Things that every Episode story has

We all know that annoying things every single story needs to have :unamused: ( gay bestfriend, “not like other girls MC”, bad boy, billionaire, mafia, popular mean girl who bullies MC… ) Sooo I want you to drop here more annoying things that you think every story has.


The slow zoom from the feet and up :joy:

`(I use it myself :shushing_face:)

  • Narration by the author or even the MC.
    My name is … and I am … years old. I live with my parents or not with my parents. I’m a scholar. I’m having this mental problem. I’m going to a new school. I don’t have any parents etc.

Cut it out guys. We don’t care. This is not Wattpadd or writing platform but an interactive story telling app with visuals. Use them and less on the narration. Plus, we will definitely forget in the next few seconds or so thus don’t waste your breathe or energy typing this narration. Let the info flow in your story. Exposition is alright in stories but not at the very start every single time.

  • Unchanged stock characters as background characters and even in the same clothes most times. Adding nothing to the plot or storyline.
  • The description and title of the story!!! Aaarrghhhh!
    Titles: Always have the words in Romance and Drama: Heart, Eves, Minds, Lives, In, Out, Love, etc. And almost always similar plot template.
    Descriptions: "Will you resist fall for his charms? Or will you or …? It’s always the same template formula for this descriptions. There’s like no other better description. And sadly the ending is always the same and that is falling for the bad boy billionaire mafia who’s a werewolf vampire hybrid.

  • MC is always weak in terms of self-esteem and needs an LI or more to save her and help her confidence as if she is too weak to discover and uplift herself. Talk about moving females forward if this keeps going on and on in stories.
  • MC being bullied because of her choice of nerdy clothes and the only way for her to change is to wear revealing clothes instead. It’s as if that is the symbol of empowerment and being treated as the only symbol of empowerment and moving forward… Let her be man plus there’s million other empowerments. And they always make readers feel bad and guilt trip us if we choose more close and modest clothing compared revealing clothing on our characters when we play these games.
  • MC being put down by the mean girl and never stands up for herself. And believes the mean girl is right.
  • Popular mean girl with two minions: 1 a bimbo and the other secretly nice but doesn’t want to be discovered because of reputation and the perks it gives her.

  • LI only noticed her…or rather noticed her better with such clothes on and leaves his mean girlfriend for MC leading the mean girlfriend to be jealous and decide to take vengence on MC despite herself(mean girl) and LI being the petty ones haha.
  • MC being dragged to parties by her ‘best friends’ without any say or voice because they know what’s best for her and not let her decide. Despite the fact, she either recently had a heartbreak or breakup or someone just died. MC doesn’t get to decide for herself to grief and mourn.
  • MC being drunk, get pick up on and get laid on the same night. Those best friends who forced her to go don’t even look after her and let her be by herself. Instead, they chase on other guys and have the time of their lives. Poor MC.
  • MC being attacked by the creep who is designed to be ugly at that famous background EXT- BACKALLEY and she is always defenseless. An LI or more or author’s making choices for readers to choose which LI should save them. This always happens because either she wants to go back home and ends up at the wrong exit or just wants to go through the back way. Or even wants to take a breathe of fresh air. All this could have been avoided if she didn’t go to that bloody party in the first place. Gosh.

  • Long dressing games with unnecessary zoomings to eat up the time which we rather use to read the story plot.
  • MC starts her long unnecessary monologue of how handsome the handsome LI is. Like a god on earth or sculpted by the gods etc and proceeds to describe the abs he has. cues zoom from head to toe and vice versa of the LI

  • MC misinterprets every possible situation and reacts over dramatically. Runs of to cry without hearing word of an explanation. Most times, she easily overreacts and misinterprets scenarios when clearly there is nothing to be misunderstood involved.
  • MC easily forgives LI because of a few lines and how handsome he is. despite how much of a jerk he has been to her. No other reason. LI always has a dark and tragic past…similar with MC. That’s not enough and unrealistic. Plus, if alot of this goes on, in Real life we may tend to be influence and our actions shows it.
  • MC getting together with the LI and live happily ever after like those Disney movies and they have kids together. Press repeat to see their kids almost similar story lines but their son or daughter is better because their mother aka MC had raise them right and better. sighs
  • MC walking in on LI in the toilet or vice versa because there’s no such thing as locked toilet doors as that would be too much or require too much braincells from the characters.
  • Author walking in at the end of episodes and mostly every episode. We don’t need nor want to see your face there!!! Especially to say two lines: Thanks for reading my story! Read on to find out more! Please stop. If you make your characters do that…maaayyybe slightly find but authors please stop.

  • Glorifying toxic and problematic themes but hey infatuations, modern love and sex sells so why not? Let’s ignore our morals, values, viginity, character, personalities. Let’s spoil and corrupt the minds of Millenials and Gen Zs and future generations because in the name of freedom of speech and writing…
  • Same cliche story lines and plots but with the author’s twists to make it unique and creative. Sadly in the long run, we’ll not remember yours because there’s million more out there. How exactly is yours different? Different names, skin colour, settings but…that’s it. plot the same. How exactly did yours penetrate the market?

Do I need to go on lol?


that irritatingly slow zoom from the feet to the head of the MC during a dressing game. i like choosing the MC’s outfit, but not when it takes longer than it needs to.


omg I know right


that fact this one is the only thing on your list I have in my story is a thing I am pretty happy about, and honestly I dont even like the apology its really hard to write it in a believable way, though I will his reason for saying sorry is very different than the he was a jerk to her cliche.

I do kinda also have this one, buy readers can actually choose not to go. which I will honestly arent happy about because that club scene took forever, but I think people will like the choice so I am keeping it.


so a few I personally arent happy about

stories almost always have CC, which is fine, its also fine they dont have CC. what is not fine is if as a reader I have to CC every family member.

Pan to all zones, in every scene the character is in. I dont need to see more of this place than where the character is. I dont need to see zone 3 unleash the character walks theirs. and if she does i will see it when she does walk into the zone.

long description
Some aren’t bad, but when the story start describe what is going on it makes me as a writer feel like an author think I am stupid. his beautiful blue eyes yes I can see that no need to tell me. I felt the feat on my checks you are already using a crying animation I know she is crying dont tell me that she is. I read one story where she barely used animations and instead narrated, she scream angry, he said cold, it very much ruined what could be a good story.

wage descriptions
many stories have descriptions so wage that it dosent say anything about what the story is about. sometimes I get more out of the title than the description, and that aren’t working. I am not gonna read the story saying, she is on a journey to discover herself. I will read the one saying. she punched her ex in the face stole a car leading to a crazy road trip.

high scholars been not high scholers
from teens having tattoos to going out drinking at a club. acting like they are adults

evry place works like a high school
Finally a story not about high school. but it still works same way, sure its not school but it has the same story cliches.


I don’t think every story has this :thinking:
Do you mean a cliche in a story that is getting kinda old? :slightly_smiling_face:


To be honest I always find the best friends a little bit annoying😬 and the dialogue between the mc and the best friend is always a little weak and unrealistic…


The hot teacher. Plz not him


Wow that’s true. The irony.

High schoolers don’t behave like they are in high school. But other places like work, colleges etc, people behave like they are in high-school. The irony.


I actually really enjoy gay bestfriends… I don’t get why they get so much hate …?

Because they’re often written as a pile on of stereotypes without any real emotional depth. They’re there for comic relief and they’re not written to showcase characters who have different experiences of the world; these types of characters are written and included for straight people to find funny.


The real world implications of this are pretty unsettling. People shouldn’t have to stay home l the time so they can avoid being attacked. But I agree that authors over rely on this trope and I’m sick of it. Sometimes a character will say the MC should stayed home, etc so this wouldn’t happen. Most of the time it’s a cheap trick to see the douchey LI in a better light because he has basic respect for one particular woman. And this is supposed to make us believe he cares about the MC and the MC fawns all over him and forgets she was or was nearly assaulted because she’s too busy daydreaming about how hot the LI is. I’m sick of seeing this.


you literally said everything I was going to say


Honestly for me it’s narrations! Like they be having them long narrations especially during steamy scenes like for what😭 I be getting tired of reading narrations that’s why I barely put any in my stories🤣

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