Things Episode need to fix/bring

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Well, as @talina.writes, @juliewrites and @scarlettm among many others have stated out already, creating stories on Episode is a sh*t lot of work! First of all, you have to get behind the logic and how the coding is working. Then - depending on your pace! - it can take a whole week for just one chapter (or even more if we’re talking about advanced directing)! As a reader you don’t seem to understand the effort we put in our stories. Having them removed because something hinders us from continuing our stories is not just unfair but utterly rude! I have to admit that I’m guilty of abandoning my very first story as well. Simply because last year was a really tough one for me: Due to the pandemic I had several tough classes at once, my Bachelor thesis to finish and applying for jobs which are not easy to come by either. This was stressing me out as hell. Prior to that I went through an ugly break-up that caused me to suffer mental breakdowns and depressions. You see, life happens and with Episode being a hobby for the majority of us, we have to take care of our responsibilities first.

I’m probably going to finish my abondoned story but I just haven’t had the motivation to revise it!

Maybe you haven’t noticed yet, but the forum has become a very toxic place recently. People going at each other’s throats whenever they disagree on something or simply don’t share the same opinion. Now imagine the very same toxic people calling out authors or giving public feedback about their story could end in more and more writers to give up and leave Episode. It may sound harsh, but - hell! - I wouldn’t want my stories to be discussed publicly. Also, people don’t seem to have the maturity to address the author in private to discuss calmly what bothers them about the story. If a ranking system would come to existence, I’m sensing a new way of people bullying writers - not because they don’t like the story but because they don’t like the writer himself/herself/themselves. If you want the author to know, just contact them via Instagram or by fanmail!

Just as mentioned before, use Instagram or fanmail. Some writers just like myself are also quite active on the forum here. Some even use the same nickname like they do on the app. You can alsways send private messages if you wish to get in contact with them.

This is the only point I will agree with you! When Episode is going to force writers to implement more and more gem choices, then they should enable readers to collect gems by reading community stories - just like with Episode’s originals.

Again, a lot of us have mentioned that creating a story on Episode is complicated, hard work and takes a lot of motivation and energy! Now, imagine all of this work to be done again… and then you have to know that not all INK animations are working in LL. So you have to figure out which animations and how to replace them. I tell you, you’d go crazy if you had to go through every single row of code! Some writers just prefer the INK style, some prefer LL. But don’t demand someone to rework their story. That’s just offensive the way you don’t appreciate the work someone put into this. It can still be a good story!


Yeah, I have seen a lot of authors posting messages they get from readers who are straight up rude and mean. It’s great to give feedback but I don’t think we need more ways for people to give it. I mean they created forums and there is Instagram and for ios users fanmail.


Exactly, I agree with that!

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So true… :disappointed: I’ve been stuck on my story for 2 1/2. whole. months. (And I’m only on episode one.)


It is annoying to have to wait for updates but it’s worth the wait, as a reader I didn’t understand how long it took for authors to write their stories until I got into coding and writing myself now I definitely understand but I never lash out at the author saying in fanmail “Hurry up update NOW!” I never complained about it, I just simply waited until they update or reply again. I never really complained bc I enjoyed the stories that the authors were sharing their so heartwarming and I just apprentice them writing it.

I understand how you feel how long it is to wait on a new chapter but as a writer myself it takes time and also people have a personal life and get unmotivated, l or don’t have to write or code, I know it’s hard to wait on the new chapters but why to rush the author publishing a chapter so rush that it’s poorly written it takes to write and code stories, it takes ages you just have to be patience and waiting isn’t a bad thing if you don’t want to wait then that’s you.

It’s honestly not a big deal Episode should NOT remove a story just because it’s not finished that just hard work going to waste, If you don’t want to wait then don’t wait I’ll be waiting for my favorite authors to update their stories when they have the time it takes dedication and hard work and they do it when they feel like it.

I applause all authors for taking the time to even write a story it’s just as hard as writing a book.
It’s like the same thing with movies. t.v and everything else in life you just have to wait it takes to time no matter what field or career or whatever you’re doing in life things take time.

If a story is discontinued it’s not the author’s fault for discontinuing it they have their reason but I WILL NOT SUPPORT you saying to REMOVE discontinue or unfinished stories!

Sorry for the long response ( I wasn’t trying to mean just dislike and don’t support unfinished stories being removed because they should not be removed at all I don’t care how long it’s been up to there.)

I agreed with @M_H_C_Episode and @scarlettm

I agree with this! (They should bring back fanmail to android)

They should add that also they should add surveys to get 10 gems or more.

I disagree with this most authors don’t want to put their stories into LL plus it’s a lot of work and they don’t have to if they don’t want to. There are some people that like ink and classic, not everyone likes the limelight. And if even they do it’s a lot of work it’s not easy to transfer to LL from ink and classic.
There are some authors that do to both ink and LL convert.


Also for the first one writers block exists. :woman_shrugging:


So relatable :expressionless:

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Probably why I am on the forums too much. Like I am too active that there is only when I eventually go to sleep that I am not available.


Oh no :confused: Hang in there! I’m sure you will find the much needed motivation to continue your story. Just don’t push yourself. Let it come naturally, so that the quality won’t suffer only because you are stressing yourself. :slight_smile:


I’m active too. Maybe a little too active…


:rofl: oh babe, I get it, I should fixing some thing before contest deadline and what I’m doing?
Well, writing with you guys and checking dm’s on insta :smiley:
Veeeeryyy productive.

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I just happen to be below u due to how active I am :joy:

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Thanks for the tag!

I’m probably not saying anything that hasn’t been said before BUT:

For number one: I will admit that I am guilty of discontinuing a story BUT it has like two reads and I also put DISCONTINUED in the name. What rubs me the wrong way about your statements is how you say that the story should be removed. I understand that it can be frustrating to get invested in a story only for it to never get picked up again, but different people work differently and have different availabilities. Taking someone’s story down because something else in their life (say a job) was more urgent than writing/coding which, for most people, is more like a hobby than something sustainable, isn’t really fair.

For #2/#3 I’m very new to coding myself. Rn I’m working on my second story ever, but I’ve already received some hate, and it can be very discouraging. I’m lucky enough to have people who support me through the hate, but other authors may not, and it gets hard to see the difference between hating the story and hating the person who’s been working so hard and devoting so much of themself to it.

I agree with your fourth point.

For your fifth- I personally dislike everything but limelight, but this should be the personal preference of the author. If they want to write in ink or classic, then that’s what they will do, it’s as simple as that.

As always, I apologize for my grammar mistakes, as I’m on my tiny iPhone 5s. :grin:


I agree with you :100:, you shouldn’t have to feel guilty just bc you discontinued an story everyone has their reasons. It’s nothing to feel bad about it.


I agree, too. I’ve pushed back or discontinued a few stories already due to the amount of coding failures I’ve had. It happens to everyone, whether it’s published or unpublished.


Yeah, same it just happens.


I appreciate the replies u guys provided but u guys are talking more from authors POV. As a reader it’s seriously frustrating too when I encountered some of the points I mentioned. It may sound rude but what I meant here is:

1)When I am talking about an Unfinished Story I am saying that as a reader if I read 100+ episode n have shared gems then I definitely wanna like to see the ending.

There’s a complete tag n I have seen a discontinued tag also in some stories. If authors haven’t wrote a new chapter in say a year than why not put the discontinued tag on that story🤔
If the author starts writing it back then the tag will be removed. It’s as simple as that.
If not possible then why not put a date on published chapters. I think that will also help readers to understand how frequent an authors updates new chapters.

Now what I meant by removing a said story is that some of the stories are recommended and put in the forefront of a said genre I am looking for. If the Authors haven’t updated a chapter in long time then it should be removed from the forefront. Let other small authors who are struggling with read should be showcased infront. That way they can also get motivation to write new chapters.

2)Coming to the rating part - I understand that alot of ppl simply dislike everything whatever they sees or read. It’s common in all platforms whether YT or Amazon. But there are genuine feedbacks to.

Some of u talked abt Fanmail but that features is unavailable on Android.

Some talked about this forum but then again there’s no review corner here also.

Some talked abt Insta and to be honest I myself opened a new Insta a/c this week just to talk wit one of my fav authors. But is Insta a platform to give reviews abt a story which is published on Episode :thinking:

Also I noticed on insta some authors have deactivated the comments section. So what’s the purpose of a review if ppl can’t read it🤔

I mean I have to pm the author about something that I felt was missing in the said story. The author also responded(which I thought he/she won’t as I heard on this forum that the author had deactivated his/her Fanmail). But I don’t think I made him/her understand what I was talking about. I want to say that there was a chapter missing (in a completed story) where the author missed an alternative ending which should be there bcus MC had an important choice before the ending. And pls note it’s one of my fav stories.

