Things In Episode Stories People HATE

What is anything in stories people hate to see?


Long meaning less dialogue


Suuuuper long intros/outros and no punctuation


Grammatical errors
meaningless drama that never gets mentioned again
toxic relationships
toxic masculinity
women always being weak

  • Characters with no personality
  • Author introduction that isn’t straightforward
  • Innocent girl becomes a bad girl
  • Bad boys/bad girls (I’m tired of this trope honestly)
  • High school stories that explain no reason or even give a clue as to why the mean girl/football jock/anyone else is popular. They just are.
  • Stereotypes (unless there’s more depth to the stereotyped character, I can’t support them)
  • Mafia/Gang stories
  • Pregnancy stories
  • Awkward/Illegal relationships
  • Stories that glorify cheating
  • Stories that are too dramatic (Haute as Hell, Galactic Game, and The Pregnancy Game)
  • Stories where the music keeps going for an unnecessarily long time
  • Awkward quiet scenes (unless it’s for comedy purposes)
  • [I’m beginning to dislike seeing this in many romance stories, and it relates to my previous point] Awkward quiet scenes where the Female MC and Male LI do the idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop for half of the scene (am i the only one who sees this all the time?)
  • Toxic relationships of any kind
  • Cultural misrepresentation and cultural appropriation
  • Common names
  • Dialogue that sounds too professional unless it’s for a business scene (aka I will call him or I do not have time for this. It doesn’t sound right to me)
  • Capitalization of words in the description (it’s just so cringey and awkward to read out loud)
  • An unnecessary amount of text effects

EDIT ('cause I have more things that I hate):

  • Long narrations (unless they’re entertaining to me)
  • Narrating scenes you can easily animate (or they’re just not necessary at all)
  • Spotlight (I honestly don’t see much use out of this format)
  • Using a thought bubble to narrate a scene instead of a narrator bubble
  • (I can easily ignore this one sometimes) A character narrating with a regular narrator bubble instead of their name being above the narrator bubble. It can be confusing to know which POV we are reading from.
  • When a character is stuck in a certain animation after they are done speaking sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t)
  • (This is just a glitch that you can restart the app for, but) When the character is stuck in an idle animation when they should be talking. Also, sliding into a scene (it’s only an exception if it’s an app glitch)
  • Ugly outfit choices (or just bad/confusing). Why would you wear a bra (if it’s not strapless) with a crop top?

EDIT because I have even more things I hate

  • Support the author gem choices. I don’t like wasting gems on useless choices at all.
  • Episodes that last only 1 minute
  • When authors don’t display (Complete) in the story title. I have an android, so I can never tell if a story is complete or not.
  • Choices that you can still make even if you don’t select it (aka, you don’t use gems to go to a party but you still go there anyway).

I must be missing a ton of more things I hate, but that’s all I can think of for now (yeah, I’m a bit of a picky reader)

Oh, and did I mention bad grammar and bad directing? I can’t stand that.


lol i relate so much :joy: :rofl:


toxic relationships (it depends on how the author processes it.)
r*pe or any sexual assulting because of what are you wearing…
the “innocent girl” being too much awkward
mafia or gang stories…it depends again but they’re all just so same
as @Liz_Mar.episode already mentioned… women being always weak! like seriously? I’m sorry, but we women are not weak omg! I find it really disrespectful tho…
long, same,awkward and boring dialogues like “when he touched me I could’t help it so I kissed him, he just drives me crazy, the things I wanted to do with him.!:neutral_face:


omg yes… I was reading a story and one character was like “says black b*tch…” omg so disrespectful literally


So would it be necessary to introduce a character with like a back story? and have a longish scene on the relationship with the MC and the character being introduced?


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Back stories are always good, as long as they are important to the story, so I’d say… Go for it!


okay good to know, thank you


“They just are” This made me laugh because that is so true. :joy: Everyone just loves them for no reason. Like people in my classes don’t even remember my name sometimes. :joy:


Yes :clap: Btw I mean I’m tired of that too


Idk about you guys but women are stronger than men!
Maybe not physically but mentally and emotionally WE ARE!


I know right!

And ngl but I cannot relate to any mc!


My MC is shy but she’s not weak.
I relate to her because I created her but she’s in boxing, when some tough stuff happens in her life she goes and finds help rather than letting herself succumb to it.
And she’s out there growing.
I also want to see more MCs become happy on there own and not because they are in a relationship.

  • Too much narration
  • Toxic relationships
  • Stereotypes (especially the gender and racial stereotypes)
  • Bad boys
  • Mafia
  • The male LI saving the female protagonist from sexual assault (I guess this is supposed to be a meet-cute of some kind or something, but it’s not cute)
  • Women always being portrayed as weak and in need of saving
  • Every single Limelight male having the athletic body (abs aren’t common in real life)

I’ll probably think of some more later.


ugh it’s a long list for me but my biggest pet peeve is when authors romanticize THINGS THAT SHOULD’NT BE ROMANTICIZED! (ie. gang life, drugs, toxic relationships, etc.)


Toxic relationships! Guilt tripping, etc, and all that @Dramatic said and more