Things It Feels Like Episode Forgot About 😅

Hey! These are all really good things to bring up. Here are some answers, directly from our team! :slight_smile:

Feed Feature

We’ve been testing the Episode Social Feed for the last year with a small portion of our players. We’re still working on testing this, and seeing if it’s ready to roll out to everyone. Sorry for the confusion around this, we’ll let you know if the status on this part of Episode changes any time in the near future!

Forum Badges

Good catch! It looks like some of these were never fully turned on, so over the coming weeks, we’ll be doing our best to get them working across the forums. Keep an eye on your badge page for some new flair!

Community Advisory Panel

We really appreciated all of the people who stepped up to be a part of our proposed Community Advisory Panel. The Episode team member who was leading this process has since left the team. After that, we stepped back from this initiative. At the moment, we don’t have plans to restart this process, but if we do, we’ll be sure to reach out to the community for applicants.

Tappables and Timed Choices

For our Episode Originals, our team occasionally develops special features with a one-time intended use: tappable overlays and timed choices were examples of this. Sometimes, they don’t work perfectly in other applications until our team has had a chance to prepare them for an official release. We don’t officially support these features right now, but you can use them if you want. However, please be aware that they might cause issues and that if we do officially support them in the future there might be changes to their functionality that you would need to correct.

The 10.5 App Update

The 10.5 update for iOS users has been held up, but the Android version went live several weeks ago. When we are able to update the iOS app again, this will take effect. As we upgrade Episode’s internal tech, we’re no longer able to support some older devices.

Community Story Gems

Gem choices in community stories was rolled out as a tool for all authors! Authors can use gem choices to gain faster entry to our Writer Payments program. Our Editors also look for community stories with popular gem choices when it comes to choosing stories to feature. Right now only about 15% of readers can see these gem choices in the app. Currently, we have no plans to roll out community gem choices to all readers, but are continuing to test this feature.

The Naked Character Glitch

This isn’t a glitch that we can fix. It’s happens when art assets do not fully download into the story you are reading.

If you experience this issue as a reader, you should close and relaunch Episode, then try playing the story again. The missing items should load at that point. In some cases you might have to do this a couple of times

Limelight on MC

Currently we aren’t working on bringing Limelight to Mobile Creator. If you want to work with Limelight, you can do it on the Writer Portal.