Things that put you off writing

Not sure if there is another topic on this.
But what puts you off writing.

1 - Negative fanmail, I don’t mean stuff like you should change this scene or things like helping - I mean e.g. You should stop writing
2 - Telling you how your story should be written

Any more?

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When people say that it’s too “short”. Happened to me a lot in the past.


You keep on writing precious. Some people want to change certain trademarks of ours as authors but you keep at it.


Mainly myself lol - I am too hard on myself at times and I am just like bro do not even write.

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drawing :joy:

Negative comments, they really do break down my confidence, especially when I’ve put my all into a story. However, I’m learning to block out those people and focus on those who are giving me love and support, it’s just hard to forget the negativity at times :heart:


I agree.
-Binge watching
-Anything that involves having a life really (No offense this is just in my case)

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-An extremely stressful day at work
-The web previewer not working
-A scene that I’m just downright unsatisfied with, and can’t continue the story until I get it right

this sounds weird but I hate creating character then designing clothes for them. I’m too lazy, yes :joy:
Just kidding, I hate when somebody tell me how my story should be written :slight_smile:

Is it bad that when I get negative fanmail telling me my story sucks (I got it once or twice lol) I just burst out laughing XD

I think it’s funny and flattering they took time out of their lives to read my story and type up a message :wink:

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Lack of time and frustration. I haven’t worked on my story in a month because I almost don’t have the time and some of the editing is so difficult that I just decided to take a break from writing completely.