Thin privilege?! rant thread


Y’all I’m a bit shook. I was rambling on twitter, and this girl who goes to school retweets my tweet, which is “hell yes to 2019, and hell yes to more tumblr crap.”, stating that I have thin privilege. Let me say something, I’m skinny and petite, I don’t eat salads… I eat the whole buffet. But I still hit the gym, because my calorie intake is a lot, and I work out to balance my calorie intake and outtake. (As we all should, to live maintain a healthy life style.)

She still has the nerve, to call me anorexic, I informed her I am not struggling with a mental disorder and that actual people are and she should not throw that word around. Only for her to completely shame me for denying I am not anorexic , which I haven’t, as I am mentally stable. She proceeds to tell me how hard it is, for a plus sized women to not be able to get the same top as me for the same price. I informed her, the more material needed for an item, the more it will cost, it’s nothing personal.

Suddenly… she informs me she doesn’t need more material, but I told her you do as you’re bigger in size compared to I. Which she belittled me by being brainwashed by society. I am all for body-positivity, but when it comes to the point you’re talking cr*p about others… you cross the line. Being underweight, and overweight is dangerous, we as a society need to stop this victim mentality, because look at what it is doing to us. I am the first one to admit, bigger people are faced with hurtful comments and action, but so are thin people.



I really do not agree with fat acceptance to be honest. There is nothing pretty about obesity. I don’t hate people who are bigger or smaller than me. I’m sick of people acting like they’re better than other people just because of their shape. It’s all about being healthy. But again you cannot be obese and healthy. I feel that fat acceptance is wrong because it’s teaching other people that it’s healthy to be obese. I find it very disturbing that there are people who are a size of the sofa (couch) than someone who is toned and healthy.


Agreed 100%

People tell me I need to gain weight when I am just fine like… boi


I do agree with you, where is the fine line? Considering obesity is the biggest killer globally, we have to stop this before it kills us all.


Then again we should not glorify obesity and anorexia. They are both bad as each other.


same like people stop giving me suggestions unless you’re my doctor.


exactly. why can we not have healthy models, who don’t mind eating a burger now and then, and hitting the gym. Focusing on self-love, and equally a healthy lifestyle.


Lol she sounds insecure AF. And a hypocrite as well; shaming you for being ‘skinny’ and ‘anorexic’ yet hates it when people ‘fat-shame’. Honestly if I were you, I’d just ignore her.


True that. I even find it very disturbing that there are parents who aren’t strict on their children when it comes to food. Like they make their children eat so many junk food that they end up unhealthy for their age and that leads to them getting bullied at school.

I am also sick of seeing the same rubbish “Real women have curves, bones are for dogs” there are skinny people that didn’t choose to be skinny and it’s really sad to see bigger women put them on blast for it. I do agree that anorexia is very bad but still, obesity is just as bad as anorexia.


I totally agree with you. I’m always at the gym 3-4 days a week and I usually cook my own meals and treat myself to any fun meals once or twice a week. Being too strict on your diet can lead to weight gain because you will end up binge eating.


@HeartBreaker1011 Man that reminds me of this ex friend who gets mega offended about me going to the gym and eating healthy and some people who lecture me on how I should schedule my work out.


why is it okay for a plus size woman to say “y’all men should get a curvy woman not a skinny twig” but all hell breaks loose when a thin woman says “y’all men should get a thin woman not some fatty”?


I don’t care what you look like as long as you are healthy. I think that some children have just grown up a bit bigger, but are completely healthy.


I have no idea. Apparently fat is an offensive term. I’m pretty sure people don’t like being called skinny.
But yeah I agree, especially when there’s bigger women getting so catty when it comes to smaller women. Even ironic is when people from the so called “plus size community” get mega offended when someone who is bigger losing all the weight they have gained to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Listen, at the end of the day, its your body, you choose to eat how you like, gym if you like, its how you take care of yourself, yes anorexia and obesity is bad for ones health, but we mustn’t go compare peoples bodies to peoples who are sick, that is not right, @HeartBreaker1011
I like the points you made


I really agree with this thread!

I am a thin and petite girl who does a rather intense college course that requires me to do fitness at least 3 times a week. I am very partial to eating a lot but I know my limit. I think people are uneducated on portion sizes. You can eat what you like as long is it’s in moderation. Thin privilege doesn’t exist and Fat acceptance is wrong.

You might be obese and not have health ;problems and think that it’s ok to be that weight. Actually, The larger you are out of your BMI range, the higher risk you are at of getting Obesity related complications such as coronary heart disease, mobility problems, shortness or breath and even stroke. While this is a slow killer, it effects people in different ways which is why some obese people believe that they are perfectly healthy.

The same as being too underweight. Also, anorexia is an eating disorder and just because someone is underweight it doesn’t mean that they have it.

I’m not against plus size models because they are just selling clothes to people who are that size but I am against people saying that it is ok to be fat because it’s not.

Also, I wish some people would stop saying aspiring to be like a model is unhealthy. While in concept, being that exact size is unhealthy as it depends on your own weight, height ratio, Most models are actually at a healthy weight for their height and are well within their BMI range.

I known they teach some of this stuff in UK schools but I’m wondering how much of this is taught in schools across the world…

any thoughts? :slight_smile:


it’s everywhere in the UK, I can’t even get chocolate cake during lunch hours. :roll_eyes:


really? When I was at secondary school they put up the price of all the sweets and cakes so we wouldn’t buy them lmao.


oh damn the secondary sweet tax.


It’s better now I’m at college but vending machine prices are so high :cry: :laughing: