Things I want Episode to Add


Like this post if Episode is great! Also reply to this post if you agree with anything on this list:

I want a story delete button on both mobile and computer!!!
I want a publish button on mobile!!!
I want Limelight to have more clothing options!!!
I want Limelight on mobile!!!
I want a color wheel for outfit and character creation!!!
I want more romance animations because relationships are not just kissing!!!
I want more stories with the option to date both genders!!!
More clothes for INK!!!
More backgrounds!!!
More props!!!
Report button for Featured Stories!!!

Spread the word everybody :v::blush:

More for INK! :heart:

I agree with most of these especially more clothing options for Limelight! We dont’t even have football jerseys for males.


Only if it doesn’t mean getting rid of INK on mobile.

Better underwear for INK.
Our INK avators back.
More backgrounds.
Being able to chose our preferences for ads (I’m an Australian, I don’t care about soccer).
Less restrictions on what I can publish.
Beards for guys.
Football as a prop.


YES! Everyone spread the word and list everything you want! Let’s take it the top


I agree with this! There is a lot still need to be on for LL, but I do wish scents so many people like INK better then LL they would add more stuff to INK also.


You should take this to the feature section if you want these to be a reality. Also there are already threads asking for a delete button so you should support that instead.


A report button on featured stories.


oh my god yes!!!


While these are good ideas, this post doesn’t follow the Feature Request Guidelines. I suggest editing it or else it may get closed or deleted. ^^


Moved to Episode Fan Community as this is less a request to the development team and more a discussion of desired features. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics, and check out the Feature + Art Suggestions category to show support for any features that are already requested. :wink:


I want the walk_angry animation for INK. :roll_eyes: I’m so sick of trying to figure out how someone’s supposed to storm for after an argument without crying. Walking away normally looks weird!


I know! I have that problem too!


If you guys really want to make some changes, head over to my poll and vote! You have until midnight on August 17th!


Different body shapes


Everything you all said, plus the option to CHOOSE INK or LL for the stories and avatars on mobile. Also, for the create section, EVERYTHING is avaliable.


I’d really like a filter button on the app because I feel like it’s impossible to discover new and different stories.


Good idea!


Yes, I would love all of these. I hope Episode reconsiders those things


I also wish that there are more of a variety of stories too! There are too many cliché stories. So not creative.