Things in stories that make you NOT want to finish



You definitely understand romance. It isn’t just about looks. Whenever I am writing, I tend to ask myself what would make this character “hot” on episode but stand out further than the standard. My thing is: I would pick a few cartoon characters that I love moreso because of their personality. They may be good looking cartoon characters, like Sebastian and Ciel from Black Butler or Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon, but what makes them “hot” is their ambitions, intellect, and mannerisms.

So, how can I make an ink or a LL character stand out of the normal “hot guy on Episode” standard? Create a flawed, yet, good-hearted personality. A person isn’t fully “hot” until they have a reason to be. Therefore, my supposed “hot” brazilian chocolate butler is the inevitable love-interest/MC. The EIFJ-A Type (Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging, and Assertive type). His best personality trait is his broad-minded, flexible intelligence as well as his tender and elegant loyalty. His worst trait is his pessimistic or insecure attitude toward himself. And, he can be the bad boy who is vey manipulative and suspicious until the reader finds out his friendly intention. My butler character may be the only “bad boy” on episode to not act or be “bad.” Yes he had a terrible background, but out of it he became somebody to help people rather than “hurt them and smoke junk” like the usual bad boys. But, just because he is nice, don’t mean he isn’t bad. Mess with his employer and the antagonist can kiss his ahh-attitude! There may be children present. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :laughing:


Mhmn. A characters journey makes them all the more intruiging(and beautiful) seeing how their past shaped them to who they are currently and who theyll be in the future. U can have a asethically pleasing character but personality definently counts loads(a full package). Ik i play CC stories and make my LIs the same but the personality tht each author gives determines a lot if i think they r bland or intresting(if tht makes sense). Idk ppl make so many characters swoon with lines like this
LI:(meets MC 5 seconds ago) hey beautiful
MC:(sighs lovingly)(smiles) he called me beautiful
Sorry im rambling its 2am ha…


True. Also, I think it is appropriate to ramble here. lol


I really want to read your story now. That description of your love interest was amazing. What’s your story called?


An excessive amount of gem choices that heavily affect your ability to choose what you want for your character.
Drives me crazy; I’ll stop reading no matter how much I like the plot.


I won’t stop reading but it bothers me so much. I love episode but there is no way I am wasting some money just too unlock a choice that won’t effect me in my everyday life.

I wonder if they released Gem choices to everyone in order to boost sales because less people were purchasing Gems for the Big stories?


Yeah, that makes sense. I have seen so many threads of the sort talking about how they wouldn’t read the big stories because of the gem choices. (Like me.) Since this is my first time typing on this thread and taking in my thoughts and opinions I have a few things that frustrate me.

  1. Like said before in this thread, the CC. I have no preference of the sort to have cc, but I do dislike the way it is all first episode. I had once reviewed a story that only had cc for the 3 episodes. 1 for each character. I didn’t enjoy that a bit. I also feel that characters shouldn’t be introduced with something like. “This is Chelsea and she is a popular girl that loves bad boys! She is your enemy.” Like no, I rather look and see the character and how they act. I will get the traits better than the author just telling me. It’s like a book or movie. You don’t see or, read that.

  2. The cliches. Don’t let me get started on them. I dislike the way they are taliored. Bad boy abuses girl. Girl loves Bad boy. It is so wrong and incorrect. The gang stories follow in this category. I like some that aren’t overly this girl fixed my bad ways. I never felt love before. Yes it is sweet but the way they treat them in the beginning what girl will stick with that?


Butler Until Midnight: Truth Behind Closed Doors is my story, but the only situation that I have right now is that it isn’t published, yet. However, if you want to read it after I publish it, you can follow me on instagram. @arocsirrahinc.cnh.

I’ve just always liked creating characters and their backgrounds. it has always been my favorite part when coming up with a story.


I agree with this.

I think gem choices should be used sparingly, for really special stuff. I never use my gems, because I don’t know if it’ll be worth it or not.

I like the idea of building up to specific, special scenes, and THAT’S when you get the option to use gems to make a unique choice. It makes me feel like it was more worth it.

Personally, I think I would only include maybe one or two gem choices in an entire story, and save it for being near the end.


I definitely agree with your opinions!

