Things Limelight NEEDS to improve on


I know they dont update it anymore and its really a shame :confused: I guess I have to try and live with LL


Find a good story that’s well directed, has a good plot, and interesting characters, and you’ll probably be good!


I agree. They all look similar


not to mention that all old characters, at least for me, look pretty much the same. We have like, what, 1 or 2 mature faces and they also look really smooth for an old person. I think Episode should improve on that. Maybe add wrinkles as an accessory or something


Yeah that’s so true! I think most people don’t like LL because it’s hard to make every character in LL look different from each other unless you use colors like pink for hair and violet for eyes or something like that. I always feel like everyone looks different while still looking the same. But that applies for both INK and LL for me…