Things That Set Me Off: Episode Edition

  1. Can you code my story for me?
    I’m not saying it’s bad to ask for help, but it’s different when you want to make an Episode story and have no fucking idea how to code. It takes time to learn and if you want an Episode story written then you need to do it yourself! Sure you came up with the storylines, but the coder had the hardest job that you’ll get all the glory for.
  2. Limelight v. Ink
    As soon as Limelight came out lots of people liked it and others hated it. All I see on updates for Limelight is where’s Ink stuff? Can we have Limelight clothes on Ink? And when Ink gets an update we need more Limelight stuff! Can we have this Ink item in Limelight, but you can’t have any of our Limelight stuff! Oh my god Ink is so stupid! Limelight is too realistic for me! Just give Limelight a chance! Petition for more Ink. Sees a story in Ink: Can we have this in Limelight? Can we make Limelight mobile? Like damn Cass and Liz already said they are going to stop making Ink assets and they’re most likely not going to change their minds. Personally I find Limelight jarring to look at, but just shut up about it.
  3. Classic!
    I don’t find the style annoying because I have nothing, but respect for the OG style, but it’s been three years it’s not going to be updated. People are asking for a special shelf because there’s Classic fans, but y’know not really. Classic should not be singled out and made special just because some people are nostalgic.
  4. Episode Originals
    Girls on Episode are at an impressible age and sticking things like that shitty story, It Starts With A Bra in their faces is not a good look. The story promotes that just because someone is hot that means they can break into your house and steal your possessions because they stood naked in front of the window with the blinds open. The story promotes sexual humiliation as sexy and cute, but it’s not. In the story her undergarments are flown on the school flag which is sexual harassment. After that the same guy proceeds to flirt with her. Overall a lot of Episode Originals are written shitily and oversexualized and directed beautifully except Troublemaker which gets a F and a pile of shit in both categories. And they’re examples of how to use gem choices like an asshole.
  5. Noob Loop
    The only way to describe this girl is a sick monster. She’s responsible for influencing the minds of young girls into thinking rape and torture is okay.

Things That Set My Off: Episode Platinum Edition

I 100% agree with you. I feel that Episode is sacrificing good storytelling in an attempt to make more money. There are many impressionable teens that use this app, and Episode seem to forget they greatly influence these teens with their stories. I get that they are a business and they need to make money, hence they create multiple “Bad boy” stories. But I feel like they have a duty as a platform that produces media for underage teens, to be more responsible about what content they are showing young people.
Glamourising abusive relationships is not okay, and I feel like Episode is ignoring this. Frankly, the recent featured stories have all been disgraces.
Sorry for the rant :sweat_smile: , but this issue really annoys me.


I relate so much to the first one! I see so many people asking on the forums “can someone code my story for me?” and I find it odd. Writing a story takes commitment. If you’re really passionate about writing a story on episode — you should take time out of your day to learn coding. There’s plenty of Joseph Evans tutorials on YouTube to get you started. If you don’t feel like coding is for you — Wattpad might honestly be a good alternative for you.

What’s worse than asking someone to code your story, however — is… drumroll please… asking someone to come up with an idea for your story. This… really ruffles my feathers (I need to get new slang). This is basically asking someone to make the fundamental part of a story for you — and then profiting off of their idea. I’ve seen so many people go on the forums — create and account — and make a thread with the title “In need of co-writer!” — with the basis of the thread being “I really want to write an Episode story but I don’t have any ideas and I don’t know how to code!”. Uuuuggh.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help. Heck, I’ve even asked for help on the forums before — it’s no big deal, because this community is very supportive and helpful. But, you have to understand that the plot of your story is the main selling point, IMO. You can’t just decide one day that you want to create an Episode story and expect everyone else to do all the work for you, while you get credit. Writing a story is not a one day thing. It requires commitment and concentration. It’s a process. And if you work hard on a story and it’s plot — it pays off.

This was… quite a ramble. Hopefully I didn’t sound too snobbish — but this really just annoys me sometimes, and now I finally get to express my feelings about this issue. This is just my cup of tea and if you disagree, that’s fine :slightly_smiling_face:


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  1. This annoys me too! Like, I understand it’s hard and can seem a little intimidating at first, but we all had to deal with that and most of us have overcome it or are overcoming it. If you can’t be bothered to learn how to code, like not even the basics, then don’t write a story on episode. Just take the time to learn even basic coding and start from there. It isn’t bad at all to ask for help, but to ask someone to code the whole story for you is a bit…hmm.

