Things in stories that make you NOT want to finish



Saaaaaaaame! I don’t like transformations either. XDXD Like, they got rid of their glasses? EXCUSE ME?! I am NOT going to the same doctor to pay them ANOTHER $80 for a DIFFERENT exam so I don’t have to wear my $13 glasses. THANKS XD

I don’t like it when the author has a wall of questions that are frequently asked and they MAKE me click on all of them and read their answers like…I get it kinda, but at the same time, I never asked those questions. Leave me out of it. XDXD

ESPECIALLY! Holy balls, if the story is actually FINISHED, and you left those there and it is mandatory to read them, like…I don’t need to know that you don’t know when you will next update your finished story. DAFUQ??

Lol. I usually will finish a story anyway if there’s something like that wrong with it because I like to keep an open mind. I understand the annoyance and it will put me off stories for a bit, but I usually always come back to them.

It’s good because then it’s like, here’s a brilliant example of what NOT to do. XDXD


I have lots of things that do not make me want to finish stories.

  • Basic Directing ~ If I see this straight in the beginning, I will immediately exit out. If the author wants you engaged into the story, we’d most likely see a flashback, a dream, not some regular,“Hey, welcome to the story!”
  • Author Character ~ Okay, appearances from the author are fine. Like if it’s for a flashback, a cameo, or something like that, I’m alright. If they came in every episode, I’d be annoyed. The story is not about us getting to know the author. I get if it’s the author’s first story, they’d most likely take it out if they choose to revamp it. The story is not about the author!
  • It Gets Better & Longer ~ If I see messages at the end of episodes like this, I will immediately stop reading. I’ve fallen for this before, it has never happened. It may have before, but it’s quite rare. If the author has multiple stories where they have quite a few reads, maybe I’ll spend a pass.
  • Short Episodes ~ If I read a story, I want my pass to be worth it. If the story was like two minutes, I would never read it again.
  • Stories With No Choices ~ If we do read a story, we wanna be engaged. Stories without choices don’t make us feel engaged, and no one would wanna read it. Even if choices don’t matter, at least put something for us to interact with the story.
  • Only Certain of This ~ Before, most stories had mostly light skinned people. Honestly, the lack of color made me bored. We need diversity. Stories like this are unacceptable.
  • Overly Used Plots ~ If I see a romance story that goes the same, everyone falls in love, you pick the bad boy, you get pregnant, you were drunk. I do not wanna see stories like that or any stories with used plots. We wanna see new and creative stories.
  • Episode Art Only ~ I’m sometimes really bored if someone uses Episode Art only. There are many background artists who can give you more. Even if you use Episode Backgrounds, throw in some overlays, just please.

I have tons more, but I don’t wanna flood the thread.


I have tons more, but I don’t wanna flood the thread.

Please do, I love these! These are really helpful and I honestly love reading them!



Soon, child, soon. :smirk:


There are three main things that put me off. The first one being if the directing is poor, for an example I would much prefer a story that has characters at the right sizes and layers as opposed to people over lapping each other or being very small/big in comparison to the other characters. Two you start off with a good original story line and then take it down a completely unrelated topic or make it very cliche. Lastly, If you make a lot of the episodes have no content and just drone on. For an example if you made a shocking revelation in episode 3 I want to find out more about that I don’t want you to paraphrase what you just revealed in the characters thoughts for the next 5 episodes, get on with it!


To be honest, I don’t mind if a story has basic or advanced directing so long as the storyline is epic but I do agree with author’s notes, especially if they take such a long time to talk. Time can be saved instead by having FAQs at the end, with an option to skip them. I like short episodes, but even I know 2 minutes is TOO short and not something you want to aim for when planning out how long your Episode should be. Also, any art in a story is beautiful art : )

Something that annoys me is if the grammar is really bad-it’s super hard to read a story when there are all these mistakes and you can’t even concentrate on what is going on, but I do appreciate the fact that they took the time and effort to write up a story on Episode however I would encourage them to get a proof-reader.

I don’t mind if the directing is basic or advanced, so long it doesn’t have any “glitches”

What I mean by glitches is that the directing appears butchered, for example someone slides into the screen instead of walking or they start doing weird movements in the scene.

I also don’t like it when stories are TOO long-it makes me tired and not want to finish. Sometimes I think to myself “When will this chapter end?”

I remember I was reviewing a story once and chapter 1 was so long that I had to take a break.

After reading it, and taking breaks, I opened the story one day…and found out it was updated.

I had to read it again, oh man.

I did just that since I can’t back down from a review but it was like more than one chapter compressed into one episode.


Also Guys! I just want to say these tips are very helpful and I will use these preferences in my stories to come, but quick question. What about splashes? Yay or nay? And end cards? I can understand splashes saying that there are mature themes and strong languages in maybe the first and second episode but from then on you kind of get it. And end cards if there is just one it can be okay in my opinion but I don’t want 3 different end cards you know? That’s just what I think, let me know your opinion!


Oh and is the author making an appearance in the first episode okay or nah? Should there be a skip option?


Have a purpose for your author character appearing and make it short and sweet.


Cool thanks for the tip!