3)See last point I think alot of ppl misunderstood. What I meant is a ink/classic story which is completed few years back and is an exceptional story. But alot of ppl won’t dare to even read it bcus of the format. Why not Episode change them in Limelight variant. If not possible make a genre with “Old is gold” sort of n put them there. Or make a tag for Ink/classic. Some stories have written Infront of their names - ink.
But a majority of them don’t.

See I am actually suggesting developers to think what they can add on the app to make it better.
U guys have genuine concerns no doubt abt that. But if a writer fears critics then does he stops writing or a chef stop cooking bcus the critic gave a bad rating to his product on online portal. There might be 10 negative comments but the moment Episode asks ppl to give a feedback there will 100s of positive ones too. Think abt it.


I had a whole reply typed up but deleted it after reading this comment lol. I appreciate you sharing your opinions more in depth and providing examples for why things don’t seem to work in your perspective. I do agree that nothing is perfect for neither writer, nor reader.

The only thing I’m still having a bit of an issue with is this point:

A lot of the writers from the beginning of Episode and the Classic days, and even early Ink days are no longer here, and have not been here for a long time (aside from me hehe classic forever!) anyways, there is literally sooo much work that goes into revamping a story in a different style. Each style has completely different animations/names. The character default sizes are all completely different. A Classic char at the same spot as a LL char looks like Godzilla :woozy_face: So when you copy and paste your script to the newer style, you have to redo all of the directing, remake all of your characters plus their outfits. It’s just a ton of work that not everyone interested in. And there’s no way Episode themselves can do it, either.

And the first episode is always free, so if it doesn’t say the style on the title, or the description and the cover image isn’t clear, it’s not like you’re losing a pass to just click on the story and exit out if it’s not what you’re interested in. At least, it’s not a big to me, anyways.

No writer is under any obligation to revamp their stories, and I personally think some stories are better suited in one style versus another. Everyone has their own preferences, and from your standpoint as a reader, it’s your decision to just scroll right past the story if it doesn’t suit your criteria. And you are 100% entitled to that, just like we are entitled to keep our stories in our style of choice :purple_heart:


I definitely agree that we should be given the choice to add a discontinued tag to our stories and perhaps a little note that says when the story was last updated (a bit like how it shows how many reads it has and how it shows the date of our episodes in the portal).

As for fanmail and reviews, I know the Android fanmail issue has already been brought up to the Episode Team, so we’ll just have to wait and see if they bring it back or not. Reviews? I think it’s up to the author, not every author wants their story reviewed by their readers and a lot of authors actually have their story reviewed by review teams and proofreaders. That’s why the option to have comments, DMs and fanmails is optional. This feature also has a great potential to be abused, especially if the author becomes disliked due to a comment, mistake, scene etc. The community can and does become incredibly toxic at times.
Having your story rated against others can also severely impact your mental health. If your story gets 2 stars and the one next to it has 5, you might think
“I’m not good enough.”
“Why do I even bother?”
And I don’t think that’s worth it, especially considering these stories are not products for you to buy, they’re stories for you to read if you choose to with optional purchases within if the author chooses to add them or not.
You’ll also find that many authors do provide explanations to their most asked questions in their websites, story highlights, discussion posts, FAQs at the end of chapters and sometimes even here, on the forums.

Really good stories in the old styles would take up a hefty amount of time, effort and money to convert to limelight and it’s not worth it because at some point, limelight will be old too and you can’t keep doing a revamp cycle for so many stories. Episode’s audiences would also want brand new content, rather than content consistently being revamped, not to mention that it would require the input and final decision of each of those authors because they own their stories unless they sold the rights to Episode.

I definitely agree that we need more ways to earn more gems though. The cost of gems in choices is a lot compared to what is earned, but there are feature suggestion threads for earning more gems, so we can only hope some of them might actually get implemented.


In regards to your response to the first bullet point
I see both sides
Yes authors have their own lives but I also think if the author isn’t going to continue or needs a break a simple status update would be appreciated. Or episode could implement something that says “last updated 00/00/0000” so the reader would know. “ok it’s been a long time” or “ok they’re still updating”