  2. 100% agree with everything you said, couldn’t have put it better myself.

  3. Okay, where to start with this… I agree that a style should not be singled out at all and all of the styles should get equal attention. We didn’t say the shelf was just for Classic, I believe each style should have it’s own shelf so all of the styles are equally showcased. It is very difficult to find Classic stories without searching for a really long time, as Ink and Limelight have taken over the platform. We aren’t trying to single Classic out, we just want to be able to find the stories we like as easy as everyone else can. Again, I believe each style should have their own separate shelves. Also, we don’t like it just for nostalgia, we generally are just in love with Classic like others may be with Ink or Limelight. We like the way it looks and other reasons similar to why other people may like Ink and LL.

  4. I agree with this too! They tell us not to promote certain things in our stories, yet they do it 10 times worse in their own. And their stories are the most promoted on the platform, where everyone will see them!

  5. To be honest, I have no idea what this is, but from what you said it sounds absolutely horrible.

Just my opinions :two_hearts:


I agree


I’ll comment on #3: I agree with @random_life . People aren’t suggesting for a shelf because they’re Classic fans (although this may be a motivation) but because it is genuinely difficult (sometimes even impossible) to find a Classic story in the current shelves/format or any section of the app; it’s much easier to find Ink or Limelight stories. All the styles should be treated equally. Classic, nor any other style shouldn’t be singled out, but it has been, by community demand to other styles and by Episode themselves. There was a suggestion somewhere that I remember that suggested to have a feature in the settings section of the app so that you can check off which styles you want in your feed or something similar.


I agree with the last one so much, Noob Loop needs to be exterminated.


I’ve made this request before about being able to put a filter when searching for a story because readers have preferences and its annoying to click a story and try to see if its the style you want to read it in.


Once you actually think about it you’re right. Most people don’t read Classic because no one can find any Classic stories. There’s a few in the Editor’s Picks, but other than that nothing. I felt like I was harsh when I wrote this, but like above I have nothing, but respect for the OG style.


I feel like people steered away from classic stories because they stopped being featured and for some reason on the top of the romance section one story will have 13 million reads but you still have to scroll so far to get to it, just bcs its classic.


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You are entitled to your own opinions but could you please express them politely and with respect to others. If you are so passionate that we are wrong then you can write a big long essay like the rest of us and justify your opinions instead of insulting people. Thanks.


Woah woah woah hey man. What’s with this negative bs? Everyone was having a civil conversation not arguing. Please go be negative somewhere else.


Things That Set My Off: Episode Edition Pt. 2

  • Girl with anxiety and only one friend who is a normal human and like to party
  • Girl with depression is cured because the bad boy paid her attention
  • Stories where high school and college are identical
  • Jerk love interest
  • The POC or LGBT sidekick who acts stereotypical and says 2 speech bubbles per chapter of actual substance
  • Poor/Rich trope
  • Love at first sight trope
  • Nerd and Popular romance trope
  • Girl’s mental illness is cured by the bad boy
  • Romanticizing people being psychopaths and sociopaths (My Psycho)
  • Best friend’s brother trope
  • Strongest gang leader in the world trope
  • Best friend’s boyfriend trope
  • Student/Teacher trope
  • Age Gape (+7) (My Sugar Baby Affair)
  • Married Man Trope
  • Being cheated on trope
  • YA cringe
  • English isn’t my first language (stupidity is.)
  • All girls are weak/misogyny trope
  • Underground fighter girl trope
  • Bad Boy CEO trope who is rude to everyone
  • Criminals being portrayed as hot trope
  • Episode ads that fake diversity (that platform lacks it and they need to be honest those diversity standards do nothing)


Bumpity Bumpi Bump!
I completely agree with you, except the love at first sight ones:
I don’t like it when they’re high school cliches, and they do the gasp animation and faint (or something like that) but I do like love at first sight (under exaggerated)


Yeah I get the whole like oh you’re hella cute, but some stories they suck face fifty lines after meeting


if people don’t preach this, i dunno what else they would… :clap:


say it louder for the people at the back! :clap: