Thin Heart lips glitch, still not fixed

Wasn’t sure where else to make a notice of this glitch I have seen recently in the Episode Writer’s portal. The female lips named “Thin Heart” keep appearing as “Small Heart” in the writer’s portal AND on the Episode app stories. When will this be fixed? Thin Heart is the shape of a very essential character in my story, and it’s been difficult customizing different characters with diverse facial features given the provided lip choices, and now two appearing identical.

(Sorry for the quality of the images, I uploaded screenshots from my phone.)


If you look very closely, the thin heart and small heart lips actually look a bit different. The thin heart is more round than the small heart.


I guess it works fines.

So I emailed the support team and they replied back saying that there was a change in the art design and that it has caused a “mismatch”. The team is working to fix it though.

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A mismatch? I had no idea. Hope it gets fixed soon, though! Thanks for letting me know!

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Doesn’t work for me either at all since I reinstalled the app back in spring.

Shows up as Small Heart.


I noticed this back in March, 2022. Still hasn’t been fixed.
The only difference I see is that Thin Heart looks like Small Heart but with slightly better quality.

If I remember correctly, this issue was temporarily fixed when Episode launched that animation update that pretty much everyone disliked to the point that they had to roll it back in, but I might be wrong.

There is a tiny diffrerence

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Yes, it’s slightly more round than the small heart lips. But the 2 still look extremely similar.

The craziest thing about this is not how long this error has been present- It’s that, while both Small Heart and Thin Heart look like Small Heart, the version labeled Thin Heart is a more detailed version of the original Small Heart. How insane is that?

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