Things about Episode


Hidden Backgrounds:

@transition fade in black in 1
#beat ends
It’s that background for the mobile creator that you start off with when you start a new story on your phone, instead of the portal. If you wanna use it, I have no idea what for. Probably The writer talking to the reader or something funny or whatever.

Classic Afro

Classic Afro is a hairstyle that was for women but was kept in the mobile creator and if you use it, you’ll get an error in the story you’re making in mobile creator’s script

There’s a script/portal version that mobile creator always saves it’s stories to, if you edit that script, you’ll have to change your story to portal version, which will only allow you to make it in the portal.

You can create your own outfits for mobile creator:

When doing so, you’ll have to make the outfit the default outfit of your character.
You won’t be able to choose the outfit in mobile creator alone, you’ll have to edit the script of the episode itself in the portal.
You can also edit your character’s default outfit.
How to do this is to go to the writers’ portal, go find your story, scroll down the list on:
You see that scroll bar? Click on it, and hold it while moving your mouse down to help you find your story. When you see the title or name of your story, click on it. You’ll be taken to it instantly, I think.
Click on the blue button that says:
It’ll look like this: image
This’ll pop up:

The button you click on to make a new outfit is: image
Name your outfit by typing in a name here: image
Use the scroll to scroll to scroll down to the outfit choices, you can pick a shirt, pants, etc. to go together for your new outfit and if you want to recreate the same outfit again without deleting the first one, just another accessory, then create another outfit and add all the same choices you picked back then add that extra accessory, because you CANNOT copy it/clone it, :smiley:

You can have more than 20 characters in mobile creator:

If you go to the portal and go to your story and click on character, you can create a new character after the 20 character limit, you can create one at anytime, actually.
Click on the button: image

Type in the name where that yellow arrow points.
You can either choose an actor, or just simply click on image however if you want to make a girl, choose an actor then edit and change that actor to look how you want her to, or just click on this button: image
It’s a drop-down list, click on it, and you’ll see the names of the actors I talked about.
Click on one of the names of the women, or you’ll get a boy.
Use the same scroll that you used to scroll down this list and scroll down to find a woman.
<----- This here.
It’ll work, and show up for you in the mobile creator. I know this because I wanted to create a new character but I got to the limit, so I went to the portal to create them instead. :stuck_out_tongue: By the way, click on the button: Create and Save to save your actor then edit them.

Apparently, you can make CENTER in @CHAR stands screen center all upper cased.

@CHAR stands screen CENTER

Interesting… I’m sure that this’ll work for the others but there could be an inconsistency. I’ve found them, before…