Things in stories that make you NOT want to finish

Agree! It pisses me off so much, it’s literally stereotyping and they get away with it.


True! But as an author myself, I understand updates take time and effort but 4-6 months are for sure enough for at least one chapter to be published.


I’m an author too, so I know it’s hard. But, personally as a reader I prefer a story taking like… Half a year to be released full thta wait a month for one chapter.


It is frustating but I won’t say I never read it again. I just read something else and when they update and I do see it I read it.


Same here. But only if the story is like, super addictive and interesting.


I read a story ( I mean to be fair sometimes I look for bad stories cuz I get a weird sense of inspo from them) and this was exactly that. It truly disgusted me how much the author probably knew about gay people lol. I think I even took screenshots. (If you want to see them you can PM me, not sharing them publicly cuz yeah)


For updating, unless it’s a story I really like I tend to drop it if they don’t update after a while cuz I just lose interest. I understand why it’s frustrating but at the same time I’m not reading Episode stories all the time, I’m either writing my own, on here or doing something else in my life.

But I’ve started stories only to abandon them when I was sure I was going to publish and complete them. So now I’m only gonna publish once I’ve written like every episode. If like let’s say I have all episodes written except the last three or something as long as I have a solid plan for them then I’ll publish.



I am a picky reader. And as an author I try to avoid that what I wouldn’t want to see in a story.
Major issues for me to stop reading a story are:

  • Too many black screens for narration (get me on my nerves…);
  • Authors character taking half of the time of the storyline (I get it… You may have your own character → I have that too… But not in every episode half of the story time.;
  • Too many LI’s → I prefer 1;
  • One whole episode for only CC;
  • Mean girls and creepy ally guys popping out of nowhere → little too cliche;
  • Bad grammar and spelling → I am not a native English speaker, but I check my spelling during coding;
  • Wrong layering → like people walking through each other or kissing the wrong way;
  • Toxic relationships, violence against the LGBTQ+ community and/or racism;
  • Entering and exiting left or right → go from spot to spot… It’s irritating and weird if you see in a story a kid entering and exiting, while they grow if the leave or shrink into the spot.

Love A-W


There’s are lots of basic common sense no-nos of a story (grammar, cliches, rushed romance, etc). But I do have some personal particular things that just make me discouraged to continue reading a story.

  • Character Customization - I know that people absolutely love CC but I just can’t. Like I can’t pick what the actors look like in a movie; I don’t want to pick what the characters look like in what I read. If the author wants me to love the character I’m playing, make me fall in love with their great personalities.

  • When there’s a slight mistake in editing/coding. (Example: They try and make the person walk across the room, but they forget to add the animation so they just look like they’re gliding across the floor). I just click out. I feel so bad cause I feel obligated to give people’s stories a chance. I blame the perfectionist side of me. I get so engaged in stories that these coding mistakes just ruin it for me. Sorry, not sorry.

  • When clothing doesn’t match or outfits just don’t look like they go together. I don’t know why this bothers me so much, but I literally can’t stand it when the characters don’t wear dress shoes with dress clothes or a character has a purple shirt with pink pants. It’s just hard to look at, and I don’t know why.

  • When the characters don’t have any common sense or boundaries. Like, if the main character has a crush on the love interest but the love interest is in a relationship, don’t be trying to pounce on them. And it doesn’t even have to be the main character. But like if the “ex” comes back and sees that the main character and love interest are in a relationship and tries to get with one of them. It’s like… yeah Nah I ain’t watching this. It’s like that character has no other purpose but to just create some drama.

  • When the love interest and the main character look like siblings… enough said for this one.

  • When the love interest is a “vampire” or some entity that’s just old and the love interest sees the main character as a child and falls in love with him/her when they get older. Sorry, not watching that.

  • Unrealistic eye colors. I don’t know why I notice that so much. But it’s so RARE that a black character is gonna have ice blue eyes. Unless that’s literally part of the storyline, like a whole society of them has blue eyes.

  • When a story does a flashback of characters when they were kids, and they look the same as kids. Like they don’t look like little kids; they just look like shorter versions of the present them. Where’s the effort?

  • Art scenes that aren’t anywhere near the same as the style used in the story. Like if you’re writing a story in INK or LL, and the art scenes don’t match the style. I just can’t. Like I want to be a good person and appreciate people’s art, but I can’t when I’m engaged in a story.

I probably have more, but those are the ones off the top of my head. I’ll probably come back and add more. Also, I’m not trying to hate on any particular stories, nor do I recommend creating a story based on my specific preferences.
I’m sure all stories are wonderful and unique in their own way. Does that mean I’m gonna read it? Sorry, no.
But if any creators want me to do a hard critique on their story let me know. I’d be glad to review and proofread your story for free. But if you’re going to let me criticize your story, don’t be getting mad at me cause I was being too harsh. It’s all opinion-based, and at least I won’t sugarcoat it for you.


I don’t like having 1 LI because then the love is most likely forced, however with 2+ LIs I hate how sometimes the story invalidates your choices by say … having a choice between the LIs but nothing still being set and having the MC cheat on LI1 with the other LI for the sake of story (had this happen to me in a story and I was NOT a fan of it)


I am trying not to force reletionship so MC kinda cheat in my story, but I have 5 love interest I regret that so much its hard, really hard,


I don’t like to choose. Especially if both LI’s are like I want them to be. Because you need to dump one at the end. :woman_facepalming:t2:


Yeahhhh…we cannot just only fall for a person who’s just 'hot, attractive, handsome, popular" …young readers need to see love is a beautiful thing- you fall in love with HOW the person treats everyone, his behaviour, personality…not just fall for him because of his looks :roll_eyes:

All I see in stories is the sexual tension the first time MC sees Li and …baaam! :woman_facepalming::sweat:


Attraction do be like that tho, allegedly.
I can think people are hot, but that doesn’t mean my mind is in the gutter most of the time.

