Things being in the right genre

I really wish people would stop putting Mafia stories in the Thriller or Horror section. There is already not many actual horrors/thrillers and it’s slightly annoying to see those sections (especially the thriller section) all cluttered up with stories that just don’t belong there. I’m not a big fan of mafia stories so I’d appreciate them not being in the genres that I like. Is that too much to ask for stories to be categorised correctly? Lol :sob::triumph:

Also when stories have romance as the main plot when it should be a subplot at most or not there at all, it’s annoying like just put it in the romance section :sob::sob:


They’re put in other genres because it’s easier to trend there rather than in romance. But I get why you’re frustrated too.


I agree, same with science fiction and fantasy.

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They’ve pretty much taken over every genre at this point. Episode has never been very good about enforcing stories being put in the proper genre. Now it seems they’ve just given up entirely. The inability to easily find something non-mafia to read is a big part of why I don’t read stories on the app any more.

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No but really tho. It’s so hard to find a story that I’d actually want to read cuz everything’s all mushed up into one and the stories are so cliche like no one is really that creative at all. And the very few that are genuinely creative are so hard to find like they are drowned at the bottom of all mafias and romances etc

I literally haven’t touched the app in ages. I’m contemplating just deleting it cuz it’s just getting old yk?

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Accidentally deleted my reply (I’m still new to posting). But anyways, I was saying how there’s always other ways to make stories trend. Deceiving people about your story and claiming that your story is something that it isn’t, for your personal gain, is not ok at all.

Ik that genres like mystery/thriller/horror etc is really hard to do well as Episode as an app is so constricting for the writers. Writing these genres honestly takes a lot of skill and creativity and that’s ok if that isn’t in their skill set but just don’t lie.

Tbh, I wouldn’t say I’m frustrated. It isn’t that serious I mean people are dying and here I am with my privileged 1st world ‘problems’ lol. People just come to episode when they need to unwind and relax from their busy day of work/school etc and they should be able to read the stories they want yk?

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I thought the same. I’m always looking for thriller stories to read and it’s been frustrating scrolling for so long just because unrelated stories are in that genre

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