Things in stories that make you NOT want to finish

When people force representation and then they do it wrong.

Sometimes I read stories of people that try to be cool and politicly correct and then they put an LGBT character or Muslim character and all of their personality is that they’re LGBT or Muslim. People aren’t 1 dimensional and there are more to people than their religion or their sexual preference.

Another thing that pisses me off is that when there is an LGBT person and suddenly all the characters talking about is literally the fact this character is a part of the LGBT community. It connects to my last point which is PEOPLE AREN’T 1 DIMENSIONAL. representation is super important but please do it right and realistic =]

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I can’t handle bad spelling or bad grammar. Sometimes, bad directing or bad pacing throws me off. Stories that romanticize abuse or murder. I hate love triangles and unfaithfulness. I tend to stop reading if there is too much narration or too much repetition in a monologue. Ridiculous cliches like parents being unfaithful seemingly too obviously. A damsel saved by a dangerous mafia.


-uR nOt LiKe ThE oThEr GiRlS!1one!11!
-That one alley where a girl nearly gets assaulted and then the LI saves her
-gramer that ’ s lyke dis. Or Like This. Idk, it just annoys me.
-Then there’s the completely robotic text that is Miss Mj, “I attempt to reason with her, but no avail!”
-Narration that’s like, “this is my bff charlotte! We met in second grade!!!”
-The mean girl (Brittany) with blond diva curls, slender natural blue eyes, and full round lips, plus her bitchy assistant. “stAy aWay fRom mY maN!!!”
-I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for a good bad boy, but no abusive gang leader who slaps the MC regularly. If it’s not toxic, I’m okay with it.
-The teacher-student relationship… cough, Sandra G, cough. I loved The Teacher because it actually had a really decent plot and it wasn’t just about Mia and hEr HoT tEaChEr. Plus, there was an actual storyline. I may have picked Darryl, but I liked how she made a well-structured story where choices did, to some extent, affect the plot.
-Meh, I don’t really like love triangles, because I always only like one of the LI’s, but I have to spend time with all three/four/five/ninety-eight of them.

Yeah, I think that’s most of it.


I don’t really think it matters all that much, but preferably either make neither name customizable, or make both the first and last name customizable. (Sometimes the names just don’t really work together… lol)

The irony here is that it’s NOT quirky anymore when everyone’s doing it. Lol
Like, we get it. You love pizza, chicken nuggets, and chocolate. You hate salad. We’ve heard this at least 1000 times.


Something that drives me nuts in stories is when the MC is being treated like dirt/walks into a bad situation, and there’s literally nothing the reader can do to stop it. Can she not give the mean girl a comeback? Can she not run away from danger? Can she not give the best friend with a terrible idea a firm NO? Can the stupid LI not get a freakin’ knuckle sandwich at least once?! And for Pete’s sake - when some stranger breaks into your house, your instinct should be to call the cops, not freakin’ admire how “hot” they are! UGH-


“I knew I should be moving, but I stood rooted to the spot where I’d been standing previously, despite the minor fact that a random (hot) stranger was now in my house. I figured I had a few seconds before I got shot, so I decided to spend it admiring his sparkling blue eyes, killer jawline, and perfectly tousled platinum blond hair. He took note of this and shot me a devilish smirk. I proceeded to faint on the spot.”
-every terrible story ever


to be fair I could not do that when I was bullied. and know as an adult I wish I could go back and at least hit some of them. I did one time though after of the bullied had ruin a birthday gift from a friend of mine. unfortently I dont hit very hard,

I’m sorry you had to deal with that.
Just bothers me when you have no choice but to get walked over by everyone in the stories…

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“iM nOt LiKe ThE oThEr GiRlS…”


“I’m not like the other girls… because my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!”


repetitive drama.

im implying that the drama repeats itself. authors can end stories at 10-15 chapters with a solid dramatic plot, yet authors repeat the drama and it’s just the same thing dragged across 40 more chapters. no, that’s not interesting.

pregnancy love triangles.

when people write about serious topics like pregnancy, love triangles shouldn’t be involved as much. it really takes the seriousness out of the whole story and it gets boring fast because i’ve seen stories like that everywhere.

mafia leaders/gang leaders.

the good ol’ MC falls in love with the mafia/gang leader and he changes for her. there are so many stories with that plot, i can’t even finish the first chapter without getting bored. it’s unrealistic, honestly.

happy endings.

like it or not, sometimes endings are not all rainbows and butterflies. sometimes stories are more interesting with a sad ending. i don’t know if anyone agrees with me on that.

bad boys.

do i have to say anything about this? just no.


in my story, there are gay, lesbian, bi and etc. characters, but i hate it when people write stories making fun of sexualities, and solely having the character known as just “gay” or something. they should have other qualities that make them themselves. their sexualities do not define them.


