Things Episode need to fix/bring

I have a few.

  1. Last updated dates
    I understand being an author is rough, they have their own lives going on and struggles and maybe they can’t update as much as they want to, but I also understand from the readers POV, getting hooked on a story and then reaching the last chapter and then checking everyday for a new chapter and then it’s been 6 months+ or a year and you can’t even remember what the story is about. I still think their stories should be read, so I think they’re should be a last updated where the most recent chapter has a "last updated 00/00/0000. So the readers have an understanding that it’s currently being updated or it’s been a whiles. Saves a lot of headache on both sides.

  2. Because you liked option
    I recently made a post about this, where I think each story should have a because you liked… option so you can easily find stories like that one.

  3. A mafia genre
    Mafia stories aren’t my cup of coffee and that’s totally fine. I do get very annoyed however scrolling through what feels like hundreds of mafia stories to find the one I want to read

  4. Multiple genres
    What if I want to read a fantasy/adventure story? Or a romcom? Or a fantasy/romance
    I wish stories had multiple genres.


Just to throw my opinion into the hat…

Addressing your points here:

1: I have been disappointed in the past to have gotten over 30 chapters into a story or two only to find that they were never going to be finished, but unfortunately, it happens. People have lives and sometimes things get in the way, or they lose their motivation to finish a story. As disappointing as it is, it’s not an awful experience.
I do however think that a system like there is on Wattpad, where the last time the story was updated, may be helpful here. If the story is marked as ongoing for instance, and you can see it was last updated in (for example) June 2nd 2019, then you have the choice to risk disappointment, or leave it.

2: I definitely don’t think that this should be implemented. Sorry, but everyone knows just how petty some people can be. Sad but true. Any author who has a selection of largely disliked themes in their story, or have made ripples in the past with certain people, could be instantly tarnished by such a system. People could boycott someone else’s work, and more to the point, drag it through the mud in front of others.
A rating system is a broken idea in itself. People who have groups of friends will likely get a higher rating than those who are less well known, or new to the app. This is because their friends will rush to leave 5☆ feedback/ratings etc, whilst others will struggle to gain responses.
It is unnecessary and would be potentially harmful in many ways.

  • Also, with respect, an author knows how they want their story to be. So they know if there is a plot hole or something they’ve left. They don’t need someone to point it out as a mistake, when it’s intentional. Nobody knows the story better than its creator.
  • It will help some authors stories get missed and buried under ones with bigger feedback.
  • You realise that this is a platform, right? And Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. There are many ways to get in touch with the author. I don’t think there needs to be more. Though fanmail android fix would be good.

4: Yes it would be nice to have more ways to win gems. But I understand why there isn’t.

5: Who would be making these stories into new Limelight versions? Because if you’re talking about episode, they would need to purchase it off of the author. And they can’t be expected to do that to every ink/classic story, just because some people don’t like those styles. And if you’re referring to the original author, then that’s ridiculous. They already spent hours writing the original. Read it or don’t. If you don’t like ink/classic, read a LL story. Let people enjoy creating their own work how they want.
As to having them put in
A different section for old ink and classic stories… They aren’t all old. Plenty of people still write in the older styles.

NOT everyone can write reviews. In fact I’ve seen way too many people giving “reviews” which have turned out to be rude lists if dislikes and negatives about someone’s work. So I think that it’s a good thing there’s no review corner.


See u believe that someone wit friends will have a higher rating than someone who doesn’t. Right.
Say a story have 100k reads.
Only 1% review that story that will be around 1k reviews. All won’t be the friends of the author will they?
But for your convenience say 500 of those reviews are from authors friend giving 5 star rating. What about the remaining 500. Are u saying these 500 will get influenced to give 5star rating or they will give there genuine rating/review? Think.

Episode wants ppl to read stories. Spend time on there app. I believe that’s how they earn profits(might be wrong). So they will try there level best to market their best product. And as many said the original authors have either left or inactive then it comes down to the Episode Devs to figure a way how to turn some of the Classic stories to Limelight(obviously I am talking about the most read classic stories here or most recommended ones).

