Things new authors should be aware of

I’m sharing this based on my personal experiences.

1: snakes
People won’t do their part, you might have done or heard of read for read…well there are people that will completely ignore you after reading their story or lie about reading your story. That’s why many authors ask for a screenshot when you’re doing a read for read.

2: swollen heads
Yeah…don’t be surprised when an author gets a certain amount of reads and they start acting like they’re above you. It sadly does happen.

3: stubbornness
There are authors that can’t take any criticism, please don’t become one of those authors and learn how to take criticism, if there’s a problem in someone’s story please let the author know I’m sure most authors would appreciate it.

4: The instagram hater
There is this person on instagram (not sure what their profile name is but I’m sure some people know who I’m talking about) that is pretty vocal about the stories they don’t like, she gets a lot of hate comments and all I have to say about that is two wrongs don’t make a right. I did agree with one of the stories she talked about but I didn’t agree with the delivery if that makes any sense.

So if your story does blow up don’t be surprised if you end up on that profile, hopefully you’ll know how to handle the situation in a mature manner. There are people that feed off of the attention you give them so it’s better to let people like that starve…if that makes any sense.

Anyway I think that’s all I have for now, if you have anything you’d like to share on this topic please do. :blush:


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Hey I think I know who you’re talking about for the instagrammer, can you pm me more details about her lol

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