Things I barely see in stories!

Hi! I came on here for like the second time today (usually I come on more since I get messages or I have to get requests out or whatever) anyways, today feels like a sunday even though it’s saturday! It’s been a pretty dumpy day for me (heh, I kind of got dumped) see what I did there?
Anyways, (used once again), I decided to make a thread (another one for today) about things that are barely seen in stories!

  1. Present-tense stories.
    I feel like a lot of the stories are always told using the past-tense which is okay, but there are A LOT of stories that use it. How about using the present-tense??
  2. Realistic factor.
    It’s never really there within a lot of stories (especially the romance mafia ones) a topic that is tackled and attacked by almost everyone, so let’s not go there. There are also other stories that wouldn’t really happen.
  3. When couples are MARRIED AND WANT TO HAVE KIDS.
    Most kids are accidents because people become pregnant (accidentally)
    In most romance stories, the girl gets pregnant. quite common.
  4. Romance stories that aren’t about the common tropes.
    More people are starting to write more and more interesting stories that don’t include what you see on the featured list of Episode stories.
  5. A lot of people meet in bars (credit: @AMY20)
    These are just a few! Feel free to agree or disagree with me, or even add on! If you have anything to add on, then leave it below and then I will add it to the list and credit you!
    If you are disagreeing with me, please, please, please don’t be extremely rude!! Treat people with kindess :grin: :grin:

Wow. I completly agree with all you just say :purple_heart:

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In a lot of stories they meet at a bar (which is totally fine!) I actually don’t mind pregnancies in stories, I know a lot of people don’t like it and that’s fine :slight_smile: there was one story though where the MC got pregnant and I kind of didn’t like it because of what happened after.


Omg yes, I totally forgot about that one!!
And yeah, it’s okay, it depends on the story though because accidental pregnancy can cause a lot of different reactions so what happens after the fact could either turn out to be really good or the opposite…

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1: haven’t really noticed that

2: even though I write fantasy, I like realism. I try to make my story as realistic as possible and follow law rules and how things work. IRL. even though its a story with a dragon and some fairys

I like when a story is realistic. I want it to feel real.

3 so SPOILER ALERT. I actually have this in my story

I actually did a vote asking about, and we know most people have the getting pregnant story idea. but most actually voted that they were fine if it wasn’t an accident but plan

4 dont know what to sat to this

5 yes. and so often they are underage. I am so tired of that

a thing I think, never anything in common, the entire love story revole around how hot he is. looks arent everything, actually I kinda fell like it means nothing in a relationship I know some people care much more about it then me though
but still the people never talk about stuff they have in common
Yeah sure he is hot, but do he like video games, do we like the same music, do he even wanna watch Harry Potter. do he have any other interest than bang a hot girl and doing drugs and murder someone.

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imean i have an upcoming story called MY NAME IS YOU written in present tense , but idk how to help with the others lol


I definitely agree with you.
Yup that’s true i hate the features stories and we don’t really see any realistic love stories that much or anything realistic.

In my story at the almost to end the mc doesn’t want to have kids or get married while the love interest just wants to marry her she choose at the end. Readers pick lol

Well, it seems like in most stories everyone wants kids and marriage at the ending of the story.

Happy ever after

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Yeah I totally get it! Everything you said is super trueee

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Yep, the happily ever after is an element in a lot of stories!

Oooo that’s nice!

i definitely agree, especially with the bars
I think people use it cuz it’s just so easy and cliche to use


I agree

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Yeah, it is easy. lol

All of these are very true, but precisely what makes Speak by J. Miley such an amazing story.

Story takes place in the present tense. There are flashbacks of these that happened in the past, but the story is written in the present.

One of the top reasons I love Speak. It shows the very realistic portrayal of a girl struggling with past trauma (not the mafia falling for the gang leader and he makes everything magically better trope).

Based on the completed Ink version…

The MC and LI get married and actually struggle to conceive a child.

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I haven’t heard about that story. It sounds really good, so I think I will go check it out!!
And hahah that is true lol

yessss, normalize married couples not having children!!


I agree that we rarely see stories where a couple is married and actually want to have kids. We also rarely see stories where a couple is married and they don’t want to have kids, or the pregnancy is accidental and the MC does not want to keep the child (and has an abortion or puts the child up for adoption). Most stories are about accidental pregnancies from one-night-stands or boyfriends that end with the MC keeping the child and living “happily ever after” (after all that “baby daddy” and “crazy ex-girlfriend” drama, of course).

These things happen, of course, but I’d like to see more variety. And realism. Relatively realistic pregnancies would be nice to see, since most are portrayed as easy or downright ridiculous. Can we also normalize the use of contraception in stories while we’re at it? Using protection is highly important and I feel like it is hardly mentioned in stories.


Omg I know right!!! (about everything) especially the protection thing. Never have I ever seen it except maybe in one story lol


And that’s exactly why there are so many pregnancy stories :joy: Normalizing contraception use is a must.