I respect your opinion but Episode is forcing authors to put Gem choices in their stories then it basically becomes products. Because some ppl are spending money to buy those gems. This is why I believe there should be an option where we can earn gems by watching ads daily. And this is there in other apps too.

There’s a app where u can rate a chapter after the end of the said chapter. If u don’t like it you can actually write back to them. I myself have written how boring the content has become when they tried to milk a story which should have ended long time back.

I don’t know if u read Manga or not but there are different forums. I have been part of one of those(8years now). Whenever a chapter is released the mods create a chapter review thread with ratings. I have seen there ppl giving there views n a rating. One guy in particular rate every chapter 5star even tho some of the recent chapters were pretty mediocre. After noticing a trend I decided what I was going to write n I wrote that the chapter doesn’t deserved a 5 neither a 4. At best it deserved 3. U see after that day the guy who used to rate 5 star disappeared 🤷
Last week ppl actually gave their genuine rating.
And its not like I haven’t given a 5star to the said story. But If a chapter is boring then yes it’s boring.

Ppl are actually over complicating things when they hear about reviews. I genuinely feel it will actually make the experience of readers better. I mean if I read a love story of some 60 some chapters where I hear the first kiss come around 50th chapter then I know this story either has a very good plot or its way too slow. But atleast I know what I m going for when I am starting the said chapter.

Well actually, there’s kind of a rating system already even though it’s not as obvious as the star rating or readable reviews. There is reader retention, if it’s high, it helps with ranking, if it’s low, it doesn’t help (reader retention is how well a story keeps its readers reading). There’s also a rating pop-up that shows up every now and then where you can rate the story from 1-5 stars (I’m pretty sure it’s out of 5) but I’m not sure if it specifically has any impact or not. I’d assume it would have to have a purpose and effect, rather than be there for a false sense of rating. I’m not totally against a rating system such as the star ratings, but I do think authors should have the option to have it displayed or not, just like they have the option to choose early access or whether they want their story displayed on the app or not.

I’ve only read a few mangas in my lifetime (I was more into animes though because I was a visual child), but I haven’t been involved with any ratings or manga and anime related forums although I’ve seen a lot of mangas purchased and then turned into animes much like community stories are bought and converted into feature Originals. But I know how damaging this community can be first-hand and I know a public review system would definitely hurt a lot people, even if they weren’t expecting it to. There are many people who would abuse it as much as they can, whether it’s because they took offense, joined a bandwagon, want to troll, have a personal vendetta or simply hate the author. I understand a review system could have its benefits, but when things go south in this community, they go south at a devastatingly fast rate with much force. That can include immense hate over social media, follower drops, boycotting, hateful comments, all of the author’s stories being dragged down even if they’re not bad. It worser cases, it can lead to death threats and campaigns for suspensions and bans. I’m not at all saying every other community doesn’t possess such issues, but the toxicity in this one has already made a lot of people leave, and I genuinely believe a public rating system would contribute to more toxicity since many people would jump at the opportunity to abuse such a feature. There are also more concerns to consider, like people spoiling gem content which is unfair to both the author and the gem readers. But like I said before, it’s up to the author and I think the route of choice would be best. I don’t doubt some authors would love reviews, but I think it should be up to the author on whether they want that option for their stories and whether they want them displayed or not. For the safety and mental health of authors — reviews should be an optional choice at best or no reviews at all.

By the way, here’re two threads for you to support (if you want to) with regards to gem earning:


I have something you might want to support too. Search “FEATURE: Spin a Wheel for Rewards” and you’ll find it. I can’t link it right now because I’m using the app on a mobile device

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It’s alright. I gotchu. ^

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Thanks! :grinning:

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Doesn’t matter if they aren’t all friends leaving ratings. It will still be unfair and increase someines average. And what about smaller audiences. How about new authors with only say 200 reads. Ratings there might be even harder to get as not everyone will leave feedback. In your rush to have stories rated, people without ratings might struggle even more to get reads.
There is also a case for author’s feelings if someone doesn’t like the story much, maybe it isn’t to their taste, and so they leave 1☆ just without thought. How is that meant to make an author feel? If they have spent 40+ hours coding scenes and polishing a story, for someone to thoughtlessly throw in a 1☆ rating? It is a flawed system that would make things worse, not better.

Whether the story’s original writer has, or hasn’t left the app, it doesn’t take away the fact that they own the rights to their original story. Episode cannot rewrite a story on the app without going through a process of buying the story from that writer. They aren’t going to do that with stories that just aren’t as popular as others, or fit what they’re looking for.
You don’t seem to get that you can’t just take someone’s work and freshen it up in a new style for people to enjoy, purely because the writer no longer updates/uses an old style/left the app etc.


How will it be unfair. I mean author’s friends gives it 5star rating but genuine readers gives 3star rating. The average will bring the rating of that said story to 4star. Now when it’s displayed at forefront of a said genre n now when more ppl start reading/reviewing that story the rating itself will get fixed. U can’t influenced a rating for long unless u got a very good marketing team :rofl:

U talk about author feelings when he/she see 1star or 2 star rating with 40+ hour coding. 2possible scenario might happen:

a)The author will improvise his story n make it more entertaining.

b)He/she might drop the story completely.

Isn’t that what happening even without a rating. I mean there are like 100s of stories on Episode where authors haven’t updated a single chapter in past 1year or so. I have seen a story which got like only 3 chapter n now it says discontinued or on hold. So how will rating make this scenario further worse🤨

U talk about new authors with 200reads. They will be most benefitted if this system applies as if 20ppl out of 200 leaves a review / rating giving 4star will catapult his/her story in forefront of a said Genre.

But since u like the current system I will like to ask:
Are small / new authors not struggling with reads?
Ain’t ppl asking for R4R on this forum?

U will get the answer that current system is obsolete n ppl just don’t want to face critics which is why some have shut there comments section n some don’t respond to Fanmail.

I m not saying Episode should rewrite a classic story. I m talking about classic / ink stories which were popular during their time should be brought in Limelight variant. If they had to then they will simply buy it from the author. There’s a reason why that classic story was good in first place.

Someone said that if one doesn’t like Classic then he /she should not bother to read the said story.
I will give an example: I won’t name the Story but Classic has got 7.3mil reads n Limelight variant got 10.8mil reads as on 17th March 2021. U can see the difference. Extra 3.5mil reads just by changing the variant. For episode it’s a win win situation if they manage to buy it from authors who have left or became inactive. Not only they know they have invested in a story which has done good in past but by putting those gem option they can get the return faster.

@Pepper99 You keep talking about genuine ratings, but the way I see it, no amount of people complaining will change the way I write because I write for myself.
I would rather have less reads on a story that I’m proud of than more on a story that doesn’t reflect the way I want to write things, so even if people call my story trash, I won’t change the way I want to write things. I hope that makes sense.


I respect your opinion but the rating system will also help readers too. As I said above think it like Amazon. U wanna buy a new phone n the first thing most of us does is look for a review.

U don’t wanna change fine. No pressure. I believe Ratings should not affect u or your style.
I don’t understand the reason why some ppl are so fearful of a rating/review system. If authors doesn’t want to hear there readers it’s ok. It’s not like most of them respond to their Fanmails do they?

Readers will also jump to other stories.

But to be honest if this system is implemented u will find authors actually listen to the readers. I mean already things are changing. I m seeing threads where new authors is asking the forum what sort of stories they like to read.
-And my answer in all those thread is - Give us something that will blow my mind.

Heck I liked a story which made me make a new Insta n talk to the author of that story. I felt like a kid who met wit a celebrity when she responded. So her small gesture made me a fan of hers. So think if this sort of interaction can be made in a healthy environment it would not only elevate the authors but will make a solid fan base for her future works.

Here’s the thing you seem to be ignoring - most writers aren’t writing for the fans, they’re writing for themselves. If we wanted to write for readers, the app would be exclusively mafia and bad boy stories. We are writing for ourselves. I know I write because it’s fun, I enjoy it, it’s a creative outlet, and I have stories in my head that I want to tell the world.

Doing this will destroy any kind of creativity or originality in our stories. Why should I, the person who created the story and knows the characters inside and out, who knows where the story is headed, who knows how it ends have to listen to the readers? I love my readers and my supporters, but they are not the ones telling the story. If you want to tell the story, I would highly recommend creating one yourself. I think it will give you some much needed perspective.


Wait I m not ignoring any author here rather I m putting my points n I have the right to defend on the subject matter.

U say most writers aren’t writing for fans. A better word will be audience. They are writing for themselves. Fine. No issues u have the right to tell a story in your way.

But then u generalized the readers by saying that app would be only for Mafia or Bad Boy stories if authors keep there audience in mind. Hmmm…

I was actually not going to reply this but I found a beautiful article. I took some snaps n u @anon6748744 should definitely read this:

This is where ppl actually recommend a story to his friend, spend gems, spend hours waiting for a new chapter to come out.

I am sorry but this is what I am trying to make ppl understand. That when u are sharing a story u need to take into consideration abt your readers. If readers doesn’t like a topic then readers have the right to speak up n tell it to the author.

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Yeah, feedback is great and making improvements for a better experience is good but if the author just writes for their audience they have to remember that they will never be happy and it will lose value to the author. Because audiences can have opinions on how they think the author can improve their work but readers can be ruthless. That is why people think it is not a good idea. Like a reader asks for CC then the author adds in CC then the reader says I want this character to be a LI when they are a good friend to the MC, now the story belongs to the reader rather than the author. So I don’t believe authors should write for others because it will show. Feedback is always welcome but making requests isn’t.


Clearly you have made your mind up on a rating system which you think would benefit you … So I’m not going to waste my time explaining in even more depth, the many different reasons why such a thing would be counter productive to many users, particularly authors… especially when lots of other people have already explained and you’re determined not to listen. It’s a waste of my time.
Rating systems wouldn’t work, for many reasons, and especially would end up reflecting poorly on those who’s work is based on a highly disliked topic. That’s my view, and clearly you don’t share it, which is fine. You began a topic to see people’s reactions, yet you’re arguing your case disrespectfully with everyone who doesn’t share your view :woman_shrugging:t2:

This comment is highly disrespectful. The entire episode community is filled with people who have different tastes in stories. One person may love a slow burn for instance, others may hate it. Same with the biggest complained about issue on the app… ability to CC. So when it comes to a rating, someone could leave a 1☆ rating for having no CC… that says NOTHING about the authors writing abilities. Quite frankly, you’ve made my point about issues in rating systems right there with your prejudiced view on what warranted someone’s low grade on a story. You have no right to presume that someone needs to improve their story, when it could just be that it isn’t to someone else’s preferred taste. It would cause more harm than good.

I know what you’re saying… making a popular story of a classic or ink style, into a new Limelight style. But what on earth makes you think that an app is just going to go around searching through old stories that no longer pull in those reads, just to remake content willy nilly, rather than making new content and buying update stories that are drawing an audience.

You talk about them buying it from the author as if that’s just a simple thing. Episode is an app. They need to make money, which means good investments and good profits from interaction. These things aren’t going to be bumped by investing in has-been stories, with no offence to those author’s, but if they stopped making them so long ago, then let it stay in the past and to be the author a chance to freshen it up in their own time if they wish to.


How am I lacking massive perspective when u are wrong in so many ways.

U are only saying All authors are readers on Episode- which is incorrect. I m not an author. Prolly there are more who only read stories on Episode like me.

U say u like to write story which u want to share with your audience and then u generalized the readers by saying they only love Mafia n Bad boys story.

U say u love your readers but when it comes to empower your reader u are against it.

At this point I think u are kinda confused😐

My quick, probably pointless, thoughts on these points.

  1. If the author is in control of the tag, sure. I wouldn’t like someone outside to tell me my story is discontinued though. Or removed, for that matter.

  2. See, the thing about this is… Not every author is good at taking constructive criticism. I’m not. If I hear negativity, I basically shut down. It’s a flaw I have, but yeah. And, this is the ceiling of the idea. Remember, trolls exist. Jerks exist. People without filters exist. There’s a great difference between Amazon reviews and story reviews; Amazon products are made by companies and they dont have feelings, being inanimate constructs as they are. Writers do though.

