Things in stories that make you NOT want to finish

there’s a lot but I’m tired so I’m just gonna say when I’m reading a non CC story and they change some characters appearance halfway through the story.


a random pregnancy is a big no from me. And if there are too much grammar errors it annoys me so I wouldn’t finish it lol. Another thing is micro aggressions —— I see too many stories on this app that are indirectly misogynistic :roll_eyes:


What makes me get tired of a story is when the chapters are so long I just get tired of reading that one chapter


That should be okay, I think they mean it more by having to customise the mc’s whole family, the li’s family, friends etc

Hey, this isn’t the right thread to ask for a story but the story ur talking about is “The devil in disguise.” they removed it from the app so pls pls pls stop asking this. Thank you


Every thing i put in this list + when the MC does something I find really embarrassing. I get second hand embarrassment and leave the story, and it takes me a while to come back and finish

Long long intros that i can’t skip, when the author or the narrator tells me about all the characters before I start playing, When we have to customize every single family member, and friend.


For me, I get really annoyed with grammar mistakes, customization for background or not so important characters, suuuuuuper long or short chapters, boring starting of the story (like when the MC wakes up from bed and goes to get a coffee or smth and explains her whole life in that one chapter), episode clichés (for example, nerd falls for highschool bad boy), rereading chapters, extra talk - when they zoom in or show an art scene and put like 90 pieces of dialogue in it will zooming slowly, boring plot or the story isn’t going anywhere, SUPER SLOW CHARACTER CHANGING OUTFITS - like why don’t you just use dustoff_neutral_loop?!! You don’t need to start at the legs and zoom up in the span of like a minute- i just wanna se the outfit!

Lol I wrote a lot and I sound judgy sorry bout that, but i do have a lot of pet peeves
Also sorry if I repeated any ideas


Let me tell you! I hate when you’re reading a story, and then a few days/weeks/months later there’s a new chapter and you want to play it, and then the game tells you the owner made a miniscule change in the last chapter you just read so now you have to read it again …


YES! there’s a story I was reading that ALWAYS made me reread chapters, it was very annoying, I think it was called “My sister’s crush” or sth, anyways, story’s great overall I actually recommend it (but the rereading was a big turn off to me)


Agree!! I know Episode is fiction, but no one is going to be ok with the fact that they are the second option (unless they don’t have dignity)

thank you!!! I 100% agree

  • I don’t finish stories when the plot and ending become predictable. I almost quit a story because MC got pregnant and everything went “perfect” but the author was able to surprise me at the end.
  • I don’t finish stories if the story is only focusing on the MC and LI. I like when secondary characters actually have subplots and personalities and their lives don’t revolve around the MC/LI.

“He towered over me looking like a Greek God with his chiseled abs almost bursting through his shirt, his toned muscles underneath his clothes. A jaw so fine that it could cut and blue/green eyes I could get lost in forever.”



Exactly! I also hate it when in a book where there’s multiple LIs who all have personalities and the MC chooses one, the others don’t find anybody by the end of the story. That’s why I’m thinking of making my MC’s LIs have other LI options in their stories, and now that I think about it, I could make some of their choices be “should I follow my heart with this character, or should i finish the goal I set for myself?”


I can’t handle if the character we are playing as plays with people feelings. Thats why I can’t handle stories with more than one love interest it just feels wrong to me PERSONALLY. I know a lot of people enjoy it but I’m a very indecisive person hahaha.

But there are some stories where you keep choosing options against a specific person but its still ends up as “I loVe jOhnNy aNd bOb” like bro HAHAHAHAHA.




One this I absolutely dislike is and I don’t know if anyone said this but it’s when the first chapter is pure customization, no intro, no get to know the characters just pure customization. Like the reason i read a first chapter is to get a intro and to get hooked. Also if your going to have a customization only chapter then don’t make it the first one and make it where you customizing at least 5 characters not the MC and Li because no one(at least me) wants to customize on the first chapter. Also customization take at seconds to 3 minutes per a character depending on the design. So I DISLIKE CUSTOMIZATION ON THE FIRST CHAPTER WHEN IT’S ONLY CUSTOMIZATION AND NOT INTRO.

  • Excessive narration, why use a ton when you can just show the reader what’s happening in real time? Narration is always better off left for intense moments imo.

  • I find it kind of annoying when we can see other character’s thoughts when the story is being shared through the lense of the MC. Did MC just gain the ability to read minds?

  • The “evil” ex girlfriend that tries to physically hurt MC. Done too often, over it.

  • Forced love that progresses too quickly. I’m okay w a fast paced story as long as it fits the context, but I’m tired of the “love at first sight” thing. Pls progress your character’s relationships, I beg.

  • SA of any kind, unfortunately a lot of authors use it excessively and it just makes me uncomfortable.

  • Bad grammar and awkwardly long transitions in/out of a scene.

  • Forced comedy is another one, it’s so obvious when you’re trying too hard to be funny & it honestly just kills it for me. Or when the comedic relief takes up too much of the chapter, and you don’t have enough serious story.


1. Too much narration.
2. Lack of punctuation marks or sentences starting with lower case letters.
3. Too much clichés.
4. Irritating characters, unrealistic dialoges stb.
5. Mafia. (Why is this so popular anyways?)
6. Soulmates. (I mean… why is this exist? Probably it’s an unpopular opinion, but I think it’s just a cheap excuse to create some forced bond between the MC and the LI.)
7. Too long stories. (This is my fault, but I usually get bored over 20-30 episodes. Or just to be extreme: I found once a story which contained 1000 episodes, plus had a sequel! Who has time for that?)
8. Unnecessary or too long scenes. (Like as was said before, for example long zooms in dressing games or long fades.)
9. Out of nowhere romance, or when in a 30-episodes story the MC get a relationship in chapter 5, and then the following 25 is just unnecessary drama.
10. Damsel in distress or unviable MC.


OMG I hate this one so much. And it’s always like the LI narrating out of nowhere how much he likes the MC or how he can’t control himself because of her and I’m like…dude pls. No…

I love slowburn so whenever I see characters in love and dating on chapter 3 I’m always left with huge questions marks over my head. Where did that come from??? Why??? Always makes me wonder if whoever wrote it ever actually fell in love before, because that’s not realistic at all. Besides it makes the story boring and flat.


Most stories do this, and that’s why I swore to give a different option for other LIs if the MC doesn’t pick them

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Things in stories that make me not want to finish:

  • When the story is flat and doesn’t have a twist to it.

  • Plot gets too messy or predictable.

  • The author does a hour speech every episode and says “tHiS iS mY fIrSt StOrY” and “ThE ePiSoDeS wIlL gEt lOnGer” etc.

  • Authors trying to do complicated directing
    but messes up badly.

  • When the episode is too short / long.

  • Stories which either have three episodes or two hundred.

  • Stories when they say “rEaD ePiSoDe OnE oNlY”

  • Stories focusing on the Mafia.

  • Episode featured stories having no uniqueness to them and gem choices not doing anything besides shaming you for not buying outfits and loosing points also.

    :every time when you get close to kissing the LI in an efs and it
    :says “sPeNd %% GeMs tO sPiCe ThInGs uP”:

girl, I-

(I really wonder who approves all of this and this game is for 13+)…

  • Episode stories made in ink (etc) but have limelight (etc) people in their cover.

(not a turn-off but I wanted to add it anyway)

Why are they using the cover from troublemaker???
It doesn’t even match the story. aqfswbdetjiyferl

  • When the story gets intense for no reason.

  • MC is a baddie to everybody but when it comes to the LI she’s all awkward and shy (idle_awkward every five seconds).

  • Cringe and boring narration (eg. “he pinned me against the wall as the mafia leader kissed my neck passionately”).

  • Over the top long intros / outros every episode.

  • When the BF obsesses over the bAd BoY in the story and every episode tells the MC to hook up with him (girl you have him then).

  • Episodes algorithm with the trending section.
    :pay %% to read the next six episodes or wait one week: *

  • When there’s a love hexagon going on which makes no purpose to the story.

  • The mean girl and the minions being there to fill up empty space.

  • Having to customise every character in the story including the pet dog which we will never see.

  • The story dragged on for too long when it could of ended at episode twenty-five.

  • Seeing gem choices in community stories…

  • MC gets cheated on in the first episode.

  • Long dead scenes.

  • ‘Sudden’ end to the episode.

  • The author obsessing over the LI and makes themselves as a couple… (with the hour long speech every episode included too lol)

  • Authors putting themselves in their story having more screen time than the actual characters.

  • MC ending up as a side character (vice versa).