Things People with Younger Siblings Would Understand

My goodness, I have two younger siblings. Sometimes they’re my favorite people, but most of the time… They annoy me.

So, how 'bout we all drop some knowledge. :thinking:

If I slip up (for example cuss) in front of them, I have to pay up to keep them from telling on me.
The only problem is if they aren’t older than typically 13-14 they don’t understand what the concept of covering a secret is… Even if I gave $5 to them.

They literally get away with everything.
The other day my little brother was calling me a ton of names. I told him to stop and my mom went “Lynne! Don’t talk to your brother like that.” My older brother and I just stared at each other like :neutral_face: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

"You’re the older sibling, you should know better!"
My younger brother was kicking me and hitting me, I grabbed his hands to stop him. That was literally it. My mom got POed and told me I shouldn’t do that and my younger brother “doesn’t know better”.
(a) He’s literally 12 years old. Yes, he does.
(b) Teach your kid not to hit me!

They typically are the only people in the family that really listen to you.
As much as my little brother annoys me, I know that if we’re both not trying to claw out each other’s eyes… He actually is a good person to confide in.

They’re always bragging about what they do better than you. Which doesn’t make you insecure; it’s just annoying sometimes. :joy:
My brother makes it a point to tell all my friends and his friends that he is taller than me. And he weighs more than me… Which really isn’t an accomplishment.

They literally suck at keeping secrets.
Even if they’re trying their hardest, they manage to hint at it or just flat out forget that they’re keeping a secret. Sometimes it’s funny, especially if it’s something like a surprise party, but it typically screws all of the siblings over every other time.

They’re always like "What does that mean?"
I have older siblings and/or friends over and we have lots of inside jokes. So, when they’re constantly asking me what things mean and my parents get involved… Yikes.

Always leave the mess for YOU to clean up.
Mom: “Why is the bathroom a mess?”
Me: “I don’t know. I saw [younger sibling] in there last.”
Mom: :roll_eyes: “Just go clean it up.”

Play fights get ugly.
We’re not allowed to pillow fight anymore. That’s all I can say.

I didn’t get my phone till I was 14 years old. That was three years ago!
My eight year old sister now has a iPhone and my brother got his when he was 10. Explain to me what sort of dark sorcery this is!

Doing things with them is a currency.
For example, I can bribe my siblings by saying I’ll play Smash Bros with them or play kitchen with my sister.

You’re always asking them to grab things for you.
“Can you grab my phone upstairs? It’s on the right side of my desk.”
Honestly, this is one of the best pros of younger siblings because if I ask my older ones, they mouth off and say “get it yourself” or “why you so lazy?”

It feels SOOOO good when your parents finally call them out.
It gets exhausting always being the scapegoat so when my younger brother gets in trouble for something… Gosh, does it feel good.

Drop yours… :woman_facepalming:


lmao i dont do that in front of them but im usually the one that catches them (so they either pay or do me a favor XD)

as for the rest, SAME. another thing that annoys me sometimes is that I have to be the “good example” for my siblings so if i mess up, i get punished to show my siblings what happens but when they do something stupid, nothing happen :roll_eyes:


I felt that…


BRO I RELATED TO ALL OF THIS LMAOO, my brother is seven and i love him with all my heart BUT I LOWKEY ALSO HATE HIM :skull::joy::joy::white_heart:


Sameeeeee. :joy: :joy:

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Omg I swear I was told I will get a phone at 18 thankfully I got one at 14 but like it was a bad one I still am using that one and my brother got a brand new iPhone at 11 and he broke it twice and they bought him another one, while i still have this shittyone like UGHHH. I can’t relate about the bring stuff cuz he be like NO but thankfully he makes me food :joy:. Having to be the older sibling is hard tbh you have to set an example and you are the one that is always being told off I literally have white hair at 15 for being stressed about school while my brother doesn’t even do hw how is that fair I’m so stressed out for exams and stuff and he just plays games online and they don’t do nothing .

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Wow these are all so true. Ill be on my phone watching youtube and my little brother will run to my mom and scream “Allison is on her phone!” so my mom will take it and ground me even tho she says i can be on it. Oh and also ill be in my room watching a movie and my brother will be in his room. id be minding my own business and mu brother will smack himself so his arm is red then run down stairs and scream “Allison hit me” so my mom will scream at me for the next 2 hours after that. He always gets away with everything! I’m the middle child and I haven’t seen my older brother (14) in 2 years cuz he’s in a mental school. sooooo i get screamed at.


Tbh I’m not the youngest but I still get away with everything cause I’m seen as the quiet and innocent one. But my little brother JESUS CHRIST! If he was to say something rude my mom would be like “WHO TAUGHT HIM TO SAY THAT?”.

I felt these in my spirit! Especially the phone thing :sob:


We either are having the best time and having so much fun or he’s crying cause I hurt his feelings OR we are arguing and the thing is I also have an older sister AND SHE IS ALWAYS ON HIS SIDE AND SAYS I JAVE TO BE RESPONSIBLE :face_with_raised_eyebrow::rage::triumph:
And when I slip up and swear he is always like ’ u said the sh-word’ and I have to beg him to not tell my parents but when my older sister swears it’s all good😤
We love each other tho but sometimes I wanna just AHSNCNCMFMDM DDMDMD FMMFFM FMFMFMX
at least my older sis isn’t that biased, she just thinks I should be more responsible
LIKE SIS-:triumph::triumph::rage::rage:


i’m a younger sibling and i kinda agree that i do these stuffs sometimes HAHAHAHAHA
but sometimes its fun to annoy my elder sibling… HAHAHASHDGAHHAH
but don’t worry i’m not that annoying usually at least that’s what i think :relaxed:


The ‘they don’t know any better’ one made my blood boil. It bothers me on an ASTRONOMICAL level. :sob:


Meh am the younger one but I do all of this to my brothers and sisters That means I am rich because I black mail them when they do something bad


when he purposely embarrasses you in front of your friends at school and tries to show off in front of them :yawning_face: :poop:


Yes, why are these so true?!
I got another one:

They steal your stuff, especially clothes!
My sister has plenty of her own clothes, like, more than I have. But she steals my clothes all the time! I tell her she can borrow them if she asks me for them first, but she never does. That’s annoying, but I can deal with it. What I can’t stand is that she doesn’t ever return them afterwards! If I don’t catch her wearing them (and she avoids me so I won’t) she’ll just keep them for herself!!
Grace Incredulous 1

Apparently, my closet is magical. It doesn’t lead to Narnia, but anything I put inside is so mesmerizing that my sister tries to hoard it. :wink:


LMAOOOOO I’m rolling


felt that

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