Things in stories that make you NOT want to finish



I also have a slight hatred for people who think that “British” means that the character is English. The last time I checked, Great Britain included England, Wales and Scotland.


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  1. Too much focus on how “hot” a love interest is, or how “sexy” they are. Even if I wasn’t ace, this would still confuse me. The episode app illustrations aren’t bad by any means, but they’re kind of goofy. I can’t see any of them as “hot” if I don’t know anything about them.

  2. Continuation of point 1, when physical appearance + 1 or 2 hobbies or quirks is considered a substitute for a personality.

  3. Romance happens too fast! Where are all the slow burn stories?

  4. Bad characters getting rewarded for their bad behavior for the sake of plot progression. If you’re going to make the MC fall for a bad boy, he sure as heck better have worked for it and actually improved as a person.

  5. Catty Popular blond rival. Sigh. If this is subverted and the catty blond actually becomes a good friend to the main character then I actually love it.

  6. Too much customization. I don’t mind customizing the MC once in awhile, but I want to read YOUR story, and learn about YOUR characters. It pulls me out of the story if its too obvious the MC is written to be a blank slate.

  7. Boring & token depictions of minorities. I don’t want to read about your totally original sassy black best friend or your fierce gay theater partner. Try writing them as people first, please?

  8. If a story has anything like, “It will get better after chapter 3” or “I suck At summaries” anywhere near it I won’t even bother.

  9. Chapter 1 is JUST customizing. Won’t bother with chapter 2. Chapter 1 is free so I can test to see if your story is worth reading. I’m not gonna waste a ticket to start your actual story, sorry.

  10. Anything with “Bad Boy” in the title. I actually like this trope, but I’ve yet to see it done in an Episode story that actually held my interest.

There’s more, but… I’m ranting, lol!


All of these are perfect. I’m glad someone else takes issue with that first thing you mentioned. The constant focus on “sexy” love interests is just so… unrelatable.


It’s gratifying you agree! It’s honestly my least favorite thing I see on this app, and it’s so common, haha.


Thanks so much for this. They keep saying how "hot/“sexy” they are and i really dont get calling ppl tht at all tbh. Idk most ppl focus on tht crap it gets so old. They never have an intresting personality either just supposedly “hot” or their personality is either flirty or bland af.
Idk…maybe i just dont understand “romance” at all.