotic characters! (and i am definitely not shocked to find that they’re a handful :wink: :joy:)

crap i did it again :joy: i just hope my comments (and the many like it in this thread!) convince you of how amazing a writer you are :two_hearts:


Spiegel, you should consider printing this as a quote on the spine of the physical TaT books :joy:.
Okay, maybe a bit long but there couldn’t possibly be a more accurate summary.
@sunflowersnharleys nailed it.


wow, i’m so honored that someone thinks my ramblings belong on the books :pleading_face: thank you! :two_hearts:



wait… TaT physical books??? my eyes deceive me??? is it a dream???


that’s the dream! the physical books are potential works in progress, as our dear spieg explained :sparkles: hopefully the quotes give you a bit of context!