Things That Set My Off: Episode Platinum Edition


Things That Set My Off: Episode Edition Pt. 2

  • Girl with anxiety and only one friend who is a normal human and like to party
  • Girl with depression is cured because the bad boy paid her attention
  • Stories where high school and college are identical
  • Jerk love interest
  • The POC or LGBT sidekick who acts stereotypical and says 2 speech bubbles per chapter of actual substance
  • Poor/Rich trope
  • Love at first sight trope
  • Nerd and Popular romance trope
  • Girl’s mental illness is cured by the bad boy
  • Romanticizing people being psychopaths and sociopaths (My Psycho)
  • Best friend’s brother trope
  • Strongest gang leader in the world trope
  • Best friend’s boyfriend trope
  • Student/Teacher trope
  • Age Gape (+7) (My Sugar Baby Affair)
  • Married Man Trope
  • Being cheated on trope
  • YA cringe
  • English isn’t my first language (stupidity is.)
  • All girls are weak/misogyny trope
  • Underground fighter girl trope
  • Bad Boy CEO trope who is rude to everyone
  • Criminals being portrayed as hot trope
  • Episode ads that fake diversity (that platform lacks it and they need to be honest those diversity standards do nothing)


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