Things In Episode Stories People HATE

Hey Alexandra_Rose,

Thank you for this thread. For me personally, I stop reading a story if the following things are in it:

  • Authors who have there character in the story ‘as introduction’ every episode in the story (taking half of the time of the episode) :point_right: I have my character also in my story, but I don’t use her in every episode. I try to minimize her presence in my story.;
  • Black screens (for narration or for fun) :point_right: I had it in the past, too… But I got irritated about those black screens… Try to fill in those narrations during animations and with non-black backgrounds;
  • Really short episodes :point_right: I have the feeling I am wasting my passes with short episodes. If you have a short episode and a cliffhanger;
  • Or as @SunniiClouds said it in the right way :point_right: long meaningless dialogue;
  • Stories about mean girls and innocent nerdy girls who are ‘changing’ the bad boy (who doesn’t give a :zipper_mouth_face: about the girls anyway and treats them as :poop: ) ;
  • Stories that support violence and harm;
  • Stories that support toxicity in relationships;
  • What @Dramatic says right :point_right: Stories that glorify cheating;
  • Stories that are not compatible for 13 year olds without warning;
  • Stories that support discrimination against culture or the lgbtqplus-section.

If I missed something else I give a scream… :clown_face:

Love A-W


physically too!

We can hold HUMANS in our BODIES!


i mean what else do you expect people to write?

You can write anything as long as it isn’t offensive, boring, or problematic. I didn’t say you couldn’t write these things, :woman_shrugging:t4: but I know there are better ways for authors to utilize them.


I agree to a degree, but I also know There are people who see EVERYTHING as problematic. I’ve seen two hate pages on Instagram cuz of such people.

But I see your point.


Anyone who can’t stand to see anything (at all) in stories just probably hates reading (or probably is bored as heck and trying to find a reason to hate). I would try not to let those hate comments get to me.


I working on a story too my MC is shy and insecure about her weight but her navy father taught her self defense, she doesn’t bite her tongue for no one she gets it from her mom😊


A man could never deal with that type of pain.
When men get sick it’s as if they are dying but when we get sick we still cook , clean, work etc.


That sounds awesome!

And periods dude! They don’t have to go through that either!


God forbid a man take birth control :rofl:
I know some of you are young but as an adult myself, it’s annoying and they believe that it’s their right that we take hormones


Hit the nail on all the points I appreciate you


Aww thank you, hun!! :point_right: I appreciate you, too!! :heartbeat:


Sexy,arrogant,cocky billionaire/bad boys/teachers/mafia/criminals
Love triangles
Lack of choices
Useless choices
Lack of clothing options
Stories without sound​:cold_sweat::cold_sweat:
Cliches: LI saves MC from a creep because us women surely can’t protect ourselves yeah,mean girls, one dimensional best friends. Also MC’s seem to only have female friends, if they have a male one he’s either the boyfriend of her BFF, gay, or has had a crush on MC since forever. Seriously? A boy and a girl can be friends without one of them being gay or else.


fun fact male birth control was rejected. because of the side effect, which where the same as the female has, reason female got approved is because pregnacy have more birth effects

Agree with most stuff,
Dont make an author charatere there is no reason for it to exist

If you give CC either dont add or warn before CC ( actually do it before naming too) if you add art scenes body overlays or describe looks of the characters


I’m reading an Episode story to get gems. Why the heck do you need to SPEND gems to wear something IN YOUR OWN CLOSET? TH kind of society do these characters live in.


I despise super long art scenes like when they go to one zone then another zone slowly im like please hurry up.


Art scenes are awkward when your custom characters don’t look like the original characters.


Yes they are oml

And partially why i detest them :roll_eyes: