Things that make you stop reading comedy stories

So I know there are like a million bajillion threads like this, but they’re usually about what make people stop reading romance or drama stories. I’m writing a comedy story right now and I’m just wondering what people hate to see in them, other than things like forcing jokes and spamming the kpop dance animation obvs


Too many references to pop culture.


honestly i agree! references to pop culture is kind of a popular thing to do now and it can be funny sometimes but when theres too much it feels… lazy. and it gets annoying when theres a bunch of references you dont recognize. not everyone has seen every popular movie or heard every popular song ever!


I know right! I like it better when a story has its own style of humor instead of basing it off of something else. It’s like instead of humor being its own sun, it’s the dry, tasteless moon that only slightly glows because the sun of pop culture jokes reflects its light upon it.


One thing that really makes me exit out of a comedy is when there are these really graphic sex jokes, especially when it gets way too descriptive and repetitive. I don’t mind a subtle sex joke here and there, but when it’s TMI and too often, I’m outta there.


• Forced humour.
• When people quote mean girls all the time. :woman_facepalming::man_facepalming:
• Stories that have offensive jokes.
• Characters that have no personality and exist solely for comedic relief.
• Bland humour.


If the story has the same lame plots like we have stated in other posts like pregnancies, forbidden love, transformation.
But it gets boring when I see too many pop culture references like what has that got to do with the story? It’s not even funny anymore.

I tend to get very weirded out when people are this graphic.

Usually, if there are too many references to memes and pop culture.

I love them, but if your entire story is “I can’t read suddenly I don’t know.” “might fuck around and…” “hahah that was terrible, thank u next.” “yOuR So AnNOyInG.” I start to doubt the author’s ability to be original.

And, I feel like the pop culture/meme inserts already don’t work well with the format of Episode.


Basically if they’re not funny.

  • Random dancing Okay iCarly
  • It’s not funny
  • Political references (especially lowkey shaming people who have difference political opinions)
  • Constantly using the B word, extra points if it spelled like this: Betch, Bish

What is “woke” humor?

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