  1. I had to waste a pass for customisation on a story the other day and that frustrated me because the author hadn’t updated in months and it turned out to be a customisation chapter. I always put customisation and the start of the episode but for a brief second before continuing the story because I don’t want people to feel like their passes are being wasted.

  2. I totally agree. The guy is always so horrible to the girl but they end up falling in love and usually have a kid together. My story does involve a gang but instead of it being super cliché, the leader stops producing weapons and changes it into a Humanitarian effort to provide medical supplies to countries that are vital to keep people alive but are often expensive and illegal in their countries. I would prefer to read gang stories that aren’t heavily focused on the ‘love’ aspect of it all.


I’ve seen a lot of things I agree with, and just wanted to add a few things that I haven’t seen people saying:

  1. When there’s 50+ chapters to a story. I know it’s probably so good that it had to keep going, but I don’t have the commitment for that. To me, over 40 chapters means the chapters are either too short or the plot gets rehashed a lot. Maybe I’m just a cynic, but I think the best stories end when they need to end.

  2. No editing in the title/preview. I know that English isn’t everyone’s first language and spelling errors happen, but the description is the first thing we see as readers. If there’s a glaring spacing or spelling error in that, most of the time I won’t even read. I know it’s more picky but if the grammar is too bad in the actual dialogue most of the time I stop reading,

  3. Vampires. I know I’m out of the preteen demographic and vampires are the hot thing in young adult fiction but… I just… Am so tired… If a being lives forever why on earth would it decide to go to high school or fall in love with a teen?!? I just feel like this trope is used as a crutch to create character development or drama.

  4. Misplaced social justice. Before you crucify me, listen. I’m all for stories tackling issues that impact the black, LGBTQIA+, divergent, disabled, and other minority communities. But there have been several stories that just insert ideas randomly. The one that comes to mind is Birds of Passage (which I actually quiet enjoyed), where two characters randomly are discussing that having a POC/gay/etc friend doesn’t make you not ___-ist. The dialogue just seemed out of place and put in for virtue signalling. I know that Episode is an app played by younger audiences so exposing them to these ideas is powerful, but I guess what I really take issue with is the stilted way these ideas are presented. As an autistic person, I hate stories that have an autistic/nuerodivergent character because their condition furthers the plot. Really, I just want to see more stories where the issues we want to talk about are portrayed and explored organically, rather than just randomly plopped into dialogue and called a day.

  5. Sexual harassment/assault being portrayed as sexy. Looking at you “It Starts With a Bra” :roll_eyes: I know it’s an easy way to establish mystery, and I even liked Twilight, but we have got to stop allowing ‘bad boys’ (or even generic LIs) to just kiss MC without permission, see her naked without consent, breaking into her house, or pin her up against a wall to intensely talk to her. It’s a cheap way to great tension and I stop reading immediately.

  6. Excessive Narration. Directing is hard, really hard. But a story that just tells me what the character is thinking, who people are, what’s happening in the narration bubbles isn’t giving me a chance to engage with the story. I want to guess about relationships, what’s going to happen, not be told. Really, excessive narration just feels patronizing to me. And I know it’s not meant to!! A lot of people just put it into the story because it’s the quickest and easiest way. But don’t sell your readers short.


Ohh I will follow on insta your character sounds intresting.


Wow sounds like a great story!

What is it called?


100% agree with you about the gay best friend! Being gay/transgender doesn’t change their personnality nor their temper


It’s called Tokyo Underground although I think I gave you a big spoiler lmao :joy:


I can’t stand grammar and spelling mistakes. I am not a grammar freak, and a few minor mistakes here and there don’t bother me, but when it’s constant, and major, I can’t read the story. It annoys me too much.


Hmm. It’s okay atleast I know I am going to love it!


Cool! I suppose that’s what the image was for, huh? I will check it out too because it sounds awesome!


I hope you do. I know there are a few errors (not ones that will effect the flow of the story or impact it in a major way) but I’m not going to fix them just yet because the story has 11 episodes so I don’t want to disrupt peoples reading patterns. Sorry in advance!


Yep! The image still hasn’t been reviewed yet though which sucks but I cannot wait to use it :slight_smile: