Things in stories that make you NOT want to finish


I love My Episode Lover! I have so many memories with it and it’s one of my favorites
And I’m reading Infamous now and I love it

I hate it when authors do this in their dressing games


you know what? screw it.

It never works, haha.

Me too!

• If it’s in Classic style. I respect your opinion if you like classic, but I just find it creepy and don’t like reading stories in that style. There is one Classic story I enjoyed and finished, Reality Roommates. Because I enjoyed the plot that much.
• Bad grammar. It’s fine if there’s a few grammar mistakes from time to time, especially if English isn’t your first language. But if there is constantly grammar mistakes and abbreviations, that will make me not want to read.
• No punctuation. It just bothers me when stories don’t have punctuation.
• Just using defaults for characters. It’s fine if you use defaults for background characters that have no lines or even just one line. But using defaults for main characters is lazy. It isn’t that hard to customize your characters and give them names.
• I hate it when stories portray glasses as ugly. They’re not. I need glasses cause I’m nearsighted and there’s nothing wrong with that. When I first found out I needed glasses, I thought I looked ugly in them. But I got used to them overtime. Stories need to stop telling people glasses are ugly and wrong.

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