  3. I wouldn’t mind something like that, but… We have the forums. Most authors have an IG as well. So it’s not really something Episode needs. And besides, it bleeds into the whole jerk/toxic/troll issue.

  4. I have absolutely no opinion on this whatsoever. If they add it, cool. If they don’t, cool.

  5. That sounds like something the authors themselves should decide to do.


See u put your points and I understand that there are certain topics which ppl don’t like. So high chance they will get a bad review. I guess these stories have a niche here. And only a limited ppl likes to consume these stories. But if ppl don’t read the said story how will they able to give a feedback at the end of the story :thinking:

U talk abt CC. I have read a story which has no Customisation , No choices. And its also my favourite. Rather I recommend it to ppl to read it or atleast give it a try. So it’s a moot point. Just bcus few don’t like a certain feature wont make the story bad.

U see ppl have already formed a notion that if authors interact with readers it’s destined to be ugly. They will only interact with Jerks as someone said.

No doubt episode have removed Fanmail from Android bcus what’s the use of it if authors won’t hear his/her audience.

Just thought I’d try to clear up a few more things for you:

There will always be smaller authors who struggle with reads simply because they’re starting from a point with little to no follower/fan base or exposure.

If you want to promote your story on here, it’s actually a rule to have R4R as part of it, but irrespective of that, there are always going to be authors who want to do R4Rs.

When I was a teen, I made some dumb mistakes in a story, as a result I received an immense of hate, in excess of 4K comments, campaigns to have me banned, nasty messages, my other stories dragged, my followers dropping, my friends impacted and hung out to dry, slander, people keeping track of everything I did, mutuals being asked to “spy” on me, stalking, invasion of privacy with regards to my personal life, assumptions about my pregnancy. It got to the point where devs reached out to me to ask about the state I was in, and at the time I was in a very dark place outside of Episode anyway. I was pregnant to a guy that didn’t want the baby, I was living in a city I wasn’t familiar with, with people I couldn’t communicate with. My religious best friend at the time left me because of her beliefs, my mom was cold towards me, my nan wanted me disowned and my dad was disappointed. My life at that point was dark and bleak — I was suicidal and within the care of a hospital and then the Episode shit happening too on top of it. I did try really hard to fix my mistakes, but nothing I ever did seemed good enough and even now, I still pay the price for it. I can’t support movements without remarks, and every now and then I still get a nasty comment or incorrect tea page opinion posts about me. I have completely retreated within myself. I find it hard to post anything, and quite often I’ll second guess myself or even delete it before I post. You’ve no idea just how damaging such a scenario can be, but there are things like that which happen to others authors too. Friends of mine have had similar experiences and all in all, a review system is more likely to be weaponized in certain circumstances rather than used appropriately and respectfully.

A review system — I know it would be abused.

So, why, even years later when I’ve grown so much as a person and author should I still pay the price for that? Why should any stories I make with hard work suffer by people who don’t like me? Why should my mental health be put at risk for the sake of a review when my stories aren’t even products for sale? It’s only recently that I’ve decided to have fanmail turned on and that’s a huge step for me.
I just hope that gives you a different perspective (of many) to consider.

There’s also the fact that not every author is adequately notified of fanmails. I, myself have the email notifications turned on, but I still never see them pop in my inbox or Notification Center. They’re probably buried in a subcategory of my emails somewhere and that isn’t helpful. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case for a lot of authors. Readers also aren’t notified if they’re responded to, so that’s an Episode issue, not the author’s issue.

Yes, author interaction helps. But speaking from experience, sometimes it becomes hard to keep track of everything. I may not be a huge author, but in the past I’ve had trouble keeping up with DMs. It got to the point where I was trying too hard to respond to people who took an interest in my content, that it became hard to find the time to respond to my friends. Imagine the amount of messages and comments big authors get, hundreds, if not thousands. It’s unfair to expect that level of interaction from authors. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Also, not fighting with you here. I apologize if I offend you.