Things people don't really think about in Riverdale

Riverdale season 1 was amazing. Season 2 was okay. Season 3 is just… we won’t talk about it :sweat_smile:. I think we can all agree on that.

That show has been criticized on so many things after it was critically acclaimed. It was an entertaining show that would not disappoint its targeted public (that being teenagers). And now it’s just a flop.

I think the main reason why Riverdale is bad now is because the writers just have nothing to say anymore. And I get that. But when you have nothing to say, just end it there. Season was a limit, and it should have ended there.

But this is not what I’ll be talking about, because everybody is already. What I’ll be talking about are some things we forget or don’t really think of about Riverdale.

1. Papa Poutine is a shame to his “claimed” nation

Remember Papa poutine? No? Great. Because he was an abomination. So Papa Poutine is supposed to be from French Canada, which is where poutine comes from. The thing is, his “accent” is absolute garbage and his quebecois traits are non-existant. Look, I’m from Québec, where Poutine was invented, and let me tell you we do not talk like that (well of course because we speak in French but he just kept saying fake and cliché things about Québec, where he is supposedly from) nor do we act like that. I get that he’s this Mafia leader or whatever, but the thing is, he acts like he comes from elsewhere and that fact makes him “superior”. It’s just bad acting and some oldie that clearly isn’t Canadian saying he’s this and that when that’s just not true at all because québecois are not like that. Also, just the name Papa Poutine is absolutely disrespectful. We’re not just about that. We’re normal people and just want to be nice. Why be so mean towards this beautiful French descendance?

2. Archie used to do music and be okay at it

Not only did he do music, but he screwed his music teacher. Hmmmmm :thinking:
I think the whole Ms Bundy (is that her name? Idk) was just plain bad and cringy. It was just a reason to make people feel how Archie was “conflicted” because of his actions and etc. I think we pretty much all forgot the whole thing and didn’t care for her death at all (personally I didn’t really). And Archie used to do music, like what is that?? I think he should have ended up with that singer girl that we forget he used to “date”.
I think KJ Apa is a great guy with a good personality, but once I saw him in an interview saying he wanted to show “Archie was more than just booty and abs” or something like that, but let’s not kid ourselves: he IS just about that.

3. Lili Reinhart is an actually good actress

Her character’s just so sloppy and used to be realistic but ever sine the blackhood scenario she’s just been this sex toy and all. Like she was supposed to be this innocent girl who turns out actually has a dark side, but I think the writers give her wayyyy too much credit AND screen time which makes the show so bad.
But, BUT: Lili Reinhart is good at acting. I love her facial expressions and her overall acting. I think she has so much potential and should just leave Riverdale behind and move on while she still can. Betty Cooper is a name that will stick to her and I really don’t want that, because she should take on such better roles than that. And I hate that. It’s just like wasted talent.

Well that’s it, and pretty much all I can remember from what I’ve watched (I stopped after season 2). So yeah share your opinion and whatnot and be respectful and all that and have fun!


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