Things In Episode Stories People HATE

Looks like you hate everything :joy:


I used to not mind any of this in stories, but now I do since there’s very few good stories on Episode

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I understand!

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Like what the heck is this

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Throwing away 20 gems or take another crappy choice. :clown_face: No serious. If I see gem-choices like that I stop reading the story.


Ugh, me too. I’m reading two Episode stories now to GET gems so I can use them in other stories, not squander them.

WEAR SOME NICE DRESS FROM YOUR OWN CLOSET OR SHOW UP IN CASUAL CLOTHES THE PLAYER WOULD BE MORE LIKELY TO WEAR IRL!!1!!1! And don’t forget to shame the MC for wearing yoga pants instead of a diamond-studded dress due to the fact that the player can’t/won’t spend gems on that. Like, it’s always a friend/minion going, “hEy, yOU sHouLd wEaR tHiS!!1!!!1” who looks disappointed/sad that you “choose” to be more comfortable in a black t-shirt and sweatpants.

What in the Actual

I was reading It Starts with a Lie yesterday and came to a choice where you either spent 20 :gem: to get the mean girl (Karen) to delete pictures of the MC’s journal or let her keep them. And then like two speech bubbles later, the MC goes, “I didn’t realize how bad those photos would be in the future” or something like that. :roll_eyes: :dizzy_face:

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OMG… That’s what I hate about gem choices… :sweat_smile: I read a featured story… Spent 80 gems for it and had 15 gems left. After that I only could go on a date with the LI when I spent 16 gems for it. :woman_facepalming: Serious?? :woman_facepalming: In my story is only a support the author-option after every 5 episodes. :wink: I don’t want that the reader of my stories waste gems on (crappy) choices… :blush:

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I think I mentioned an evil idea I had on another thread, or maybe it was this one: writing a story where the object is not to spend gems by making all of the gem choices horrible.


I don’t even do gem choices in my stories :roll_eyes: They’re so annoying.

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  • Stories that glorify crime, r*pe, abuse, mental illness, cheating, racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, etc

  • Weak Female leads

  • Makeover stories

  • Author intros at the beginning of the story

  • Student teacher relationships

  • Toxic relationships

  • Mean girl doesn’t like the MC because she exist

  • Stories where it looks like you have a choice but you still end up being dragged to a party or end up with the :poop: LI

  • People invading the MC personal space

  • Characters forcing the MC to get back together with their ex the LI and not respecting the MC when they say no (I’m looking at you All I Want For Christmas)


I am going to make my evil gem story. It’s happening.

  • When MC has a dilemma that is only fixed by the LI

  • MC being an asshole and the author calling it “Bad Bitch Energy” when in reality a bad bitch is a person who doesn’t care about beauty norms, social norms and praises people for being themselves.

  • I HATE HATE HATE HATE when s3xual assault or s3xual harassment is used as a plotting device.

  • Stupid bad boy with the “you don’t understand… I’m Br (ok)en …” back story, give it up Tyler own up to your shitty behavior.

  • Misinformation about someone’s identity, culture, mental disorder and etc.

  • Toxic stereotype that makes me every word that ends with phobic (example: The gay horny twink bottom bestie who CANT stop talking about his Grindr date, like STFU twink anit nobody wanna listen to your dry ass story about how you normalize obnoxious and toxic tropes that comes to the LGBT community.)

  • Normalizations of misogyny and toxic masculinity

  • The name Liam and Leo.

  • Toxic behavior that is listed as “cute, hot, daddy busting sexy and overprotective”.

  • MC that has no disposition, thought progress of things nor does the b*tch know how to cry.

  • The Geese to Swan makeover aka the whole " Nerdy girl turns into hot barbie tiddy gf". It’s a literal misogynistic outplay that pressures the idea that the only way you could get a loved one is looking beautiful and that women’s sheer existence is to look hot, cook, shit then sleep.

  • The stupid bitch ass best friend who doesn’t have a life of her/his own that their only sheer of existing is to praise MC and lick MC’S booty crack ALL the time .

  • LIS who are REALLY guilttrippy towards you cause you’re not giving them sum of your good good.

  • MC: Slaps best friend for comedy goals lol lele pons comedy level

  • Again, the name Liam and Leo.

:sweat_smile: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :rofl: Well I still can handle the name Leo… But Liam??? :roll_eyes:


Theyre so overused like I have PTSD from all the Liams and Leos that has been represented in toxic mafia stories :skull:


I get the-bold-and-the-beautiful-vibes if I hear the name Liam. :clown_face: :mask: :zipper_mouth_face:


LMAO :joy::joy: but I agree.

And when the best friend forces the MC to go to a party. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Or when the best friend insists you fall in love with LI, like I lose interest so fast if a bitch tells me what to do.
It’s the whole mom walking in while you’re doing the dishes and tells you to do the dishes, then you have this feeling of anger so you don’t want to do it anymore.