I stop reading a story if that say they’ve got LGBT LIs but they are rarely ever seen in the story, the plot revolving around mainly the male LIs if you’re playing a female MC. I also stop reading a story if they force the MC to have feelings for one of the LIs as a part of the plot. Like … I’m not interested in you at all please let me decide who I have feelings for, stop forcing this LI down my throat lol.

Also, if it’s a gang/mafia story, I stop reading if they romanticize the gang and mafia. Like, that stuff is actually dangerous and it’s not something to be romanticized.

Also, I just avoid stories that are like “I’m in love with my stepbrother and it’s forbidden” and teacher-student stories. I just don’t like them.


I personally LOVE stories like that. Only if it’s cringy on purpose, and the MC learns from the experience.


What drives me away from a story is if I’m forced into customising, seriously? I don’t want to customise, but oh wait I’m going to make you customise the LI friends and oh yeah family of MC and LI…

I just can’t read a story that forces me to customise, if I want to I will, but I won’t be forced to customise… How ever if the plot is good I may stick around unless I’m forced to customise every few chapters, sorry but I just can’t…

Make sure to give us the option to customise or not, I hate being forced to change every characters looks without having a choice to do so or not…

Also when I have to choose names for everyone, in a few I’ve partially read I had to pick names for practically everyone and just put random letters I ain’t going to choose a name for everyone :woman_facepalming:


This doesn’t generally make me stop continuing with the story, but I’m just pointing it out cause it’s just so common.

MC goes to a new school

Guys in the school - "The new girl is so hot."

LI doesn’t say anything, he just looks at her with a thoughtful expression on his face

MC and LI exchange like three sentences

Mean girl gets jealous by seeing LI simply talking with MC

Mean Girl threatens MC

And the story continues…

Yeah common and cliche, but done right it can actually turn into a pretty good story.


sjfshfsks I hate how accurate this is since I pretty much wrote this in my story that I just published (but I put a bit of a twist on it so :eyes:)

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I myself was bullied at Primary school, I was 6yrs old and got bashed up by boys between grades 4 and 7… I couldn’t stand up for myself since those boys were much bigger than me, my “friends” were also there and they were threatened…

The principal took the boys side over me, I was an easy target because I wouldn’t communicate… During high school I was constantly excluded from group projects etc… they would pick on me for still liking pokemon and DBZ etc… I stopped watching pokemon and DBZ because of what they were saying but now I just couldn’t care less what people say or think.

It’s not easy to stand up for yourself especially if you don’t have people in your corner who will support you.

Anyway, to get back on the topic there’s something else that triggers me it doesn’t necessarily make me want to escape the story but poor spot directing, when they’ve got several stories and you see little to no improvement with their spot directing…

Poor grammar can get me too but I can’t say much since my grammar isn’t that great either yet I speak and read English, Australian English, but English just the same…

I can’t stand to read episode featured stories, if I do read them it’s normally to check them out or to get Gems :sweat_smile:


Awww well I’m sure your story will be amazing :wink:

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I’m pre sure I got some of these in mine too lol, I’m revamping it though, fixing issues that need addressing, like grammar and spot directing since I kinda rushed it :woman_facepalming: there’s about 2 LI though there’s no rushing into getting with either, they’re brothers, there’s secrets and lies that the MC will uncover in season 2 which is starting sometime soonish… I’m pre sure mine is crap but hey I’m enjoying writing it never the less…

I’m sure yours will be great too…

oof i feel you about fixing issues because i’m finding some like errors such as forgetting to add gains for a choice and also some spot directing stuff too so I’m also trying to fix stuff.

You can just read mine if you want lol

DM me your story when you’re done revamping it!

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