Things Limelight NEEDS to improve on

This is MY personal list of things that LL should or even needs to improve on if Episode isn’t going to support INK. (Even though we all want that)

1. Animations.
Really. I prefer the animations in INK. The ones in LL look so unreal and WAY too smooth. Some of them actually look good, but I feel like every single one of them looks kind of like the character is floating in the water. And not to mention the ‘exhausted’ animations. Specifically the walking one and the idle one. They make the characters look like giraffes.
Also, we need more animations that were in ink. Why do we have so little running animations in limelight? There are many things that limelight has that ink doesn’t have but there are things that ink has that LL just NEEDS.

2. Man characters.
Boy oh boy. This might be just me, but men have WAAAAAAYYY too wide shoulders in LL. Everything looks so weird on them. They look like bodybuilders and I’m sorry but I wanted to make a cute boy and he ended up looking like a wannabe. Just please change the wide shoulders. At least a little bit…

3. Outfits
There are way to many ‘party’ outfits. Like c’mon. FLATS. I need sneakers in LL. I need normal sweaters in LL that don’t look like a Xmas gift. I need more casual clothing.

4. Beards
I need beards for men. Really I do. So please make beards. And it would be amazing if instead of making it a face feature Episode made it an accessory in the clothing so the characters could have a beard once and then shave it and it would be gone so that we wouldn’t have to mess with making new characters.

Yeah, I think that’s all that comes to my mind.
LL definetely, for me at least, has better graphics… But it needs improvement


Agreed on all points, but I just wanted to note LL does have a few pairs of sneakers now.


Yeah I know, but the majority is heels and it annoys me so much

I like limelight for the most part, but yeah, I find the running and walking animations really awkward looking.

And I’d really love it if the males weren’t so much shorter than the females. It’s tiring to spot every scene that includes a male who isn’t supposed to look like a 12 year old boy about to hit puberty.


about to hit puberty but still looking like a grown up man with wide shoulders. The shoulders annoy me the most. Really. And girls are taller because of the heels mostly lmao


Bahahaha true

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We need a run animation with a worried face, INK one has run_atlethic which is also avaible on LL but much more different :confused:


I actually like the limelight version and while others think the character look more animated, I actually think the characters look more “realistic.” However, I think there need to be way more behavior animations for each limelight character especially if the character is a singer-dancer or rap artist in general. I mean dancing animations and singing animations which have been added recently are okay but there still needs to be way more animations given to us than what we have received. Also, if the character plays a musical instrument we need more options to be able to choose from than opposed to only a “select few.” We need more behavior animations and props for each limelight character that has babies as well. For instance, we are given the option to hold the baby, talk with the baby etc but where are the actual behavior animations which allow us to fully interact with the baby? I want the character to be able to fully bond with the baby while holding the child in his or her hands. We also need more outfits and more sneaker options. We don’t have the many sneaker options to chose from. Some of my characters work for law enforcement but I have yet to see outfits released for characters who work as police officers. More diverse hairstyles would be nice too. I also want the male characters to be given the option to have longer hair longer straight hair to be exact!


Yes. I agree.
Although even though LL is more realistic, sometimes it feels way to realistic for me. The exhausted animations just look odd…

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yess! We only have a crying running animation, happy animation and like a neutral animation for running. What about running while being mad, scared, sad? Sometimes I want my characters to run with a worried/sad face instead of crying because other than crying we just have happy running animations. Like c’mon.

  1. I don’t read too many LL stories, so I’m not as familiar with the animations. I will definitely make a note to check it out.
  2. I agree about the beards as you said or stubble or facial hair. I am also wondering if there are enough facial features and shapes because the guys all seem to look very young and a lot a like (in my opinion).

I agree so much on beards for the men. They also need more hairstyles for the male characters, as they are limited, and not many look very good to me, at least. I didn’t even try making “myself” on the actual app for my profile on there, as there aren’t any beards (and I have a beard) and the hairstyles are so few and far between that none of them would remotely resemble myself. So for LL, yeah. More beards and hairstyles for men.

The animations are a bit strange at times. I’m writing a story in Limelight right now, and I can see what you mean. I don’t think they’re that bad, but I think they could be better.

I think they also need to add a proper getting shot or getting shot & dying animation. The faint animation, regardless of INK or LL I have felt always looked way too cartoonish and just downright silly. And when someone gets shot in a story on here, I’ve only really seen people use that animation. It just looks… bad. I think a proper animation for getting shot and one where they die would be good… just so we don’t have to use the faint animation. And while we’re at it, I’m unaware if there is one, but I haven’t heard of a shooting animation for LL. I’d really like to get one in as well. And the last thing on the topic of guns I have to say is that I think Episode should at least add a rifle in as well. There are some situations in stories where having a rifle would probably be good for certain scenes. Right now, you could add in a overlay one… but I don’t know if Episode would accept that. That’s the only way I could think of it. Having these gun related ones would help me out a lot.

I know that Episode doesn’t want “excessive promotion of firearms” (worded something like that), but for people writing stories that use the pistol at least, I’d like to see a bit more added for it. I’m a gun guy, so maybe I’m a bit biased with wanting more stuff I’m into in Episode to play around with, but I feel that having these would help writers with their stories a lot. I know it would for me.

I know I’ve had conversations about this before, but yeah, they need more non-party outfits, and more modest ones. I feel like they really lack in modest clothing.

I would love it if Episode allowed us to get something like Spotify in for our stories. I’d be able to put in the orchestral music (say you’d hear in a movie) to really emphasize on the emotion on scenes. I’m REALLY big into orchestral with music with games, movies, TV, etc. I would love to pick some songs (like from Lost’s soundtrack for my current story) to really emphasize on the true emotion I’m trying to convey in the scene. Music has a way of emphasizing emotion that is incredible. I doubt they’ll ever do this, but their current music/sound library is… really lacking. The music in particular is pitiful, in my opinion. For a very serious story like I’m writing, I just really wish I could pick music I know would emphasize the emotion I want in the scene. I simply can’t do that with the current music available.

I think that’s about it for me. There isn’t much more I could say that others haven’t already. Those would be my suggestions to improve it. :grinning:


There is a shooting animation for LL, it’s shoot_gun_angry.


Oh, thank you! Didn’t know

  1. I completely agree about the shoulders being too wide. One of my characters is supposed to be a very thin kid, and it’s hard to make him look that way with the shoulders being so wide.

  2. There aren’t enough hairstyles, especially for guys.

  3. Modest clothing

  4. Making characters that are supposed to be over 40… the mature square face is really ugly.


I agree on all of those things!
They should really take our limelight auggestion in consideration, they should also not stop updating ink as i think most readers prefer ink

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I would hope they’d continue supporting INK with new things, burn I hear it’s otherwise. They’re really only focusing on LL now. I like LL over INK, but I think they should still support it since it has such a large fan base.

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I agree! Most people prefer INK than LL like me, personally i DONT like LL to be honest, I hope they support INK with new things im crying :sob:

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I heard, but don’t quote me on this, that INK won’t be getting anything new, and that all attention is on LL now. That sucks for INK people. I might be in the minority that actually really likes LL, but I still think INK needs support. So many people like it

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I know they dont update it anymore and its really a shame :confused: I guess I have to try and live with LL

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