Of course, if it’s satirizing that trope, I’m on board.


I am quite a picky reader, and so I try to ignore things and let them slide, but some of them just make me want to not continue:

  1. Racism/lack of diversity/wrongly depicted/designed poc characters/stereotypes - RACISM AND ISLAMOPHOBIA ANGERS ME SO MUCH. Like how they wrongly depict a character’s sexuality/culture/religion and make that the character’s whole identity. Like as if that is their personality?
  2. Slutshaming OMGJDFJJD - When they introduce the mean popular girl and OBVIOUSLY, she has to be a slut, sleep around with every guy in the school, and be bi*chy to the MC.
  3. Exceptionally bad grammar - Listen, I am one to look over this issue a lot, because if the plot and characters are intriguing, then it doesn’t matter much. But, if the grammar and punctuation is so bad I cannot understand what is being told, and the author ends up saying, “English isn’t my native language (which I understand), sorry my grammar is such a da*n inconvenience, I can’t help it, sorry for wasting your passes.” Please have someone co-write with you, and not be so rude about it, because it really makes me click off the story. Acknowledge the issue, ask someone to help so I can tell that you’re trying, instead of blaming the low reads on your readers.
  4. Abusive/Toxic LI’s - Somehow, making the bad boy a jerk, cocky, abusive, toxic, and repeatedly harass you is hot and romantic, sorry but it’s not. If my Love Interest has no personality and is a jerk and thinks it’s cool, then they will end up being my Hate Interest. It also wrongly depicts the enemies to lovers trope, which is one of my favorite tropes. This is 95% of the time in Episode Featured Stories.
  5. Bad Narration - I like plots that are thrilling and capture my attention, but if the first few lines in your story are: “omg im a nerd and noone likes me and in my school im the most unpopular but this is my best friend and we met in kindergarten and that was the time i knew she was my bff for life”. And it’s also very off-putting when the first episode is unnecessary backstory. Also side note - If episode 1 of your story says “I PROMISE it get’s better after 15 episodes”, then I deeply apologize, but I’m unfavoriting your story.
  6. Character’s that lack personality, or have none at all - Character development and depth is something that I look for, and I absolutely love when the character’s have so much more to them than “here’s my helpful bff that was created solely for outfit choices”. If the plot isn’t boring, then this definitely is.
  7. PLOT - Very basic plots with nothing to make it interesting, and no progression at all. This is mostly in Episode Featured Stories, but when you kiss/get laid in the first episode, without any thrill in the romance, the plot is moving too fast (you kiss, develop feelings, and then call it an exciting, interesting, slow burn romance). ALSO CHOICES THAT DON’T MATTER AT ALL TO THE PLOT OR DON’T INFLUENCE ANY IMPORTANT SCENES/DIALOGUE, for example “what do you want to eat for breakfast?” I would rather not.

There’s more, but I will keep it short for now.


Hmm… Many things can stop me from finishing a story. Some are specific to me, some are disliked by most of the community members.

  1. 5-minute intro.
    I feel like I had spelled this out for like, a millionth time already. I like a well-done intro but just… Keep it short and simple, please… I had to spend 300 seconds watching unskippable zooms and pans… ffs can we just get moving?

  2. Basic plot/interactivity
    I’m super picky, so this could be just me.
    I don’t mind reading stories with basic plots but I find it hard to engage with the story if its plot is just too simple. It’s not necessarily bad, but I just won’t continue to read.
    As for interactivity, it isn’t compulsory to make the story good. However, too little or too much can be overkill for me. I cherish balance a lot.

  3. Lazy directing/Directing that doesn’t even make sense
    I understand spot directing is painful. Believe me, I know. It hurts my back, my fingers, and my eyes too.
    But I especially despise when the characters walk 7 inches above a character IN FRONT of them.
    Or, in some cases, characters walking at lightning speeds and then jam at a spot with idle animation for 2 seconds before crying and collapsing on the floor…
    At least make the directing look neat if you don’t like advanced stuff. Or use the basic 5 positions provided by Episode.

  4. Still story problems.
    Lazy character development.
    It’s a mean girl, it’s a bad boy, it’s a school nerd… If this is a parody scene I would love to read it and have a good laugh. For most cases, it’s not so stereotypes and tropes are a big no-no for me.
    Plot that resolves itself.
    I am rich. I spent 60 episodes crying because my boy/girlfriend is about to die… Only to realize there’s a cure since God knows when and I have the money to buy it!
    You think this is some joke? Because it’s not funny at all.
    Messy storyline.
    I like content. But how you, as the author, arrange the events also impact how I see the scenes.
    So if the storyline is so messy I couldn’t differentiate the precedent and consequent, I might as well start a case file investigating what the hell are you writing. Sorry if that offended anyone

  5. Weak emotional impact.
    This isn’t a must in stories, but I tend to finish stories that manage to make me feel a wide range of emotions. So, bland stories are just too boring to me.