Things Episode need to fix/bring

You are looking at everything from your perspective. A very narrow-minded thing to do. Almost everyone, if not everyone, who has replied to you on this thread is explaining the flaws from an overall perspective. So for you to disregard the comments purely because that’s not how you see it, is frankly ridiculous.

That story may be your favourite, or the one you recommend to people the most, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that maybe 10x more people will complain that there is no CC, and tarnish that story because of it.

If you’ve ever seen some author’s fanmail section, or even their Instagram message requests, you will know how many people complain about CC, whether it is offered or not.

Readers are made up of so many people, all different, and many of these people in this community, badger/pester/harass and even bully authors because something about their content displeases them.

If you can’t take that into consideration when telling people here that they are “confused” for pointing out the negatives to your ideas, then I would say you should take a good look around at how the world works before stating your views as though it’s 100% accurate an inarguable.


No need to apologize :grin:
Feel free to reply. I can handle all sort of replies even when someone asks me to go write a story on this app😆

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I have seen Fanmail when it was still a thing on Android :laughing:
Even wrote one. And now I have started following some authors on Insta😊
To be honest so far I haven’t seen any comments regarding CC. There was a thread on this forum few days back where a new authors was asking how u feel if there’s no CC. And a general consensus was they are ok as long as it got good plot. Even some stories I have seen where authors have written that Customisation is allowed but not recommended. It doesn’t affect me to be honest. So yea it’s a pre conceived notion as I wrote that some ppl won’t like it toh mass will also not like it.

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That’s honestly pretty rude-- but I’ve seen this kind of thing all over Episode, if you don’t like a character, just leave :woman_shrugging:

But hey, the reader isn’t the one spending hours coding and writing, so I wouldn’t care that much for these messages :grin:


I happen to know your friend’s story and to be honest, if your friend doesn’t want the character to be customized by the reader, so be it! I still love Charlie’s character, nonetheless. Speaking from my POV, I prefer to have a well written character than one which I’m able to customize but has neither depth nor character development! Especially with Charlie being Indigenous, readers should accept that since the writer is addressing his origins further on as the plot keeps evolving around just that.

EDIT: Enabling customization also wouldn’t do justice to his character in my opinion.


Where did Rachel state that the only people who read Episode stories are writers?

At this point, I feel you are just trying to argue with people that don’t agree with your ideas. Instead of listening and understating the viewpoint of people who actually write, code, and produce stories for this platform, you keep interjecting your views (that of a demanding reader who wants all authors to write stories that cater to your needs without consideration of what the author wants to write about, what they don’t, and never wanting to take in account that people have lives outside of Episode, that the majority of them are doing this for fun and will likely never see any type of profit from their work.)


That u ask your friend where is the missing post😑

See it’s good that you are defending your view but I m not wrong when I am defending my points.

From YT to your app store there are lotsa creators who spend good amt of time on there end product.

Don’t ppl rate novels?
Don’t ppl rate apps?
Don’t ppl rate games/movies/serials n other entertainment stuff?

Or do they tell u that first go n make one of those then come back to rate us?

This isn’t a novel, app, or game/movie/series. Maybe you should try to to code three chapters, or better yet an entire story, and then come back to talk to us.

We do this in our free time because we want to. Not because we want our stories to be rated. You should be more open to the fact that you’ve never written an episode story, so you don’t know how much work it is.


U are writing on an app which itself asks u to rate the app the moment u open it.

So if I use your logic then I will be eligible to rate Episode when I myself design an interactive story app like Episode :neutral_face:

That’s rating Episode the app, not the story. Two completely separate things. Not sure what the second paragraph means, but it has nothing to do with what I just said.

You go make a Writer’s Portal account and code a simple conversation between two people. Then come back and talk with us.


Yeah, “So if I use your logic” is an insult, and highly offensive to me.


Sorry if u thought it was offensive but my point still stand. If I need to rate Episode then do I need to create an app like Episode first. And its not 2 different world. Creating an app also takes good amount of coding.

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Nobody’s talking about the app… We know that it takes a lot of coding. Most of the people on here are authors, we know that what we do is only a fraction of the work, but it’s still hard.
I’m talking about how this isn’t something that you should be rating. We didn’t come here to be rated or insulted. We came to have fun and do things for people. So a rating system isn’t something that should be implemented.


Hey, @Pepper99

We’re not saying you’re wrong for making this suggestion. It’s good that you want improvements! We’re just saying that you should remember to keep in mind that


But it won’t be insulting. That’s my point. It can be done gracefully.
I replied to someone who had similar concern that what will happen if someone dislike or put negative comments.

I told her Rating will automatically get fix the more ppl read n review it.

U see episode is already in a transition period where it’s asking authors to put Gem choices. So obviously a reader who is spending gems might think at the end that it was worth it and I want to write a review saying it was an awesome chapter/story n I m waiting for your next project. Even authors will be motivated if they see something like this. Why always think negative.

The community has unfortunately been very toxic. Authors will rate others’ stories 0 just so they can get on trending or something… There’s been a lot of competition. I’ve seen authors put their stories in the new LGBTQ+ genre just to get more publicity, even though their story focuses on a straight relationship. Weird, I know. :thinking:


Go read the flagging situation. That has not been handled “gracefully.”

No matter what happens, haters hate. They can handle it, but more haters will hate. It doesn’t matter if there are good reviews. The bad ones will still be there.

It is negative because the world isn’t sunshine and rainbows. The realization is that the same amount of people who love the gem choices will hate that authors keep adding them.