Things in stories that make you NOT want to finish



Crappy cliches with Mary sue Mc.divacurls. characters who suck dick every episode. Then in the 5th episode, they suddenly change for your character and oh my “parents died”, that isn’t a good excuse to bully someone Mc.divacurls! Lazy character development that’s what it is. They just use bully characters for a lazy villain for their story. At least let them have LAYERS. :unamused:


okay so I agree completely I have so many stories in favorites that I want to read but I read the first chapter and go NO like
opens up with a character that the author hasn’t even customized (wth)
opens up with a kiss scene sometimes it can be okay if it’s like "no ill tell you how this happened"but if not it’s like wth wth wth
next stories that throw me away after x amount of episodes
random pregnancy unless it ties into a Big plot or even a 2nd part I hate it
having a gang for no reason lets look at chain reaction I loved the first but the rest was meh the first was better because the story played it self out


Why are there so many cliché stories these days?
I look through the romance sections: cliché stories.
I look through the drama section: cliché stories.
I’m tired of them! I know they can be different in the end, but the start of all of them is like I’m replaying one of them. No hate intended btw.
I just hate it, it isn’t original, and they didn’t really plan it; it was already planned for them.
Can’t you come up with your own idea, if you’re going to create a story? I know that lots of stories are new, interesting and original but everywhere I look, the top stories are (obviously) cliché!
It just annoys me, because the people who actually came up with the ideas, probably get no recognition. I just hate it.

Again, no hate intended. If this offended you, I’m truly sorry.
Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this. :roll_eyes::hugs:


I completely support your thought !!!


Try out my story if you want :blush: it’s “Color my life” by Lady Cannella :wink:


My biggest pet peeve is too much customisation.
I like changing the MC as much as the next person, but if I then have to change 3 love interests, the mum, the dad, the sister, and three brothers? Uh, no. Sorry.
Spelling definitely comes in second.
I can’t stand reading a story and they use horrible spelling or even text speech. If your character has an accent and you want to show that, then yeah I’ll let it slide. But not when you’re forced to read “Hey, how r u doing bb?”.
Too much narration ruins the flow.
It’s fine if there’s narration for something that episode can’t replicate, however it’s pretty easy to do most things now with some clever spotting and some overlay use. But if I’m reading a story and the first chapter is 90% the narrator telling me the character’s backstory, I’m leaving.
Romanticising abuse is bad.
There’s a difference between an abusive relationship and representing domestic violence victims. Don’t make the MC fall in love with her abuser and suddenly everything is fine and dandy. That’s not how real life works. The MC shouldn’t have to try and ‘change the bad boy’. If he’s a terrible person, then boi bye.


@EpisodeAfra once I complete my story (which is also a mystery) will you do a read for a read with me?


My pet peeves

Boy crazy characteristic

By that I mean when a girl in the story has no character except the fact she likes hot guys. Most people who use show don’t tell don’t manage t show us any personality in a character and the always show her tlking to her bff about the hottest guy in school or stuff like that. I hate it.

High school drama

I just can’t watch any more episodes where the girl wakes up in the morning for the first day of high school. I hate everything about these stories. The MC is always sweet and innocent, the love interrest is only described as hot, the drama is predictable, you know somebody is about to be pregnant, you just can’t avoid that plot point., the villain is the hottest girl in school who wants to date the MC’s love interrest but he is somehow in love with the plain and nerdy MC. I hate the fact the mean girl is always ready to go to extra lengths to do someting to the MC, but isn’t able to fight she uses insults and social stuff thinking no girl can fight back to that. The MC can punch her in the face and break her nose and make the villain look hideous and ruin her social life right then and there.

When they make it up as they go

When you know they’re just putting in random dramatic stuff in becuase they didn’t plan this far ahead or didn’t plan at all. For instance soembody makes a high school drama story. When the bully is beaten down and the Hot guy starts dating her. Where to go now? Just make her pregnant, make her parents die, introduce a new even hotter guy who wants her for himself, make her pregnant with that guy, make her parents not a aproove of the relationship, make her dad crazy and not allow her to date boys, make the Hot guy have a secret identitiy, just do something dramatic. THAT’S NOT THE ANSWER!!!

Bad boys who aren’t really bad

I’m talking about the boys in the high school stories that are labeled as “bad boys” but they never do anything bad. Why are the labeled as bad? Becuase they wear FUCKING LEATHER? BECUASE THEY SMOKE? BECUAS TEHY’RE CHILL? That doesn’t make you fucking bad. Bad boys would probably be teh guys who are often in detention, like to dab in crimes like stealing stuff from stores and stuff not a guy in a leather jacket who smokes and gives snappy comments.


Again rebels aren’t people who like being bad, ugh! Rebels are people who are in a bad state becuase of goverement issues (or soemthing simmilar to that) who rebel against the goverment so they and their friends and family can have a better life. You are only a true rebel if you rebel agist pay cuts, political stuff, racist cops and things like that. Rebels aren’t kids who like adventure and don’t respect parents or higher authority that only help them with their lives or not respecting curfews just becuase.

Villian who’s evil just becuase

Ugh I hate when somebody makes a villain evil just becuase they want everything evil. Yes I know there people with serious mental disorders like psycopaths and sociopaths who want to kill people for their own pleasure or sadists who like watching pain but there are characters who are 100% evil withouth a cause or a mental illness. Ugh I hate that. For some reason I can’t get my head round a person who is 100% evil becuase it doesn’t make sense to me.


Will do!


Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A: hApPiLy MaRrIeD tO tHe HoTtEsT pArTnEr EvEr & WiTh 8 KiDs !!1!1


Ikr … totally makes me wanna punch a wall lol


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I make my dolls die over and over again and make really bad horror scenes, usually just where one kills all the others and then dies.


I thought her parents died, how can they not approve of the relationship?
That is funny please don’t change that.


Yeesh! That sounds awesome though. lol


I wasn’t doing it in an order I just put some dramtic plot twists at random.


Those irritating bad boys. Ugh! I’m sick of the same old bad boy appearing in every story. Why isn’t there any love interest who has an actual goal in life, a passion. Can’t there be good LI’s as well? The mean girl who is always mean. Try to make the mean girl have an actual personality, show her nice side. And stop making every mean girl rich and blonde, it’s upsetting that people stereotype rich people and blonde people into being mean. The mean girls side kicks. One is a sassy black girl and the other is the dumb blonde. Again, the blonde stereotype. I can’t stand the sassy black girl. Not every black girl is sassy for goodness sake! Why does every cliche story stereotype black people into being ruse and sassy, try to make them nice and stop being racist! The brown haired, light-skinned MC with wavy hair, usually with beach waves and the soft natural nose. I don’t know why, but episode has a strange obsession with making the MC’s look the exact same. Pregnancy stories. I hate this stuff, it’s as if you’re promoting teen pregnancy. Gang Leaders, these people are dangerous, and episode teaching others that falling in love with an abusive psychopath is awesome is extremely inappropriate and unacceptable. No diversity. If a story has no diversity, there is no fun in reading it. There needs to be people with different race, sexuality, disabilities, religions, beliefs and different personalities. Bland and Boring MC’s. The MC is usually so boring that I can’t be bothered reading about them. Give them some actual personality traits and goals, other than falling in love with ugly bad boys who smoke.

Cliche Episode Characters

Here are a few cliche Episode characters:

Cliche main character

The cliche main character is likely the weakest character in the story. The mean girl walks all over her and she constantly falls in love with bad boys, golden boys, kidnappers, and more. She often marries the bad boy. She cries often and is saved from all her problems by the love interests, particularly by the bad boy or the golden boy, though this process takes the whole story to finish. She is sometimes haunted by an ex-boyfriend who has little purpose other than to scare the main character. She is saved by a love interest. She has a boy-crazy best friend who pushes her to go to parties and takes her shopping to get nothing other than dresses. At the beginning of the story, an irrelevant character throws a big party at their house. The best friend pressures the main character to go and she gets drunk and faints, wakes up the next day with a headache, goes home to change, then goes to school. She meets the main love interest by bumping into him. She falls, but he does not. She is innocent, with no mistakes ever made, unless the mean girl used to be her best friend.
Traits: Weak, submissive, flirty, shy, simple and shallow
Common outfit: Tank tops, shorts and heels
Some animations needed for this character:

Cliche bad boy

The cliche bad boy is mean and rude, until he gets his heart warmed by the cliche main character. This process usually takes around ten chapters, though it takes about three chapters for him to stop being mean to the main character and they enter a romantic relationship. He smokes. He sleeps with many girls until he falls in love with the main character. After fighting with the main character, he thinks there is something different about her. This phenomena has been observed in thousands of Episode stories and has not yet been explained. He is sometimes in a gang. If so, he tells the main character to stay away from him. He and the main character break up, but a couple of chapters later, he apologizes and they get back together. This may happen a few times in the story, until the main character finds out that he is in a gang. By the end of the story, the cliche bad boy stops smoking, stops cheating on the main character, turns nice, and leaves his gang. He never faints, cries or gets drunk. He also fights another one of the main character’s love interests over the main character.
Traits: Flirty, rude, tough, simple and shallow
Common outfit: Leather jacket, ripped jeans, black shirt and black boots
Some animations needed for this character:

Cliche mean girl

The cliche mean girl bullies the main character for no reason. She has two minions on either side of her who support her as she insults people. She is rich and popular, and, very strangely, accepted by most in the school. She dates either the golden boy or the bad boy at the beginning of the story, until he breaks up with her for the main character, causing her to get angry and hate the main character even more. For four or five chapters, the mean girl is simply an annoyance to the main character and her love interests, spurting out random insults, as she is not needed. At this time, the main character is experiencing some other empty drama, which is often that her father is dating someone, who the main character will automatically hate for a while in order to create dry, repetitive drama. After this, the mean girl is back in action and tries to embarrass the main character or make her jealous. Sometimes the mean girl used to be the main character’s best friend. If so, she will try to expose the main character’s deepest secret, which she does not have when she is with the normal best friend. Sometimes the mean girl turns psycho and tries to kill the main character. After several chapters, the main character’s love interests defeat her, and she fades away.
Traits: Mean, inappropriate, simple and shallow
Common outfit: Tank tops, skirts and heels
Some animations needed for this character:


Bro I know, I’m a nerd. I fangirl over the emo trinity, 80/90/2000’s music, Marvel and HP 24/7.
But I dress like a “girly girl”.
I wear bright colours, patterns, blouses, off the shoulder tops, crop tops in some cases, dresses, strappy sandals, heeled shoes, I love styling my hair, earrings 24/7, always wear jewelry on my wrists, I love necklaces,


If only there were more main characters that need glasses, not the cliche nerd mc who wears glasses she doesn’t even need and can see just fine when she “transforms” into the stupid popular makeover girl, when she doesn’t have glasses.