Things in stories that make you NOT want to finish



I’ve become absolutely tired of stories that include random pregnancies. Almost every single high school drama story includes a character that gets pregnant without wanting it and it honestly tires me out, especially since it’s often very unnecessary. Don’t add in a pregnancy just to cause drama.
Also, having an MC that does not stand up for herself, who’s just being passive and waits for everybody else to stand up for her … honestly, it can make me quit an entire story. Just today, I was reading a story where the MC got both physically and mentally abused by her fiancée and she didn’t seem to do anything about it. She didn’t tell anyone, she didn’t leave him or move out of their house and that honestly annoys me because I feel like the author is trying to make women come off as weak. I get that in real life some people would actually be too afraid of an abusive lover to actually do something, but there are also tons of people who’d be the exact opposite (myself included) and that’s what I want to see. I want to see women stand up for themselves and not let them be controlled by stupid, abusive husbands.


When stories keep skipping into parts like first Hes there then here and there and it’s so confusing


When the story’s style is Limelight O_O .


For the naming the character thing, I’m alright with that. I just use my name. but I read a story where it literally wanted you to name everything. the city you live in, the city you move to, your best friends name like calm down that just shows you’re not creative enough to make your own names


Stories that take too long to get to the main point. I read one story I got to chapter 31 and we still didn’t reach the main point :roll_eyes: I just stopped reading it.


I quit when an imbalanced gem choice pops up. (Like, in Vampire’s Kiss, you have to pay gems in order to keep your boyfriend (the non-gem choice is to break up with him for plot reasons). I hate that choice in particular, because he’s the only love interest in the story.)

I would probably quit on bad grammar/spelling, but you can usually guess by the description in my experience. As a personal taste thing, I also auto-quit when I see a mature content screen (if I couldn’t guess from the description).


Almost every story has a mature content screen. Usually authors who don’t have stories that are that mature put it there just in case readers may think a scene is mature or something. Mature has different meanings to different people too.


The subjectiveness of “mature content” is true, although in my experience, most stories I open don’t have that screen. Maybe it’s because I’m a pretty picky reader anyway, and don’t open stories that are focused more on a relationship than an outside plot.