Thin Heart now looks like Small Heart?

So… I was messing in the portal and noticed that Thin Heart now looks like Small Heart but with slightly better quality? I even opened the app to see if the change was visible there… and it is :grimacing: Anyone else experiencing this?

Here’s proof that they’re the same (the quality change is there but you might have to look hard to see the difference):


i think episodes been playing around with facial features, the beards were messed up a few days ago, itll prolly be fixed soon, u can submit a ticket


Yeah, not too long ago I saw the problem with the beards lol Let’s hope they go back to normal soon

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In the writers portal where you create your characters I’m trying to use the, “Thin Heart” mouth shape that is suppose to look like this:

But when that mouth shape is selected, it instead shows up on my character as the mouth shape, “Small Heart” like so:

I’ve tried:

  • logging in & out
  • clearing my history & cache
  • refreshing my browser

Nothing so far has worked, I’m not sure what this kind of bug is or how to fix it.


It’s happening on my laptop too… :woman_shrugging:

@Hope.K.Writes @Alishka.Writes if you haven’t done so already, please let the support team know about this issue by sending them a help ticket :smiley:

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