Things in stories that make you NOT want to finish



OK I have a question- Would you prefer the author telling you there is CC and just get limited CC, or would you prefer no CC?

(@WinterRose this question wasn’t directed at you lol, I was just curious because a lot of people like CC)


In my oppinion, it depends. I mean, in my story, I don’t have CC, because it’s based on reality, so I made my characters look like in real life. In other stories, it depends on how the characters look. (I don’t like some features, like some lips or eyebrow shapes and if the MC has those features I don’t like, it annoys me, but not as much as to make me stop reading that story). But in general, I don’t really care if the story is CC or not.


pornography-related stories
uhm uhm episode featured stories


When its way to dramatic
When choices dont matter
when the MC is to weak
to much narration


Personally, I prefer CC. I like RPG games and I like seeing how many races I can make. But, if a story has no cc or limited CC, I would understand. I’ve done it in my story for one out of three temporary love-interests. It’s not so much as Kin has a certain look, but I’m limited to what I can do when it comes to coding and making sure that errors are gonna mess up everything.

I have three love interests, one can be customized as either a male or a female. I have to add Kin/ny’s customization and make sure that the parents will match with every choice that the reader makes. Like, let’s say if you select bold eyes, I have to not only code the LI’s eyes in that choice, but also look up matching eyes for the parents and code that in the one choice as well. Some people haven’t even figured out that we are supposed to do that and create a billion customization in one sitting for nothing! I don’t like too many, but I do like customization AND none at all if the story is well made.

For people who don’t know how to code family with the MC, here is a sample:

Family Coding
What color should your eyes be?

choice [shouldPaginate: YES]
“Black Brown”{
@MAINCHARACTER changes eyesColor into Hickory
@DADDYMC changes eyesColor into Brown
@MOMMYMC changes eyesColor into Hickory
goto eyesColorf_0
} “Change eye shape”{
goto eyesf_0
}“Looks good!”{
goto female_li


What story have u made?


I typing a butler story. Things will come out in a few months. I haven’t decided which one yet.


Ok.ill check it out when its ready n.n


Thank you!


•Student/Teachers stories
•Stories about people liking/in relation with their step father/brother etc are so freaking weird. Why would yo even think to make a story like that? :mask::mask:


I agree!


Bad grammar and spelling. An over abundance of poop/fart jokes. Doormat main characters that never stop being a doormat.


My thoughts exactly and let’s not forget the ones with a sugar daddies mama’s and babies ugh it makes me sick to my stomach to see that content.


This! Especially for student/teacher relationships, even if they are legal of age, it’s more about the whole imbalance of power that makes it really wrong, to me


Yes! I read one about a college professor and his student. People were saying it’s okay because they are both adults, it’s still weird because it’s an abuse of power. It kind of reminds me of people shipping Ezra and Aria on PLL.


I don’t like stories where the bad boy is a **bad guy. ** It’s okay if he’s too cool for school, and stuff like that, but when he treats the Mc so badly, and she’s falling all over him? Also, I dislike when the MC is always this shy and timid girl who lets people walk all over her. Or maybe she’s just plain rude but guys stil fall for her? :face_with_monocle:


Stories where students fuck
“TEachErs.” :woman_facepalming:t5:


hahahahaha more like “pedophiles” :^)




One thing in stories that makes me not want to finish is when you make a choice but the character does the opposite thing.

For example, let’s say you’re at a party / club.

Best friend: Come on, have a drink!

Choices are “Yes, give me a drink!” and “No, I’d rather not drink.”

I choose “No, I’d rather not drink.”

What happens instead is —

Best friend: Oh come on, just have a drink!

MC: Okay!

I tend to get annoyed when this happens.